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Sense and Sensitivity | Sensitive Skin Column

Sensitive skin sufferer and GTG's Digital Editor Judy Johnson risks reactions so you don't have to, in her regular sensitive skin column. Find out about the cutting edge treatments and the best products for sensitive skin, as well as the ingredients to look out for and the causes of skin allergies and reactions, and how to resolve rashes and redness in her regular guide to looking after sensitive skin types.

micellars-sensitive-skin.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best micellar waters for sensitive skin

April 29th 2016 / Judy Johnson

Sensitive skin sufferer Judy Johnson on the best fragrance-free micellar lotions for sensitive skin >>>

reaction.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The confidence-crushing reality of having bad skin

March 31st 2016 / Judy Johnson

Skincare reactions feel unbearable, be they itchy, hot or both - but it’s the mental side effects that are the hardest to soothe, writes Judy Johnson >>>

foaming-products.jpgSense and Sensitivity

SLS and sulphates - the known irritant in your entire beauty regime

March 6th 2016 / Judy Johnson

Sodium lauryl sulphate is in more than just skincare - here's how it could be affecting your sensitive skin and why it's worth going SLS free >>>

sensitive-skin.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sensitive skin? Remedy it with our downloadable Beginner's Guide

February 8th 2016 / Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson introduces the new GTG e-guide designed to help you soothe your sensitive skin >>>

bioderma-4.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense and Sensitivity: The moisturiser that promises to ‘neutralise’ your sensitive skin

January 7th 2016 / Judy Johnson

Can one product really tackle the inflammation that hypersensitivity causes? >>>

calamine-cream.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense & Sensitivity: The £2 cream that makes reactions go away

September 24th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Take Care, everywhere. Literally. Their Aqueous and Calamine cream is nothing short of miraculous >>>

organic-2.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Organic Beauty Week - it’s time for brands to be upfront

September 18th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Organic beauty is bigger than ever, so why is it not fully regulated? Honesty needs to be the policy, and the Organic Beauty Week Campaign for Clarity could be the answer >>>

gtg-sensitivity-shower-gels-listing.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best shower gels for sensitive skin

May 21st 2015 / Judy Johnson

Make use of your daily shower to soothe sensitive skin with Judy Johnson's pick of the best body washes >>>

gtg-sense-sensitivity-label-info-main.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The no-BS guide to skin care labels for sensitive skin

April 24th 2015 / Judy Johnson

What do all those reassuring terms on skin care packaging really mean? >>>

ingredients.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin

April 9th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Knowing what to look out for on the labels of beauty products is vital if you want to avoid another rash or reaction. Judy Johnson discovers the main culprits for irritating sensitive skin >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: The 6 best eye creams for sensitive skin

March 26th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Not all eye creams are as gentle as they make out to be - here's Judy Johnson's pick of the best for sensitive skin >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: The five best serums for sensitive skin

February 26th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Serums pack a skincare punch that needs careful consideration, but could also be the long term answer for dealing with sensitivity. Here are our 5 best serums for sensitive skin >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: Whole Foods - the destination for natural beauty

January 29th 2015 / Judy Johnson

A safer shopping experience and a heap of natural brands to discover; the organic store is a hub of beauty for sensitive skin >>>


Winter skincare wonder: Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

January 26th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson has discovered her secret weapon for keeping sensitive skin happy in the winter months >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: Christmas gift ideas for sensitive types

December 10th 2014 / Judy Johnson

Buying a Christmas present for someone sensitive? Give them a beauty gift they'll be able to enjoy with this fragile-friendly edit >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: Is 3 the magic number for patch testing?

November 20th 2014 / Judy Johnson

An innocent patch test meant Judy Johnson avoided one of her worst ever skin reactions being on her face - but is it all a numbers game? >>>


20 irritating truths of living with sensitive skin

October 30th 2014 / Judy Johnson

Fancy dress, baths, dates - all are ruined thanks to sensitive skin... >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: The expert's guide to sensitive skin

August 8th 2014 / Judy Johnson

Anecdotal recommendations are all well and good, but what do the experts advise for dealing with sensitive skin? We asked some leading dermatologists and skin specialists to reveal their number one top tip >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: Top 10 travel sized beauty kits for sensitive skin

August 1st 2014

Being picky about your skincare often results in carting half your beauty cabinet on holiday. But no more; sensitive skin brands are wising up to travel needs >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: The beauty first aid kit

July 25th 2014 / Judy Johnson / Dr Samantha Bunting

Prevention is all well and good but sometimes, you just need a cure. Judy Johnson picks the products any sensitive skin sufferer should have to hand for those unexpected reactions >>>


The best foundations for sensitive skin

June 25th 2014 / Judy Johnson

Ensure your foundation is as much of a friend to your skin as your skincare. Judy Johnson picks the top foundations for sensitive skin >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: The best products for redness

June 17th 2014

Looking a little red in the face? Understand why it's happening and try one of these calming products for redness-prone sensitive skin >>>

Stress and sensitive skin

Sense and Sensitivity: Why stress could be causing your skin sensitivity

May 23rd 2014 / Judy Johnson

Do body and soul go together in a way that means your emotions affect your skin's reactivity? >>>

Food intolerance and sensitive skin

Is food to blame for your reactive skin?

May 13th 2014

Your skin is sensitive to not only what you put on it, but to what you feed it - so could intolerance testing help? >>>


Sense and Sensitivity: The best fragrance-free products

April 25th 2014 / Judy Johnson

From shampoo to face masks, cut out the most common irritant this Allergy Awareness Week with these fragrance-free gems >>>

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