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The 10 bridal beauty commandments

1 day ago / Anna Hunter

With wedding season now in full flow, GTG expert Emily Kent gives us the definitive dos and don'ts of bridal hair and beauty >>>


Lilly Singh: "I became confident when I decided not to be so hard on myself"

May 21st 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

She's one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet and is now making her mark on the big screen. The comedian and actress shares how YouTube helped her depression, her secrets to on-screen confidence and her favourite beauty products >>>


Glossy Posse Picks: The new beauty products we've been loving this fortnight

May 19th 2018 / Judy Johnson

It's Royal Wedding weekend and all eyes are on Markle, but which beauty finds have caught our attention this week? Here's our latest launch round-up >>>


The best non-comedogenic moisturisers that won’t block your pores

May 17th 2018 / Anna Hunter

Hydration without the heaviness- these moisturisers soothe and balance skin without clogging pores or suffocating skin. Dive on in. >>>


Dry body oils - the fastest way to moisturise in the morning

May 16th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

More lightweight and fast-absorbing than rich body creams, a dry body oil is the perfect fix for dry skin when short on time. Here’s our ultimate edit >>>


The 15 biggest beauty bloopers that are making you age faster

May 14th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We asked a duo of experts to bust the most common beauty blunders that are more ageing than anti-ageing >>>


Beauty Shopaholic: MUA Caroline Barnes on how she shops for makeup and skincare

May 14th 2018 / Judy Johnson

From her favourite budget concealer to what she'd fill her Boots basket with, here's how top makeup artist Caroline Barnes spends on beauty >>>


The Gloss Report: Body and leg makeup tried and tested

May 12th 2018 / Judy Johnson

Feeling pale, bruised, or blotchy? We've road-tested the products which claim to camouflage imperfections and airbrush limbs for a flawless finish - here's how we got on >>>


7 organic beauty products you need to know about

May 11th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We take a look at the best organic skin and body care products around with the Soil Association seal of approval >>>


The best tan accelerators to boost and prolong your glow

May 11th 2018 / Anna Hunter

Safely enhance your tan while keeping it subtle- these pre and post sun products will fast track you to a South of France glow, with add-on skincare benefits. Here are the lotions, potions and pills to consider >>>

gtg-spf-s-s-listing-1.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best sun creams for sensitive skin

May 11th 2018 / Judy Johnson

SPF and sun lotions for sensitive skin needn't be a hassle - you just need to know which sun creams play safe with their ingredients. Here are Judy Johnson's top picks of the sunscreens that look after hypersensitive, reactive or allergy-prone skin >>>


7 things you need to know about organic and 'natural' beauty

May 10th 2018 / Judy Johnson

The organic and 'natural' beauty industry is, frankly, muddled - here’s what you need to know about the labels and logos on your skin care and makeup >>>


Fajah Lourens: “Cellulite is the thing that women ask me about most"

May 10th 2018 / Anna Hunter

Fitness phenomenon Fajah Lourens talks honestly about what can realistically be done about cellulite. From painful treatments to lifestyle changes, she’s tried them so you don’t have to… >>>


Everything you need to know about waxing, both in-salon and at-home

May 10th 2018 / Anna Hunter

Don’t book an appointment or pick up a wax strip without reading this first >>>


Close shave: how your shaving habits affect your skin and health

May 9th 2018 / Anna Hunter

Your razor commandments: how to avoid the likes of pustules, abscesses and bacterial infections. And you thought shaving rash was the worst of it… >>>


The Gloss Report: 6 body brushes reviewed

May 8th 2018 / Elizabeth Bennett

We know it helps cellulite, but will any body brush do the job? We tried and tested six of them to find out >>>


7 anti-ageing body creams guaranteed to give dry skin the boot

May 7th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Here’s our pick of the 7 best anti-ageing body creams to suit every budget and body care concern >>>

balance-me-tanning-drops.jpgTo Buy For

To Buy For: The easiest self tan you'll ever try

May 5th 2018 / Victoria Woodhall

It's the ultimate customisable tan for face and body. These are the tanning drops you'll be wearing all summer >>>


Glossy Posse Picks: The new beauty products and salons we've fallen for this week

May 5th 2018 / Judy Johnson

From skin-brightening masks to a subtle, flattering bronzer, these are the new products worth knowing about this month >>>

get-the-gloss-sense-and-sensitivity-spf-3.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The ultimate guide to sun cream ingredients for sensitive skin

May 4th 2018 / Judy Johnson

From physical and chemical filters to minerals and preservatives, here's all you need to know about choosing sun cream for sensitive skin types >>>


How to fix it when fake tan goes wrong

May 4th 2018 / Anna Hunter

From streaks to patchiness to dodgy colour, self tanning can be a minefield. We quizzed tan expert James Read on how to come back from even the most disastrous of tanning mishaps… >>>


Meghan Markle’s favourite facialist on how to get party-ready skin

May 3rd 2018 / Anna Hunter

From weddings to parties to red carpet events, Sarah Chapman specialises in making skin look and feel spectacular, stat. Here’s how she gets the likes of VB and royal-to-be Meghan Markle ready to party… >>>


The under-eye masks that’ll make you look instantly less tired

May 2nd 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Meet the de-puffing and fatigue-fighting under-eye SOS treatments that’ll give your eye bags the morning off >>>


The beauty products and fitnesswear you bought most of in April

May 1st 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From a sleep-boosting eye mask to tummy-flattering gym leggings and swimwear, these are the products that proved a hit with GTG readers >>>


Influencer edit: mental health campaigner and makeup addict Jo Love

May 1st 2018 / Victoria Woodhall

In Maternal Mental Health Week, Jo shares her favourite soul-affirming beauty buys - because doing your makeup can be a powerful act of self-care >>>

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