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5:2 Diet Recipes, Meal Plans and Fast Day Meal Ideas

Discover how to do the 5 2 diet, what the Fast Diet and Fast 800 diet is all about, and everything from easy meal plans for 500-800 calorie fast days to deliciously healthy 5:2 recipes. Here you'll find healthy recipes under 800 calories for fast days, diet tips and 5:2 diet diaries to keep you on track all in one handy place. Read our latest advice, tips and recipes for the 2:5 diet, made famous by Dr Michael Mosley, before you start your intermittent fasting journey...


How to introduce smoothies to your 5:2 diet

July 21st 2014 / Katie Robertson

Looking to spice up your 5:2 fast days? Why not do it with a smoothie. >>>


10 5:2 tricks to help you introduce exercise into your life

July 2nd 2014 / Katie Robertson

Need a little help getting going with your 5:2 exercise regime? Here are 10 top tips to help get you started >>>


Get The Gloss hosts 5:2 reader lunch with Four Seasons

June 16th 2014 / Hanna Ibraheem

We invited our readers to an extravagant 5:2 lunch at Four Seasons Park Lane. Here’s what went down… >>>


The 5:2 juice cleanse: is it worth the hunger?

June 2nd 2014 / Sarah McGinnis

Art Editor Sarah McGinnis has had success with the 5:2 diet - but fears a juice fast may tip her over the edge... >>>


Book review: The Fast Beach Diet

May 30th 2014 / Katie Robertson

The new book from Mimi Spencer that's set to save your skin this summer >>>


Diary of a 5:2 dieter: Losing a stone

April 15th 2014 / Sarah McGinnis

Art Editor Sarah McGinnis has lost a stone after four months of 5:2. But how hard was it? >>>


Fast Cook: 5:2 Fast Day Fishcakes with Thai Salad recipe

March 24th 2014 / Hanna Ibraheem

Make sure your fast day is as tasty as can be with this low calorie 5:2 recipe from Mimi Spencer's new book >>>


Fast Cook: The 5:2 Skinny Spaghetti Bolognese recipe

March 19th 2014 / Katie Robertson

Make the 5:2 diet as easy as possible with this delicious low-calorie recipe from Mimi Spencer's new book >>>


Book Review: 5:2 Your Life by Emma Cook

March 11th 2014 / Judy Johnson

Can the 5:2 concept be applied to all parts of life? We review the book that claims this popular ratio could change everything >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: The High-Energy Breakfast

February 19th 2014 / Katie Robertson

Spice up your 5:2 diet plan with a high energy breakfast a la Cameron Diaz. Mimi Spencer shares the delicious recipe >>>


Diary of a 5:2 dieter - week two

February 11th 2014 / Sarah McGinnis

Sarah McGinnis is Get the Gloss' Art Editor. She survived week one of the 5:2 diet, but how about week two? >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Ratatouille With Rye Bread Toast

January 31st 2014 / Katie Robertson

5:2 diet supporter and author Mimi Spencer shares another of her low calorie recipes that's guaranteed to please >>>


Diary of a 5:2 dieter

January 28th 2014 / Sarah McGinnis

Get the Gloss’ Art Editor Sarah McGinnis kept a diary as she embarked on her first week of the 5:2 diet... >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Soft Boiled Egg with Asparagus Spears

January 24th 2014

Tempted by mid-morning snacks on your fast days? 5:2 diet convert Mimi Spencer shares her delicious and nutritious breakfast recipe to keep you going >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Turkey Burgers with Tomato Salsa

January 17th 2014

On the 5:2 diet? Make a fast day a tasty day with this low calorie recipe from Mimi Spencer's Fast Diet Recipe Book >>>


Book review: Fast Exercise by Dr Michael Mosley and Peta Bee

January 14th 2014 / Anna Hunter

Fast Exercise is Dr Michael Mosley's follow-up to his 5:2 diet bestseller. Together, he and co-author Peta Bee are a dream team >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Pan-Roasted Vegetables with Spiced Balsamic Glaze

November 27th 2013

In an extract from her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer rustles up a delicious meal for two which won't bump up your calories >>>


Glossip Girl: Kim Kardashian and the Atkins diet

November 25th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Has the Kardashian effect reignited the low-carb lifestyle? Glossip Girl Emma Gunavardhana investigates... >>>


Vegan Before 6: the new 5:2 diet?

November 25th 2013 / Anna Hunter

Is living as a vegan until 6pm the new 5:2 diet? Anna Hunter finds out about the tried and tested diet plan that promises weight loss and a clearer conscience >>>

The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Sarah Raven's Chicken Puttanesca

The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Sarah Raven's Chicken Puttanesca

November 19th 2013

In an extract from her highly successful cookery book for the Fast Diet, Mimi Spencer shares a delicious but healthy recipe idea >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Lightweight Cottage Pie

November 13th 2013 / Judy Johnson

In an extract from her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer shares a lovely and light recipe for cottage pie without the calories >>>


How the Other Half Live: Fat farms

June 18th 2013 / Christa D'Souza

Christa D'Souza heads to Grayshott Spa, where old fashioned decor meets modern weight loss regimes >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Salmon fillet dishes

June 12th 2013 / Judy Johnson

In her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer shows you how to make three delicious dishes with salmon fillets. Here's the recipe so you can put it to the taste test >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Yoghurt fruit pot recipe

June 5th 2013 / Judy Johnson

The Fast Diet is one of the most talked about eating plans of all time - here's a delicious recipe for a fast day from Mimi Spencer's recipe book >>>


Book Review: The Fast Diet Recipe Book

May 9th 2013 / Judy Johnson

Intermittent fasting has become the health-conscious foodie’s favourite way to lose weight. Fast Diet advocate Mimi Spencer’s new recipe book makes it as delicious as it is doable >>>

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