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5:2 Diet Recipes, Meal Plans and Fast Day Meal Ideas

Discover how to do the 5 2 diet, what the Fast Diet and Fast 800 diet is all about, and everything from easy meal plans for 500-800 calorie fast days to deliciously healthy 5:2 recipes. Here you'll find healthy recipes under 800 calories for fast days, diet tips and 5:2 diet diaries to keep you on track all in one handy place. Read our latest advice, tips and recipes for the 2:5 diet, made famous by Dr Michael Mosley, before you start your intermittent fasting journey...


How the Other Half Live: Fat farms

June 18th 2013 / Christa D'Souza

Christa D'Souza heads to Grayshott Spa, where old fashioned decor meets modern weight loss regimes >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Salmon fillet dishes

June 12th 2013 / Judy Johnson

In her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer shows you how to make three delicious dishes with salmon fillets. Here's the recipe so you can put it to the taste test >>>


The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Yoghurt fruit pot recipe

June 5th 2013 / Judy Johnson

The Fast Diet is one of the most talked about eating plans of all time - here's a delicious recipe for a fast day from Mimi Spencer's recipe book >>>


Book Review: The Fast Diet Recipe Book

May 9th 2013 / Judy Johnson

Intermittent fasting has become the health-conscious foodie’s favourite way to lose weight. Fast Diet advocate Mimi Spencer’s new recipe book makes it as delicious as it is doable >>>


A week in the life of a 5:2 faster

February 12th 2013

Journalist Mimi Spencer had such incredible results from the 5:2 diet she decided to write a book about it. Here she describes a week in her life as a 5:2 faster >>>


The 5:2 diet plan: week six

February 11th 2013 / Judy Johnson

It's the final dose of our six week series of the 5:2 diet plan - but there's still plenty of tricks and treats to try >>>


The 5:2 diet plan: week five

February 4th 2013 / Judy Johnson

For the fifth instalment of our six week series, Vicki Edgson reveals a brand new menu for the 5:2 fast >>>


The 5:2 diet plan: week four

January 28th 2013 / Judy Johnson

In our six week series on how to do the 5:2 or 'intermittent fasting' diet, Vicki Edgson puts a new meal plan on the table >>>


Book review: The Fast Diet

January 25th 2013 / Hilly Janes

Is Dr Michael Mosley's new book on the 5:2 fast diet worth a read? Hilly Janes finds out >>>


The 5:2 diet plan: week three

January 21st 2013 / Judy Johnson

In our six week series on how to do the 5:2 diet, Vicki Edgson walks us through the third week's menu >>>


The 5:2 diet plan: week two

January 14th 2013

How do you do the 5:2 diet? In a six week series, nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson leads the way - here she is with week two of her diet plan >>>


Golden Globes inspiration: perfect pins

January 14th 2013

Kiran Branch grills Bodyism on how to tone legs to red carpet standard after spotting a new trend at the Golden Globes >>>


Why celebrity crash diets need to stop

January 12th 2013 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

With A-listers drastically shedding the pounds for the role of a lifetime, some celebrities’ dedication to their art could be damaging their long-term health. Ayesha Muttucumaru reports on what is becoming a worrying trend on the silver screen… >>>

The anti fad diet - Get the Gloss

The anti-fad diet

December 29th 2012 / Susannah Taylor / Sarah Vine

There's a new diet in town and this one's here to stay, says GTG's editors Sarah Vine and Susannah Taylor >>>

Vicki Edgson on the 5:2 diet plan

December 20th 2012

Get the Gloss chats to nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson about the 5:2 diet plan >>>


Why Prue White is loving the 5:2 diet

November 6th 2012

Prue White had never met THE ONE, the diet she could commit to. Then she discovered this feed-and-fast diet and with it came guilt-free eating >>>


The 5:2 diet: Fast track to weight loss

November 5th 2012 / Hilly Janes

Could the secret to weight loss actually be the centuries-old method of fasting used by yogis? Health editor Hilly Janes looks at the latest on-off diet craze >>>


Size 13: One Week to OMG

November 5th 2012 / Emma Bartley

Emma Bartley's ongoing struggle to fit into her jeans. This week: Trying to stick to OMG when all around are intermittently fasting >>>

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