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Fitness junkie Charlotte Sinclair shares her stories of getting into shape


The lazy person's guide to getting motivated

January 23rd 2017 / Charlotte Sinclair

In need of a little get up and go? Charlotte Sinclair brings us her top 10 tips for fitness motivation >>>


The Adrenalista: Does music really boost your workout?

May 3rd 2016 / Charlotte Sinclair

The soundtrack to your workout might just be as important as any piece of fitness equipment >>>

endorphins.jpgThe Adrenalista

The Adrenalista: Why does exercise make you so happy?

April 19th 2016 / Charlotte Sinclair

It's a proven treatment for depression, but can getting fit really make you happier? Charlotte Sinclair discovers the true power of endorphins >>>


The Adrenalista: Why keeping fit is all in the mind

December 23rd 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Charlotte Sinclair discovers how positive thinking can change your workout (and your life) >>>


The Adrenalista: A lazy girl's guide to burning fat quickly

December 1st 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Charlotte Sinclair counts down the last minute ways to get Christmas party ready >>>


The Adrenalista: Why warm sportswear will change your workout

October 28th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Struggling to stay motivated now the weather is miserable? New workout gear is the answer according to our resident fitness junkie, Charlotte Sinclair >>>


The Adrenalista: What's not to love about active holidays?

June 18th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

It's working out with a twist. Complete with chef-cooked meals, bronzed skin and golden sands, all hail the active holiday >>>


The Adrenalista: What's your workout ritual?

June 12th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

A workout begins way before you even put your trainers on - and it's the little practices before and after that count >>>


The Adrenalista: Hot Bod Yoga

May 14th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Less spirituality, more sweating - Hot Pod Yoga is where those wanting a lean body should do their downward dog >>>


The Adrenalista: How to reset your health with the Reboot Camp

May 12th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Discover the budget boot camp that really works because you're the one that's in charge >>>


The It Gym Kit

May 7th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

This week, the Adrenalista is dressing the part in the latest fashion-conscious luxe sportswear >>>


The Adrenalista: Getting a ballerina body

April 30th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Dig out those legwarmers because ballet fitness classes are the hippest new way to get in shape - and they work, too >>>


The Adrenalista: Psycle fitness classes launch in London

February 24th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Adrenaline junkie Charlotte Sinclair reviews the new spinning class at Pscycle London that's less about pedalling and more about the playlist >>>


The Adrenalista: The art of the fashionable trainer

January 28th 2014 / Charlotte Sinclair

Fitness buff and Vogue contributor Charlotte Sinclair says trainers are no longer just for sportswear, in fact they are adorning the most fashionable of feet >>>

The Adrenalista: The Trophy Sweater

The Adrenalista: Sweaters for women

October 4th 2013

GTG's resident fitness junkie Charlotte Sinclair explains why sweatshirts are having a comeback outside of the gym - and which ones to add to your winter wardrobe >>>


The Adrenalista: The Library

August 29th 2013 / Charlotte Sinclair

Sweat addict Charlotte Sinclair ditches the lengthy exercise sessions and tries a daily 15 minute workout and a lot of eggs to find out if high intensity training is all it's cracked up to be... >>>


The Adrenalista: Barry's Bootcamp part two

June 27th 2013 / Charlotte Sinclair

Four weeks into her Barry's Bootcamp sessions, Charlotte Sinclair is running out of sportswear but not out of steam >>>


The Adrenalista: Barry's Bootcamp

June 11th 2013 / Charlotte Sinclair

Charlotte Sinclair tests out Hollywood's hottest fitness export, Barry's Bootcamp >>>


The Adrenalista: Me and my scales

June 4th 2013 / Charlotte Sinclair

Charlotte Sinclair admits she hops on the scales on a daily basis - but is weight the best measure? >>>


The Adrenalista: Workout gear

May 22nd 2013 / Charlotte Sinclair

In her new column, Charlotte Sinclair writes on why decent sports clothing can give your workout the boost it needs >>>

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