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Every week the Gloss team test out the best products and review whether they're really up to scratch, from foundations to foot creams and everything in between


The Gloss Report: Dry shampoos

March 16th 2018

This week the Glossy Posse took 10 dry shampoos for a test drive to see if any could help out our limp locks >>>


The Gloss Report: nude eyeshadow palettes

February 23rd 2018 / Victoria Woodhall

How do the most affordable and most expensive nude eye collections stack up? The team gives their straight-talking reviews >>>


The Gloss Report: At-Home Peels

February 17th 2018 / Alexandra Harrison

Looking to uncover brighter, more youthful skin without a trip to the spa? We've tried and tested these at-home peels so you don't have to... >>>


The Gloss Report: 6 body brushes reviewed

February 2nd 2018 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Gloss team trial the lastest trend for dry body brushing >>>


The Gloss Report: Lash primers tried and tested

January 20th 2018 / Judy Johnson

Can an eyelash primer really make your mascara work harder? We test some of the best and report back on their lash-building powers >>>


The Gloss Report: vegan protein powders

January 19th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Struggling to find a good vegan protein powder? We put a range to the test to see which ones deliver >>>


The Gloss Report: Powder Blusher

January 5th 2018

Nothing takes off the years and fakes a good night's sleep like blusher. We put them to the test to see which brand comes up roses... >>>


The Gloss Report: Christmas Candles

December 9th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Which festive candles make us feel all warm and fuzzy, and which fall flat? We put this year's offerings to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: False Eyelashes

November 25th 2017 / Anna Hunter

This week the Glossy Posse put the best false eyelashes to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: pillows, tried and tested

October 28th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From anti-snore to wool blend and memory foam pillows, we put a roster of different types to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Cream and Bar Deodorants

October 14th 2017 / Anna Hunter

This week we review alternative deodorants- if you’re after an eco, natural or fragrance-free swap for an aerosol or traditional roll-on, come right this way… >>>


The Gloss Report: hairdryer reviews

September 16th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From budget to blowout, we put a variety of hairdryers to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: hairsprays, tried and tested

August 18th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which style setters hold strong and which ones fall flat? This week, we put hairsprays to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: electric toothbrushes, tried and tested

August 5th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Want to switch from manual to automatic? From Philips Sonicare to Oral B Genius and more travel-friendly alternatives, we put tooth tech to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Finishing Powders

July 21st 2017 / Anna Hunter

From setting your foundation for the day to nixing an oily t-zone, the right finishing powder is an insurance policy for your makeup. Read on for our reviews of loose and pressed powders… >>>


Glossy Posse Picks: New products and treatments that impressed us

July 1st 2017 / Anna Hunter

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday or cosying up at home, we’ve got the definitive list of what’s good in beauty this week >>>


The Gloss Report: Cushion Foundations

June 23rd 2017 / Anna Hunter

Cushion foundations - fad or fantastic? Read our reviews of the latest cushion compacts for the verdict >>>


The Gloss Report: water bottles

June 10th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to your disposable plastic bottle? We put a range of refillable and reusable alternatives to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Scalp Treatments

May 27th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Masks and intensive treatments aren't just for your ends- this week we review some scalp issue solvers, from itch soothers to dandruff fighters >>>


The Gloss Report: teeth whitening products

May 13th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Do teeth whitening strips, at-home kits and toothpastes really work? We put seven to the test to find out >>>


The Gloss Report: hydrating mists

April 21st 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Whether it's to refresh skin or calm senses, facial mists can be a great addition to your beauty arsenal - but which ones really work? Team Gloss put them to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: 8 gradual tanning moisturisers reviewed

April 7th 2017 / Elizabeth Bennett

Spring is... springing. We’re getting ready for warmer weather by road testing a selection of gradual tanning moisturisers - but are they any good? >>>


The Gloss Report: lip liners

March 25th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which lip liner is truly worth spending your money on? From budget to blowout, we put a pack to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Are there any great mascaras for under £10?

February 4th 2017 / Judy Johnson

The GTG team put cheap mascaras to a challenge this week with honest reviews of the latest high street lash definers >>>


The Gloss Report: Trainers

January 21st 2017 / Lorna Patrick

Looking to pick up a new pair of trainers? We've tried and tested the latest launches and have given our honest reviews... >>>

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