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The Gloss Report | Health and beauty product reviews

Every week the Gloss team test out the best products and review whether they're really up to scratch, from foundations to foot creams and everything in between


The Gloss Report: Facial exfoliators

March 17th 2014

This week the Gloss team reviews the 8 best facial exfoliators - say hello to spring! >>>


The Gloss Report: Eye brighteners

February 27th 2014

This week we tested the products that promise to transform you from bleary to Bambi in one quick swipe >>>


The Gloss Report: Lip scrubs

February 6th 2014

The Gloss team test out the best lip scrubs in a bid to swap chapped lips for a perfect pout in time for Valentine's Day >>>


The Gloss Report: Dark chocolate

January 31st 2014

Dark chocolate is better for you, but does it taste good? The Glossy Posse put it to the test with this week's Gloss Report >>>


The Gloss Report: Matcha tea

January 17th 2014

With more antioxidants than traditional green tea, matcha tea is a must-try for the New Year detox season. The Glossy Posse test out the best... >>>


The Gloss Report: Highlighters

December 19th 2013

In a bid to waken up tired winter skin, the Gloss team try out highlighters to find out which ones shine above the rest >>>


The Gloss Report: Party nail top coats

December 12th 2013

As it's party season, the Gloss team have tested out the best nail effects and pretty top coats to see which ones dazzle us the most >>>


The Gloss Report: Kohl eyeliners

December 5th 2013

The glossy posse put kohl eyeliners to the test to see which ones create the perfect line >>>


The Gloss Report: Breast Cancer Awareness Month beauty products

October 3rd 2013

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the glossy team review the best special edition products that not only beautify, but raise money for charity too >>>


The Gloss Report: Metallic makeup

September 19th 2013

The Gloss team test the best metallic shadows, eyeliners and nail polishes to see which ones win gold... >>>


The Gloss Report: Multi-tasking lip and cheek tints

September 13th 2013

Every week the Gloss team test the best products around and this week it's all about multi-tasking. We tried the all in one lip and cheek colours so you don't have to... >>>


The Gloss Report: Body lotions

September 5th 2013

If your skin is in need of some deep hydration after a scorching summer or in the cold weather, this week the Glossies have tested the best body lotions money can buy... >>>


The Gloss Report: Blotting papers

August 8th 2013

Oily skin getting you down? Don't reach for the powder - pick up the blotting powder instead. The Gloss team put them to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Eyebrow kits

July 26th 2013

This week the Glossy posse are testing out products that promise polished brows >>>


The Gloss Report: Sun protection sprays for hair

June 27th 2013

Sun care doesn't stop at your skin - make sure your hair is protected too. The Glossy team test out the best protective sprays for looked-after locks >>>


The Gloss Report: Tousling hair tools

June 6th 2013

This week the Gloss team test out the best hair straighteners and tongs that promise to transform your locks into sexy surfer girl waves >>>


The Gloss Report: foot care

May 31st 2013

This week the Glossy team put products to the test that deal with the not so glossy issue of dry feet >>>


The Gloss Report: Skin finishers

May 23rd 2013

If your skin isn't quite ready to be revealed for summer, you need the kind of glow that you buy in a bottle. The Glossy team test out the best glow-getting skin finishers >>>


The Gloss Report: hair removal

May 10th 2013

Summer sunshine means more skin is on show and hot fuzz is not an option. The Glossy Posse test out the best hair removal methods on the market >>>


The Gloss Report: Body scrubs

May 2nd 2013 / Judy Johnson

This week we're testing out if the GTG team scrub up well with the best body scrubs on the market >>>


The Gloss Report: Serums

April 4th 2013 / Judy Johnson

This week the Glossy team invest in their skincare and put serums to the test - do they really make a difference? >>>

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