Some of our favourite stars are looking so stick-thin that their heads look a little unbalanced, writes Judy Johnson

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Glossies, we've got some worrying news: one by one, female celebrities are turning into lollipops. It's a fairly gradual condition that seems to go hand in hand with success and fame, though far from being something to shout from the rooftops in proud glory, it's a worrying trend that leaves our leading ladies looking less than healthy.

To clarify, Sunday night's SAG Awards revealed a whole host of stars whose bodies looked far too small for their frame, proving perhaps that in some people fame really does make you big-headed.

The likes of Anne Hathaway, Kelly Osbourne, January Jones, Giuliana Rancic, Sarah Hyland and Rose Byrne all breezed down the red carpet looking like a little gust of wind might just blow them away on Sunday night, and though they were doing well in the style stakes it's the meat lacking on their bones that's caught our attention.

Hollywood is well known for its ability to turn even the curviest of women into uncomfortably skinny versions of their healthier selves (Angelina, we're looking at you) but the latest victims of its weight-watching antics leave us wondering why they haven't learned their lesson yet.

In this post-Olympics glory age when more and more people are aware of being healthy, from juice diets  and detoxes to fitness trends  and smart eating , being thin and puny is just so last decade.

The latest figures to saunter down the red carpet prove the time-old advice that we should all know; weight loss is not just about what you eat, but about exercise and fitness. Without keeping fit, excessive weight loss will simply leave you looking lollipop-esque with no definition or lean limbs, as your muscles will waste away - and it's not a good look.

For a body that's both slender and toned, mix healthy eating with a daily dose of exercise and you'll look glossy and in good condition in no time. Just don't let it go to your head…

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