Lucy Wyndham-Read's 7 minute at-home full-body workout

Gyms may have been open again for a fair while and while we've been loving getting back to spin and Body Pump, sometimes you can't beat an at-home workout. We still religiously do trainer Lucy-Wyndham Read's online workouts.

For this session, filmed from her home, the only equipment you need is a chair and Lucy offers modifications on each and every exercise for those looking for a low impact workout. She's best known for her ab workouts, but this video hits every muscle group for that full-body burn.

Lucy talks us through each move before we launch into them; every exercise is done in 60 second blasts, followed by a ten second recovery period just long enough for you to get your breath back before launching into the next move. It goes by so quickly you barely have time to notice how much your blood is pumping - but you'll definitely be out of breath by the end.

Here are the 7 moves included in the workout

1. Knee lift/arm punches OR jogging arm punches for low impact

2. Side to side hops OR sideways steps for low impact

3. Star jumps OR deconstructed star jumps for low impact (i.e. legs and arms raised independently)

4. Skater hops with OR without jumps depending on variation choice.

5. Fast run on the spot with punches OR standing knee crunch for 20 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of shadow punching, then repeating fast run on the spot with punches OR standing knee crunch

6. Walkout push ups OR chair push ups to avoid floor work

7. Chair supported plie squats OR for a more challenging take, pliet squats with heel raises

Let us know how you get on with the video - it's a heart-racer, that's for sure!

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