Mavala's That's My Colour campaign

Ever spent ages browsing nail polishes at a beauty stand in a shop only to go for a shade that's not quite what you were after? Whether it's a slightly-too-deep red or a slightly-too-neon yellow, we've all picked a shade that soon collects dust at the back of the shelf because it's not satisfied our beauty needs, but this month nail brand Mavala is giving you the chance to bottle your perfect match.

The That's My Colour campaign is a project that gives you the chance to have your chosen colour turned into a Mavala nail polish. All fans have to do is post pictures on Twitter or Instagram of objects featuring the colour they'd love to wear with the hashtag #Thatsmycolour, or send it directly to the Mavala Facebook page. At the end of the month, three entries will be picked to create the new Mavala That's My Colour collection that's set to launch in early autumn.

To kick off the campaign the nail experts have teamed up with three popular bloggers including Really Ree, and showcased their favourite colours which include on-trend nudes, pretty pastels and a ripe plum shade. We love the idea of a whole collection that's created by the very people who will be wearing it - so get creative, Glossies, this is your chance to make your very own trend.

Visit  or tweet @MavalaUK to get involved.

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