Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for April

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Mercury enters Aries, your own sign, now.  What you hear or read about your reputation, name, image, appearance or brand makes some research or a long, investigative discussion inevitable.

If it all seems to be about you in April, you’re completely right. But it’s the package, not the person. Mercury’s trine to Jupiter on 6th April will help you repackage if you absolutely must.

There is a tremendous amount of activity in Pisces, one sign behind your own, near 15th April. Your life behind the scenes, or behind closed doors, is the priority in the middle of the month.

What lies beneath - more mysteriously - will also be an issue in April. In astrology this area of your horoscope is associated with huge secrecy but also the unconscious mind. In you go!

Ceres enters your house of friendship, group activity and team priorities now, so a carve-up of power and control will be a feature of April and beyond. Try to make it practical; it must work.


Confused or confusing circumstances with a particular friend or tribe - virtually every week - now lead to a binding decision and some permanence in April. You just needed some rules.

You may want to avoid drawing dramatic conclusions about anything or anybody affecting your body, health, wellbeing, food, fitness, drink, healers or medication in the first week. Eclipse time.

Ceres is moving to the top of your horoscope. This is your mountain peak, where you hang onto particular status, roles, goals or projects - but you must now compromise, and share the control.

Any attempt to climb higher, beating your personal best, is premature when Ceres is around. Be very wary of trying to wrap things up, or organise all-or-nothing discussions, too soon.

You will be in a much stronger position to stage some talking points about your house, flat, family, home town or household after the first week of April when opportunities bounce in


Ceres in your house of expanded horizons, big ideas, the internet, education and travel should be putting you on the right path to long overdue change but do accept others’ strong emotions.

You may prefer to steer clear of the first half of April for firm judgement calls on your trip, website, book, course or foreign connection. A compromise is required but so is research.

Of course you must embrace change  with a friend or group and it’s been calling you since March. The problem is knowing everything you need to know - let the eclipse pass, early on.

Handling the money, business, possessions, house, charity or apartment in a brand new way, honouring the realities others also have to deal with, is part of the formula that will work best.

A group project calls. The momentum is there, and of course you need answers, but the timing is not quite right until your ruler Mercury shows you the news or important paperwork, mid-April.


Keep reinventing your role and ambitions. Continue to toy with the idea of greater independence and freedom. This may mean breaking away, or starting from scratch, but April is the month.

The other end of the equation - he or she who pushes so many psychological buttons - is accomplishing two things in your life. The first is an intensely personal kind of empowerment.

It’s time for professional liberation, which only you really understand. And do use that partner, or opponent, for a reintroduction to yourself, almost as if this person was holding up a mirror.

Bacchus in Cancer is reflecting your image, appearance, name, reputation or role under a welcome new spotlight. No wonder you seem to need more time just for the pleasure of it all.

Try to cope with being on the other end of the see-saw in a new way, first suggested to you in March.  What really counts is the news to come, though, and the questions it prompts.


When it comes to travel, education, the web, publishing or foreign people, you may prefer to obtain your final answers after the first week as the eclipse will conceal more than it reveals.

Leaps and bounds is the best way to describe your progress with your body, or with your daily workload. Every now and then you hit a patch of intensity, but raise the stakes - and win.

Do try and make your way through the financial, business or property unknowns and you may prefer to let clarity return at your own pace. It will take time to recover from the recent muddle.

The long game you are playing is greater freedom, greater independence, and greater excitement all round when you travel, teach, study or use the web. Hang onto that unique vision in April.

Copying yourself, or copying others, when it comes to how you work, why you work - and how you see your body, is no longer relevant. An extreme situation has forced you to be inventive.


Some choices you have made freely, about the children, babies, or young adults in your life. Or has this all been about a lover? In any case, free choices now meet enforced decisions.

It’s financial revolution time, brought about by events since March. The ultimate outcome, by the end of April, will be a unique path you would not have imagined for yourself.

Reconsider who and what you value most at this unstable time. Sometimes the universe has to push you with money or property, and others have encouraged you to experiment. Use it.

Let the first week pass before you make your biggest cash decisions. An eclipse always hides more than it shows, and the Sun-Moon dance then really will cloud the issue. Wait and uncover.

Jupiter in Leo moves forward at last this month and you will begin to see the point of all those dress rehearsals you made in February and March with your great secret, or uncredited role.


You have been put in a position where you must utterly reshape your relationship with a particular house, town, apartment, family member, flatmate or corner of the map.  Crank it up.

Is a partner or opponent still an issue? That’s the tough love coming your way from a universe determined to usher in radical change. It is the only way you will feel genuinely independent.

The easier part of your journey so far has been the most exciting choices in months - perhaps years - all designed to allow you to reinvent your emotional or sexual life. Keep experimenting.

Ceres in Aquarius suggests you will need to work towards a long, slow, dramatic compromise with those who affect your life as a teacher, student, internet user, publisher, writer or traveller.

A slow built-up in Taurus, ruling money, business and property in your chart, precedes Saturn’s return to Scorpio - in charge of complex finance - mid-year. This is the last stage of a tough trip.


Having been forced to change and adapt with the internet, multimedia or other forms of communication, you must now learn to enjoy - actually enjoy - one of those new set-ups.

The chaos you hit with (or through) the world of children in recent weeks can now be sorted out. The same message applies to lovers or courtship. In future, bypass those who muddle you.

You have the right tools and resources in place for something really exceptional with your career or other role in life. The issue has been the wrong timing, but from April, earlier plans pay off.

A shift in your horoscope towards your opposite sign of  Taurus suggests overdue decisions about a partner or opponent are on the way. Some issues really do need a rapid response in April.

Ceres in Aquarius reminds you that whatever deal you have to strike in terms of your house, family, home town, flat or household has to be easy to make and keep, so skip the emotion.


On 12th April the Node stands still, in areas of your horoscope associated with friendship and groups of all kinds. The time warp is very real but it will allow you to contemplate and learn.

Babies and children? Lovers or courtship? This is where you must continue to push hard for the most radical and exciting change, even when the pieces of the jigsaw don’t quite fit together.

Ops enters Gemini in the first half of April, ushering in the most optimistic and practical solutions about (or for) your partner.  This also applies to former or potential partners too.

Near 20th April the Bacchus-Jupiter conjunction raises the happiness stakes with your plan to travel, teach, study, write, publish online or connect overseas. So much is possible for you.

Diana’s conjunction to Minerva, the asteroid of wisdom, suggests this is the best month in a very long time to seek answers about former, current or potential partners. Freedom is a key issue.


You knew things were happily on the turn with your body back in March. Right place, right time and perhaps right resources. Now there is more to come. Focus on the mind, body, spirit links.

Ceres in Aquarius opposite Bacchus and Jupiter in Leo, triggers every financial, business, property or other material story in your chart in April. A new deal is coming. You will gain.

April will be memorable for the completely different road you take with your local region, home town, country, house, flat, family or household. The right people will understand your mission.

The chaotic patch you experienced with  your phone, computer, multimedia or other communication in February and March is behind you. Try to put in mechanisms for the future.

Diana’s conjunction to Minerva in the brilliant sign of Gemini will put you closely in touch with clever or highly educated women and female organisations. Your usual workload will benefit.


Doing it differently, and doing it in a way that excites you - as well as others - has been the hallmark of your life online for the last few months. Now you must move to Stage Two.

Away from the internet, you have also been exploring the written and spoken word, or the world of images. Separating yourself from ideas, projects, people or priorities from your past is key.

Ceres in your own sign suggests that arrangements affecting your image which seemed acceptable before - but now seem so irrelevant - must trigger overdue decisions.

A travel, publishing, internet or education decision is calling.  This total eclipse is likely to show you a rather patchy picture in the first week.  Wait for all of it, which will come later in April.

April and May will move your house, flat, family, household or home town agenda forward. Some things have been put off for good reasons, but allow this new momentum to help you shift.


Independence calls, so separate yourself from your own past, and from ideas which are utterly out of date. This is not only about your bank account, income, business - it is about excitement.

The right people, banks, corporations or other institutions will completely understand what you are trying to do and hear your telepathic call. Stick with like-minded types; ignore dinosaurs.

Diana’s conjunction to Minerva (who still gives her name to a temple in Bath) spells timeless wisdom for your big question about a relative, house, flatmate, flat, or home town concern.

Vulcano enters Pisces on the 20th April, allowing you to return to that perennial topic of your image and reputation with a fresh perspective. What do you now make of March’s chaos?

Focus on your body. This is where the pleasure is, thanks to Bacchus, and it’s where the improvement is, thanks to Jupiter. One opportunity after another will come  your way.