Wondering what's in store for December? Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams has the answers

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Congratulate yourself on doing it your way.

Be particularly nice to the children and young adults in your world, or those who count, in relation to them. This is where you have already had one opportunity after another and there may be more to come if you cultivate things. A sexual relationship is also worth the investment.

Your horoscope suggests you have fallen into the habit of muddling through, either with a secret you are covering up from other people, or a role you are playing where you receive no credit or recognition. This is at the core of quite another problem, so make 2015 a muddle-free year.

Congratulate yourself on doing it your way (a la Sid Vicious) when it comes to public relations, publicity, your internet profile, your personal appearance and your brand. You have only tapped part of your potential, however, and could easily achieve more by January.

You would be crazy to walk away from a power-packed situation which could give you instant gratification in your career. This also applies to academia or to any non-profit role. The people concerned are famous, extremely well-connected or genuine players and this is so worth it.

It will take you quite a few weeks to adjust to the new financial, business, charity or property world, but you must anticipate the year ahead in a an optimistic and relaxed way, rather than automatically hunching your shoulders and expecting more hard work. This cycle is breaking.


Stop expecting the worst all the time - it’s over very soon.

Like your fellow Taurus Adele, you have either had your battles this year (a la Bob Geldof) or you have been utterly weighed down by issues with, or affecting your partner. This applies to former or potential partners too! Stop expecting the worst all the time - it’s over very soon.

Even though your travel, internet, education or publishing agenda was seriously affected by what happened in October and November, you have been given a karmic reward for your patience by the universe and must take an amazing chance to gain double what you lost.

Your body tells you the truth and you must make more time and space in your life for who and what excites you most. The planet Uranus is at large in your horoscope, and the time has come to deliberately pursue the freedom you need to do your own thing, in your own way, at last.

It’s all too easy to become resigned to a certain level of chaos within a group, team or club. This also applies to social media, or even to one particular friendship, where everything is perpetually confused and confusing. Snap out of the habit by putting new rules in place.

You really got lucky with the people or situation that arrived in the final six months of this year, and the gains for your home life, family relationships, property investment, home town or homeland are the envy of some friends. Keep investing in the people who make it happen.


Everything is an ongoing experiment with your social life.

You have been so worn down by Saturn in Scorpio that for over two years now, you have never been game to expect anything very much from your daily workload, or even your own body. You can drop this attitude from Christmas Eve as 2015 will be very different - like your old life.

Anything truly rewarding in property, finance, charity or business terms will take a willingness to do something radically different. You will also need to throw so much energy at your December opportunity that you can bank on a gift that goes on giving. All this is worth it. 2015 proves it.

Everything is an ongoing experiment with your social life, group commitments, social media and friendships this year. The results keep exciting you and other people too, yet you have not even really begun to explore the full amazing potential - use December to aim for what you want.

Unless you do something fairly drastic to correct an ongoing situation affecting your career, non-profit role or course, you will not see any improvement at all, as the Neptune in Pisces cycle affecting you now, relies upon you to be proactive. What or who is haphazard? Work on that.

Lucky you. A twist of fate allowed you to walk straight into a new situation (in the last six months) which offered you so much in terms of the internet, the media, publishing, multimedia or just old-fashioned communication. Take nothing and nobody for granted; this deserves the work.


Raise your expectations.

It’s quite staggering to realise that some people or organisations have no agenda; they just want to share, or even give - and you stand to gain. Since July, you have seen the evidence of this via your business interests, property, finances or possessions. Now you must build on it.

Others have already picked you up on aspects of your travel, internet, foreign or publishing agenda which are all over the place - all the time. Your horoscope suggests you have let the matter slide, but it is seriously affecting other aspects of your world too. Time for a rethink?

If there were awards for original thinking, you would certainly have a pink perspex trophy on your mantelpiece, as your approach to your chosen field, business or industry this year has been nothing short of brilliant. This isn’t just for you, though. Others need it too. Share.

Pluto always forces you to get serious and what happened with (or for) a partner in the last eight weeks made you think hard about a different approach. This applies to former and potential partners too, and rivals, enemies and opponents. Now, your big chance is here.

On the most personal level, you were forced to cut back your expectations quite severely in 2013 and 2014, as Saturn moved through your zone of parenthood, godchildren, nieces, nephews, youth projects and serious sexual relationships. Now you can raise them again.


Snap up a very special chance to turn things around with your health, wellbeing, shape, energy or medical issues.

Some people are just great for your image, no matter if their fame or prestige makes you look good by association, or they make you look good because it’s their business (for example, cosmetic surgeons or personal trainers.) Keep building these connections for ongoing rewards.

Neptune in your zone of taxation, banking, salary, credit cards, pensions and business is complicating areas of your life which should be very simple. If you want 2015 to be smoother, now is the time to tackle the issues and sort out one problem others have been singling out.

You are breaking new ground in travel, the internet, education or publishing. What excites you also excites other people and you must capitalise on the new interest. What you see online in December is just the tip of the iceberg and if you took this further the reaction could be huge.

Even if it is inconvenient, expensive or hard work, to snap up a very special chance to turn things around with your health, wellbeing, shape, energy or medical issues in December. This particular opportunity will not come again and it could have lasting value, so do pursue it.

Stop thinking small with your home town, house, homeland, close relative, flat or household. Two years of Saturn’s tests and trials has made you too nervous to expect very much, but you must think big again after Christmas Eve, when life will be full of possibility and flow, again.


Use a stunning chance to become empowered with the next generation, or a serious relationship.

You can’t afford to be complacent about the situation which landed in your lap after July, as although you were in the right time and place for the most incredible good fortune, unless you actively feed and nurture what is there, it may vanish from your life. This is worth your energy.

No more excuses. Very soon, you will be in the ideal position to clarify, contain, control and manage what is going on with (or for) your partner. This also applies to former and potential partners too and any enemies, opponents and rivals. Life should never have become so foggy.

Uranus in Aries is the astrological equivalent of plugging yourself into mains electricity, and every time you feel galvanised by the next financial, business, property, trading or charity issue, you charge every other part of your life. Use December to make your next radical move.

When you asked yourself how much control you needed over your life, some weeks ago, the question was forced upon you by a tough situation. Now things are easy. Use a stunning chance to become empowered with the next generation, or a serious relationship. It won’t come again.

You appear to have forgotten what life *should* be like in terms of the internet, media, publishing, writing, public speaking, languages, multimedia and so on. There was a time before 2012 when things were so much easier - remember? And it will be that way again, within weeks.


This is the month to grab opportunities.

You very nearly lost the most tremendous (human) asset some weeks ago, which arrived in your world of social media, old friendships, groups, clubs, teams or societies - and then almost vanished. What (or who) you have here is solid gold. Do whatever it takes to hang on tightly.

You may have had a polite reminder or something far less tolerant and patient, but feedback about your daily routine, daily workload and perhaps your approach towards your body is a useful reality check. It really is time to get real, once and for all, and reshape things.

How do you know when your approach to a former, current or potential partner is right? The short answer is, when you’re genuinely thrilled and simply cannot wait to race into the next experiment. This applies to enemies, opponents and rivals too. And here’s a big new chance.

You will honestly regret it if you do not actively and enthusiastically pursue an incredible opportunity linked to your close relative, house, flat, hometown, household or homeland. Gratitude always works well too. This one-off chance could easily lead to so much more.

You have put up with the most unfair and difficult situation affecting your money, house, business interests, possessions, flat or charity for two years now, and it is time for you to loosen up and lighten up. Wheels are already turning in the right direction. They accelerate from Christmas.


This month you will have a big breakthrough.

The reality of that person or organisation which powered into your life in the last few months, and offered so much to you, is that it’s not a one-way street. You have to give back, or at least meet some needs. You stand to gain so much, professionally, academically or in huge prestige.

The zone of your horoscope which rules sexual relationships, but also the world of babies, children and young adults, is calling for attention. You have not been taking it particularly seriously, but others have real issues with the lack of clarity. Time for a rethink and restart?

You have been marching to the beat of a different drummer, or hearing a song that nobody else is picking up, for a long time - at least in terms of your daily workload, or your body. This has led you on the most fascinating journey this year and another remarkable signpost is here.

Yes, you can. There seems to be some irrational obstacle (in your own mind) about the internet, publishing, writing, public speaking, multimedia, media and other aspects of your communication. Yet the irony is, your biggest breakthrough chance in months is just waiting.

You have been utterly stoic about a situation which others would find a total drag, affecting the way you look or appear - for at least a year. You may have forgotten what it is like to genuinely savour and enjoy aspects of your appearance, name, label or reputation - yet it will return soon.


Be as radical as you like.

It is quite true that Sagittarians can be philosophical about even the most disheartening situations and for the last two years, you have been bravely accepting a secret burden or the heavy demands of a behind-the-scenes role. Shake off the past as soon as you can. It’s over.

The thought crossed your mind, back in October, that one way to deal with a financial, business, property or charity issue, was to use it to make big changes that would actually empower you. Thoughts often manifest, and this one has. You have a big chance coming up soon as a result.

Be as radical as you like. Your freedom depends upon it; at least in terms of serious sexual relationships, parenthood, your godmother/aunt status - and connections to the next generation in general. You have been put off by some people or situations for too long. Time to change.

You can keep drifting and floating if you like, but a rather random and confusing (for other people) situation influencing your house, flat, hometown, homeland, household or family could be sorted out so easily. A couple of phone calls and some concerted reorganisation will do it.

The potential for growth and expansion is ongoing in terms of your travel, education, publishing, internet or foreign agenda. You were given one of the great all-time gifts by the universe a few months ago. It’s followed a zig-zag graph. What will take it up, all the way? Your commitment.


Use December to enhance your image or relaunch your name or face.

If you want more money, or benefits through business, property or charity, you still stand to gain enormously from the people or organisations which entered your life after July. Do whatever it takes to keep the relationships strong as one big gain could follow another until August 2015.

If you want the wheels to keep turning in all departments of your life, sort out your communication as your horoscope reveals issues with your telephone, computer, e-mail or social media. It may be the technology, it may be your use of it, but it’s a good month to fix issues.

This is the most innovative and inventive cycle in years for home renovations, decorating, property investment, flatshare arrangements, house exchanges and so on. Your ideas may be imitated by others or you may find yourself asked to share your experience with your admirers.

Use December to enhance your image, gain publicity, achieve good public relations, rethink your wardrobe and if necessary, relaunch your name or face in a new light. Pluto in Capricorn has forced you to the point where you must promote yourself and perhaps rebrand yourself.

Allow yourself the luxury of not automatically expecting a struggle, in terms of particular organisations, groups, teams, clubs or friends. Your ruling planet Saturn has really fenced you in throughout 2013 but you will no longer feel so restricted after Christmas and life will be easier.


Dream big and aim so much higher, professionally or academically.

Jupiter cycles like the one you are having now, with (or for) your partner, can be thrilling at first, then accepted, then almost wasted. This applies to potential and former partners too. The connection may be personal or professional, but it’s time to lavish energy, time and attention.

The financial, business, property or charity side of your life could benefit from a new system, as you know, but your horoscope suggests you have been unable to make the change, or just unwilling. Hints from outside may turn into demands or complaints, so try to fix this quickly.

Having made the decision to stage your own mini-revolution in terms of the internet, the phone, writing, publishing, the media (and all forms of communication) you are now in a position to be even more experimental. The results could be so liberating for you and others; 2015 is calling.

You would hardly describe October or November as easy months, in terms of the secret you are covering up, or the role you are playing behind the scenes. What was the cosmic reason behind your tests and trials? Obviously, to force you to change. And now you can. Here’s a big chance.

Dream big and aim so much higher, professionally or academically - or in your non-profit role. You have been playing with an awful set of cards for a very long time, and yet you already have evidence that the game will be much easier in 2015. Correct. So no more limited thinking.


Take control and claim your power of a difficult situation.

Astrology is like life gardening; once seeds are planted, no matter how wonderful the picture of the final result looks, you must still pour in time, energy and care. You planted something (or someone) which should be utterly transforming your lifestyle, some time ago. Now, water it!

You are ruled by Neptune, and his current cycle in Pisces, your own sign, affects you more than other people. When it comes to your personal appearance, label, name, online profile or reputation, you may want to finally take a hint and try to chase away randomness or confusion.

You no doubt think your cunning plan with money, property, possessions, business or charity is extreme enough; what you have in mind is a dazzling, brilliant innovation  or a clever piece of invention that will fix many problems. The funny thing is, though, you could be far more radical.

A critical crossroads with your friend, or the group, a few weeks ago pulled you up short and made you realise just how much you needed to fulfil an earlier promise to yourself and actually take control and claim your power. Now, in December, for a wonderful reason - you can.

You have been living a kind of half-life in terms of your travel, internet, publishing, foreign or education agenda, purely because you had no choice; life has not been particularly generous with you in any of those departments. This has affected your outlook - but optimism will return.