Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for January

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It has taken you weeks to get to this stage, but start as you mean to go on with your good intentions (and powerful results) as success in 2015 is down to crawling to the top.

Mars in Pisces urges you to get real about what you cover up from other people, or do without any credit or recognition. You’re on sliding sand here. Create firmer foundations.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind or inner calm, but they are now absolutely free, as a financial, property, charity or business burden has gone. Trust the change and let go.

Your group, club, team, band or other tribe will be bent out of shape by internet, travel or basic communication problems for eight weeks, so make sure a shared plan is flexible.

You were extremely happy to find a power source from a baby, child or adult last year – or someone connected to the world of younger people. Feed the power source in January.


The person, organization or industry which most affects your daily workload or university career is in chaos as January begins and February will see a delay or reversal; be prepared.

Your friend (the person who is part of a group) keeps changing the rules every few months so you either need to adapt to that, or try to pin her/him down into a more reliable scenario.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn underlines the point that real control will not come your way until you really work a regional or foreign connection and expand your map.

Try to let go of the automatic response mechanism you had with your great rival, enemy or opponent last year, as conditions changed dramatically at Christmas and it’s a new year.

Life with your partner was so tough in 2013 and 2014 that you developed a particular system or rote response just to get by. This applies to former or potential partners too. Let it go.


Your ruling planet Mercury is Retrograde Shadow as January begins and you must cover yourself for delays and changes affecting your travel, web ,foreign or university plans.

Your career, non-profit role or academic life was both confused and confusing on more than one occasion last year because boundaries were not understood or enforced. It’s time.

In the first week of January you will have feedback and reaction about your money, house, flat, business or possessions. This enables you to get serious about long overdue changes.

January reshapes how, where and why you work, in all senses of the word. A major contributing factor is the departure of a person or organization which made 2014 so hard.

The whole world will be caught up in extreme weather, computer hacking or other chaos until early March. The knock-on effect for you lies in Europe, the US or Asia. Be prepared.


The New Moon on Tuesday 20th will bring a new start with your money, possessions, business, house, flat, bank or tax. Just allow for changes and delays until early March.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction happens every year and always affects your life with a former, current or potential partner. Remember a useful lesson from January 2014 and use it.

At some point it will be necessary to admit that your great rival, enemy or opponent has his or her own superpowers and it is not even worth pushing back. Occupy your own space.

Saturn is out of Scorpio for the first time in two years so it is no longer necessary to have all sorts of tricks, rules and coping mechanisms to deal with next-generation issues.

The steady build-up of planets in Pisces affects your book, website, trip, course or foreign connection. Extract yourself from last year’s mess as much as you can and make new rules.


Your ruling planet the Sun will conjunct Pluto in your zone of lifestyle, work routines and physical wellbeing as January opens. Entirely new circumstances call for a new approach.

Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of a constantly changing discussion, or a protracted delay, between now and the first week of March so allow for that now.

If you have a rival, enemy or opponent that person is clearly threatened by you, yet you must not expect a straightforward or rapid outcome. Secretly allow for reversals or delays.

Last year you hit a confused and confusing situation affecting your money, house, possessions, business or flat. It will not get better by itself and you must be proactive.

Enjoy 2015 more by dropping an attitude and mindset you had to adopt in 2013 and 2014, just to get by. Your house, flat, town, relative, country or flatmate is no longer a problem.


In 2014 you refused to be power-tripped by others who affect your sex life, or your connection to the world of children or young adults. Good thing too. Keep it up Virgo.

A work, university or non-profit sector matter will drag on for weeks, as people will change their minds, or technical error – perhaps even extreme weather – will contribute. Prepare!

Mars moves to Pisces this month and your relationship with a former, current or potential partner must be dragged into more realistic territory where rules can’t be bent or broken.

If anyone is against you, bear in mind that you make this person feel insecure. Pull up the drawbridge, fill the moat and put as many obstacles and boundaries in as you possibly can.

You will be amazed at how often you can turn to people who support your need to keep secrets or operate behind the scenes. These confidantes or backers sincerely want to help.


You are still dealing with people or organisations in a position of power, affecting your country, town, house, flat, family or household. You know how to work this, though.

Mercury’s change of sign in the first week of January tells you that a matter involving babies, children or a serious relationship will not resolve itself fully until early March.

Last year a situation affecting your job, non-profit role or university degree slid all over the place. Now you must do your best to stop it from happening again – plug a few holes.

If your body, health, medical care, drug or alcohol intake, food or other physical concerns still dominate your life then Mars in Pisces is telling you to separate fact from fiction.

The trick with your friend (the one involved with the group) is to give back. You gratefully received in December, and this person is the gift that goes on giving, but do roll karma back.


Your boss, colleague, client, lecturer, classmate or employee is all about unconditional support and generosity. Create more success by feeding this person what he/she needs.

You would be the first to admit that a serious sexual relationship, or the world of children and babies, became shambolic at certain times last year. Now you can pre-empt problems.

This is the first time in over two years that Saturn is not in Scorpio. If your attitude towards the web, the camera or the mirror belongs to the past, then drop it. It only holds you back.

Read the fine print on paperwork affecting your house, flat, town or country. Allow for plans or talking points to change with a relative, flatmate, tenant, builder, property agent.

Your 2015 superpowers depend on your way with words, images and ideas and your effective use of the internet and the phone. You can devote yourself to upping these skills now.


Money is power near January 3rd. And you can apply that to priceless objects too, or particular buildings. The most powerful things of all, though, are your unshakeable values.

After January 5th prepare for delays or reversals involving the media, the web and all communication – your phone, for example. Have alternatives ready as Mercury retrogrades.

From Monday 12th it’s game on regarding your town, country, house, flat, family and/or household. You must try to reinstate boundaries with others or apply a few new rules.

Your protectors and helpers in January are foreign-born people or travellers, together with academics, graduates, authors and bloggers. When in doubt turn to these rich sources.

This is the first month in years that you have not had to worry about the secret side of your life or your machinations behind the scenes. The burden has gone so enjoy the change.


The secret to 2015 is understanding how to promote and package yourself, without being pushy. There is great power locked up in your name or your personal style if you use it.

Saturn, your ruler, is out of your friendship, social media and groups zone for the first time in over two years. Allow yourself time and space to adjust to the new relaxed atmosphere.

Never forget that you can always rely on a person or organization with the money, possessions, business interests, house or flat behind them – which also helps you.

From Monday 12th you can no longer ignore the confused and confusing circumstances which surround your phone, computer, web use, language differences or media. Time to draw lines.

There will be a waiting game and possibly a u-turn involving the paperwork, post or discussions important to you in financial, business or property terms so prepare for that.


With Mercury preparing to move backwards through your image, name and reputation zone you may want to allow for web, media or even business card hitches and replays now.

A person or organization which kept changing the goalposts with your money, business interests, property or possessions last year must be contained and controlled now.

Last year you discovered just how strong a support or source your partner was. This applies to former and potential partners too. This year find out more about what they can give you.

The system or set-up you relied upon last year to get you through a tough career, university or non-profit situation is no longer required and neither is an old attitude. Time to change.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction this January reminds you that being secretive is really just a matter of disappearing and operating below the radar and it will work so brilliantly for you.


A stellium in Pisces, your own sign, is building between January and March, so a matter affecting your name, reputation or brand must be taken in hand, even if it is hard work.

Keep it light, friendly and detached with your group, team or club. This is your secret superpower as you will discover in the first week. And people power is formidable now.

Keep pinching yourself if you need to , but it will no longer be necessary to pour time, energy and sheer coping power into your foreign or regional connections. It’s behind you.

Jupiter in Leo reminds you that you only have to turn to a work, university or non-profit contact to receive generous support, contacts and other practical help. This person is gold.

A secret, or an uncredited role you play, will be affected by the Mercury Retrogade cycle until the first week of March so factor in a state of flux (say that word very carefully).