Expert astrologer Jessica Adams gives us the lowdown for July in her monthly horoscope

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Success is open to interpretation this month, but ever since 2008, you have seen such a huge transformation in your chosen field, profession, business or industry that you must now define it as control. Near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th it is time to take the reins, yet share them.

A much younger generation may hold personal importance to you, as a parent, aunt or godparent. Perhaps the significance is professional, or down to your non-profit interests. What happens near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st spells opportunity in very large letters. Take it.

Near Wednesday 8th and Thursday 16th July you must ensure that your family, house, flat or household situation is left in the best possible place for another 12 months.  There may be broader questions about your town, village or country too. Ask every question you can and get the right answers.

The most wonderful work, body and lifestyle trends in 12 years are just around the corner, and this change in the astrological weather will announce itself in a small but significant way now. A crucial person will appear, then disappear, in your plans - yet return from 8th October.

You know all about the necessary carve-up of power and control within your group, thanks to Ceres in Aquarius. You are like Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear, or perhaps Nigel Farage dealing with UKIP! Matters will come to a head near Friday 31st July, before an important choice. Compromise, Aries.


Your chosen profession, field, business or industry has forced you to accept the inevitability of a brand new arrangement for 2016, and it will be in final place next at the start of next year. Get things off to the right start by giving yourself time and space to make important choices near Friday 31st July.

You will become pregnant, adopt, or welcome a new godchild or young relative into your world within months. In other cases, for work or non-profit reasons, you will welcome a fantastic new era involving a much younger generation. An erratic beginning now will be smoother by October.

The project or idea which involves the internet, multimedia, publishing (or your voice) dominates July. Near Wednesday 8th and Thursday 16th you will reach important turning points which allow you to shape the next 6-12 months. Understand your message in depth, then master your medium.

Fantastic developments involving your family, flat, house or household near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st allow you to pursue the biggest and best outcomes, all the way to 11th August. This also applies to your town, village or even your country, if this is central to you.

Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th July (allow up to 48 hours either side) suggest it’s time for a major decision about your internet, travel, foreign, regional, publishing or educational agenda. Unless you master something (or someone) it will master you, Taurus. Correct?


It’s all about your house, money, flat, business, possessions and/or charity this month, as you know. Near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th July you must calculate a compromise that will not cost you precious peace of mind and security. Lock in a practical deal or arrangement that works.

Your project, idea or plan is special, as it is not only rewarding on its own merits, it allows you to achieve what you were put here to do - communicate. Near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July you must seize the day, no matter if you work with words, images or your voice.

There is a big difference between the money you make or save on your own merits, and the financial, corporate, taxation, inheritance, commission, legal or other agreements that are in place. Near the 8th and 16th July, it is time to  put a pounds, dollars or euro value on what or who matters most to you.

You will gain enormously from a wonderful house or flat - perhaps the one you are in now, much improved - or even a new property, by Christmas. You are sowing the seeds now, as you may know. This may be an investment, your home, or a temporary residence. The biggest and the best is yet to come.

You have recently been involved in the intricate process of sharing, dividing or compromising with those who matter so much to your travel, education, foreign, regional, internet or publishing agenda. The Full Moon near Friday 31st July will lay things on the line. Time for a compromise.


Your money, house, business, flat, charity and/or possessions has involved an awful lot of compromise and deal-making in the last few weeks, no matter if the deal is control (which can’t be calculated) or actual pounds (which can). Give yourself space near the 31st July for another key choice.

Your best cycle for the internet, publishing, multimedia (or your vocal talents) in 12 years begins on 11th August. By Summer 2016 you should be thrilled with the results. Little acorns in July will grow big oak trees later, and perhaps an entire grove. Start planting now, for a bumper harvest.

It’s all about you, and so it should be. There are so many heavenly bodies in Cancer, your own sign, that you must put your name, photograph, reputation, video or film first near Wednesday 8th, Thursday 16th July. This is particularly important if the results will carry over into 2016. Plan this.

In order to be in the best possible position to negotiate or bargain between now and January 2016, snap up incredible financial, property or company solutions and options near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July. You have until 11th August to fix issues or profit enormously.

You must now come to a new arrangement with yourself - about a partner. This also applies to former or potential partners. Some Cancerians have enemies or rivals who are just as emotionally affecting as a partner, too! Choices about this crucial person wait near the 6th, 15th, 20th of July.


Your body must come first near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th and Monday 20th July. No matter if you work, study or volunteer, you are part of a larger machine. Now, you must run your physical machinery in a new way and discover what it means to be in control of your lifestyle as a whole.

It’s only your packaging, but it matters so much. Do all you can to snap up opportunities to enhance your reputation or improve your appearance near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July. You have until 11th August to take full advantage of the biggest run of luck in 12 years.

The secret you are keeping, the role behind the scenes you are playing - or the mysterious matter you are pursuing - matters more near Wednesday 8th, Thursday 16th July. Leave your classified project, confidential concerns, uncredited efforts or unfathomable mystery in a good place, ready for 2016.

You will make or save a fortune after Jupiter changes signs from 11th August. The situation will be set up now, but even if a key person loses touch, or matters less, after Friday 31st July, he or she will return from Thursday 8th October. By then you will be well on your way to a richer life.

The Full Moon on Friday 31st July highlights your former, current or potential partner. In other cases, you will be considering an enemy, rival or opponent. There must be a carve-up of emotional or psychological territory here, until 3rd August. The situation will return from 27th October, Leo.


Ever since 3rd April when Ceres changed signs, your daily workload (or your body) has been at the heart of big questions about sharing, compromising and deal-making. The Full Moon near Friday 31st July will bring things to a head, yet from 3rd August you’ll have a break from it all.

You will enjoy a born-again face or body, a flattering title or award, gorgeous new photographs, increased internet popularity, the perfect wardrobe and (if you need it) serious reputation repair work, from August 11th. It’s rather like being knighted, but without the sword. Say yes.

It’s all about your charity, work team, political party, sports team or other tight network of people, at the moment. Near Wednesday 8th and Thursday 16th July you’ll be able to pay attention to detail, as every Virgo woman should. As July moves on, you’ll be in a position to sign off on decisions.

Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July. are dates to watch (allow 48 hours either side) if you want evidence that your plan to play a quiet role behind the scenes - or to live part of your life below the surface - is working. You are being rewarded for lying low, or covering up, now.

The days around Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th and Monday 20th July suggest a closer look at future parenthood (if you want it) could be useful. If you are a parent, aunt or godparent, you also have intense choices to make - or perhaps a younger generation matters deeply for other reasons.


You have been sorting out what is fair, equal and practical with your child, godchild or young relatives for months. Alternatively the issue has been teenagers or children en masse. Near Friday 31st July a creative compromise must be found. Park the situation, then return to it after 27th October.

Your home, property investment, family, household, local area or country looms large near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th July. If you let go of the reins, something or somebody else always takes over. This is not the way forward, as you know. Find a system that works and stick to it.

It’s time to accept a rather different way of operating, as what you do behind the scenes, with very little credit or recognition, will reward you for years to come. This also applies to anything you do below the surface, or behind closed doors. Small clues will appear now - it all begins in August.

You have already had quite amazing results with a strong group of people behind you, or as the result of a crucial network prepared to meet you halfway. There is more good news to come near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July when people power works so brilliantly.

This is the most important month of the year for strengthening your position at the top, or taking the next necessary step to get there. Ambitious (or socially ambitious) Libran women will gain the most. You’ll be up to your neck in meetings, calls or the requirements of the internet, but it’s worth it.


Your ruling planet Pluto is at large in your internet, multimedia, publishing and communication zone near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th July. You have already learned so much about the way power actually works, even at the level of letters, websites or books. Now, make it all work for you.

You have seen the incredible potential with your chosen tribe (the one involving old friends) or even new groups, for weeks. Now you can slowly start moving towards something very special. You are in the right time and place to gain from people power, starting on August 11th. Just say yes.

There are certainly other distractions, given the stunning developments with your career, course or non-profit work this month. Yet, devote as much time as you can to one particular website, book, subject, trip or foreign connection. You have about a month to leave this in the right place for 2016.

When it comes to your highest ambitions and mission in life, never forget that you are in a Jupiter cycle which always makes everything better, in the end. You have already proven yourself so many times, but before the middle of August, you will do it again - in your chosen field or quite another.

At the Full Moon on the final night of July, allow more time and space to pick and choose, as your family, property investment, household or home requires deeper thought. This may also apply to your part of the world, or your country. The ultimate, final compromise will be reached in early 2016.


A rather interesting turnaround with an important website, book, multimedia project - or other outlet for your communication skills - has made life since April a constant compromise. Others have the upper hand, but you have a hand in their destiny too. Near July 31st, do compromise.

You have earned considerable good karma, purely from taking opportunities as they have arrived, since July 2014. Now you must set your sights on special outcomes involving Europeans, Americans, Asians or Australians. Don’t let up until August 11th. Your ruler Jupiter is on side.

Near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th July you must look at the value you place on being in control of your money, flat, house, business, charity or possessions. Of course there are other issues involving a particular person, department or corporation, but this is a matter for you.

Promotions, awards, amazing new jobs, impressive exam results or fabulously successful projects do not drop from the skies. You put one jigsaw piece of the puzzle in at a time. You will be handed several pieces now, so use them. The full  picture will be revealed by October.

You already know how crucial your money, property, business or precious possession is, this month. Look at the paperwork details, or the exact words used, near Wednesday 8th and Thursday 16th July. Everything will be so clear then, if you ask the right question, at the right time.


Just when you think you know all the issues about your image, brand, appearance or reputation backwards - new possibilities appear, for change. Close to Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th and Monday 20th July you must remember what happens when you just give in. Get the steering wheel back.

This is one of the most important months of the year, in terms of your business, money, house, apartment or precious possessions. Near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July an offer may be repeated (if you let it pass you by before) or an amazing solution will be offered.

Get to the bottom of questions about, or for, your partner near Wednesday 8th, Thursday 16th July. This also applies to former or potential partners. Should an enemy or rival be around, within 48 hours of the above dates, you can uncover a great deal. July is the month to ask, enquire and interrogate!

You will travel more ambitiously, export more successfully, move or emigrate on a large scale - or import the most wonderful influences from miles away - by Christmas. Your world opens up after 11th August with a key person involved until Friday 31st July, and again from Thursday 8th October.

The Full Moon on Friday 31st July is a D-Day moment for your finances, company, property or assets. Give it your best shot until 3rd August. The situation will return from 27th October, so use every advantage, solution and opportunity up your sleeve. The luck or protection won’t last forever.


Matters affecting your reputation, appearance, profile or brand have resulted in significant changes since April, and it has been necessary to adapt to new arrangements. Near Friday 31st July, you have an intense few days of decision-making, before returning to the issue in November 2015.

Near Saturday 11th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd, Friday 31st July your partner must be focus. Or is this about a former or potential partner? You may feel repair work is required; it can happen then. Perhaps you want the very biggest and best, for both of you. The universe will meet you halfway.

Don’t think small about money, business, property, collectables or charity in July. At one point you had to think very small indeed, but the future looks remarkable, in terms of what might be earned, or saved. Key people and possibilities are in position as you read this. Follow up every clue.

The minutiae of your daily life, workload and routine reveals an answer you need, near Wednesday 8th, Thursday 16th July. The outcome will affect the balance between mind, body and spirit for 6-12 months as clever solutions now will help you manage the 24 hours in your day more artfully.

You know these issues very well, as they have affected your secret life, your classified information, your uncredited efforts or your unseen world for years. Near Monday 6th, Wednesday 15th and Monday 20th July you will once again be asked to find empowerment and take control of X.


You know very well that if you give in for just one day, and take your hands off the controls, the situation with your group/s (particularly those involving friendships) makes you feel as if nothing is under your control at all. This old lesson is back in July, for a reason. You have another chance to master it.

Near Wednesday 8th and Thursday 16th July, you can look after the next 6-12 months as a mother, aunt or godmother. This also applies to sexual relationships where commitment could mean children or younger in-laws - or large commitments you have, to a much younger generation, en masse.

Put your body first, again, even if other issues distract you this month. The right people, treatments, facilities, knowledge or technology you need will not be on tap forever. Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion and improvement will give you exactly what you need, up until August 11th.

Allowing other people to absorb the attention and stand in the spotlight (while you lurk in the shadows, being indispensable) has been a feature of your life since April. Alternatively you have been far more secretive than usual about yourself or your life. The last day of July brings a key decision.

I am saving the best until last, Pisces. Your relationship with a former, current or potential partner will skyrocket from August, with tempting clues and signs now. You will receive whatever good karma you are owed, from all the energy you have poured into other people - or your love life - for years.