Expert astrologer Jessica Adams gives us her verdict for June in our Monthly horoscope

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Focus on the secret you are hiding from your best friend - or the role you are playing behind the scenes, without credit or recognition. To stop any more confusion, you need to set boundaries well before 12th June, Aries.

It’s time to make up your mind about your house, family, town, country, household and/or apartment. Women, female-dominated organisations or men with a strong female side will help you three important occasions.

Time it right with publishing, the internet, media, film or television. What does not add up June 1st-4th should be allowed to play itself out until June 27th, after which you can finally say you know exactly where things stand.

Babies, children or teenagers spell wonderful breakthroughs, incredible solutions and big opportunities near the 9th and 22nd. This may be personal or professional, but do all you can to protect what you have after the 27th.

If you are single then you will have an opportunity to date someone who could make you pregnant, make you a stepmother, or give you aunt status one day. It is up to you, but this opportunity will not come again for years


Your friendship or group has become muddled and confusing for others, because of the personalities involved, or the lack of boundaries on the internet or in the real world. Sort it out before the 12th if you can, Taurus.

One or two women will really help your web, media, publishing, film or television project now. This also applies to your computer or phone. Look for the wise answer. It’s deep and profound, near the 25th and 27th June.

Allow one financial, property, tax, business, insurance or retail situation to play itself out by 27th June. What does not add up, literally or emotionally, near the 2nd requires a solution but you will not have the final story yet.

You will be thrilled with what unfolds with your house, family, apartment, town, household and/or country near the 9th, 22nd, and after the 27th when you can also protect the future. Check property prices. Talk to relatives.

Focus hard on your secret (the one you cover up from your best friend) or your role behind the scenes (the one with zero recognition or credit). This is where the most incredible freedom will be offered to you near the 22nd. Yes!


It’s time for a major reality check about your career, degree or unpaid work. Do as much as you can to organise and control everything before the 12th as one situation will run backwards from that date. Magic word? Boundaries.

Women or female-dominated organisations will help you with your finances, tax, business, house, company, apartment or charity this month. Alternatively a man who understands female-think will have a solid strategy.

What does not satisfy you completely about your profile, photograph, brand, video, image or reputation near the 2nd is an evolving story and some facts will change, be delayed or even scrapped by the 27th. It’s a process.

Make your big project or idea a priority as you will not have this level of luck and assistance for 12 more years. An incredible solution or opportunity with your book, web venture, film or similar will reach you near the 22nd.

What happens in the third and fourth week of June will radically change the way you see a friend or group. This group may be a team, club, society or similar.  This is so exciting. It makes you Indie Gemini.  It is a revolution.


Look at all the details you have missed (or wriggled away from) with your foreign, travel, internet, publishing, or education agenda. Put some rules in before the 12th when one situation will start to rewind. Organise this early.

It’s all about You, You, You. One or more women or a  bit of feminine wisdom will help you with your photograph, profile, brand, face, body, video or name this month. You will be in the spotlight from 21st June into July.

You have a secret you are keeping. Alternatively you are operating behind the scenes, as Miss Invisible. Try to let things unfold until the 27th before you take action about this. If you must go ahead allow for changes or delays.

Superb trends for your business interests, money, house, apartment, company, possessions and/or charity not possible in years begin to unfold from 5th June. Near 22nd June it’s a very special solution or opportunity.

To be your own person, and do your own thing, makes your chosen field, industry or business so much more exciting these days. Others feel it too. A real landmark is possible in the second half of June. Create a new future.


Your money, tax, business, company, house, apartment, possessions and/or charity must be controlled and organised before June 12th. You can do this. You just need to face what you have been avoiding and put in a new system.

You are covering up a secret at the moment. Alternatively you are operating behind the scenes, without any recognition. Use the brilliant advice you are given, or channel a wise solution, after 17th June when answers are so close.

Your friendship or involvement with a group, requires a closer look near the 2nd. Allow time to pass as you are not in full possession of all the details. Can your final choice wait until the 27th? If not, allow for changes, delays.

It’s Leo Season. The right people, in the right place, at the right time will help you relaunch your name, face, shape, style, body, brand, reputation or image. What happens near the 22nd is a stunning solution or opportunity.

In the final half of June you will see your travel, internet, foreign, publishing, internet and/or education agenda turn upside-down. This sets you free. You can create something new and exciting. Invent a new future.


The situation with your former, current or potential partner needs to be much clearer, with new rules in place, or old rules remembered about boundaries. Do this as soon as you can before one story runs backwards.

If you have a rival, enemy or opponent then be honest with yourself and brave enough to ask what you are getting from the feud. Is this a way to escape the real world? It’s become rather chaotic. Can you leave it behind?

Fantastic opportunities, breakthroughs and solutions come purely because you were able to keep a secret, this month. Alternatively you will be rewarded for staying out of sight, not taking any credit for what you do.

Friends and groups are extremely important in June. One or more women will turn your social life or group project around, and if there is a dilemna, there will be a spectacular solution. One of these women is a wise old owl.

Let time pass until you know the full and final story about your career, unpaid work or university life. Even though you want to act on things near the 2nd, 14th and 16th try to wait until the 27th for every single last detail.


Your body is the source of a confused and confusing situation, because there are no boundaries any more. Without rules, order or organisation with your food, doctor, drugs, drink or exercise life will be muddled. You can sort this out - do it early on.

Your daily workload and your career, university life or unpaid role is at the heart of a major decision in June. One or two women, or a female-dominated group or department, has superb advice. Ask that professional, academic or student of life.

What does not add up for you with your travel, foreign, publishing, internet or educational agenda near the 2nd requires good timing. There are more changes and delays to come, left over from May, yet after the 27th you will know every last detail.

Make the most of a very special group of people, involving one or more friends, no matter if this is a political party, ensemble cast or yoga class. You will be thrilled at what happens near Monday 22nd June. A true friend - plus people power - works.

You deserve freedom and space, and you will get it from your former, current or potential partner in the last two weeks of June. There are no compromises here. The more trapped you have been, the more radical this new world will be, yet it works.


You have an excellent chance to contain and control what has been happening with babies, children or teenagers before June 12th. This also applies to a lover who could make you a parent or aunt one day - and to any youth projects. End the confusion.

The remarkable insights of a widely experienced woman will help your travel, foreign, publishing, educational or internet agenda several times this month. She is heaven-sent as the situation will be public after the 21st June and urgent, after that.

Your instinct is to try and fix things with your financial, business, property, retail, shopping or charity situation after a moment of truth near 2nd June. Can it wait until after the 27th June? If it can’t, at least allow for the story to change or be delayed.

Matters of success, achievement and ambition just keep improving every month, and now and then something really stunning takes place. This brilliant solution or big upward move will occur very close to 22nd June in your chosen field - or another.

June is about more than success. It is also about freedom. You would be mad not to take full advantage of a radical change affecting the way you live and work, offered to you in the final two weeks of the month. You will win space and independence.


Turning a blind eye to the realities of your family, house, flat, household, town and/or country has not worked. You have a confusing, or even chaotic situation, to fix. Try to do this early in June. All it takes is a few common-sense rules to enjoy your world.

A woman or a man who has a strongly developed female side, will help you with amazing solutions for your money, business, company, taxation, insurance, lease, mortgage or investment in June. Time is of the essence after the 24th, too.

What you face with (or about) your partner near the 2nd is crucial. This also applies to a former or potential partner. The story will go backwards and forwards until the 27th, when life returns to normal. Until then, details may change or be held up.

The most brilliant answers or outcomes with your trip, book, website, blog, course, degree, workshop or foreign connection are here near the 22nd. Just when you think you’ve had enough milestones in your life, along comes another one. This is big.

Focus on babies, children or teenagers. Focus on lovers who could make you pregnant, or make you an aunt one day. Look at youth projects. This is where the revolution is about to take place. If you join this revolution in your life, you’ll be free.


You obviously need to sort out social media, publishing, websites, the media, your computer, your phone - or the most basic communication issues, like being heard and read. You can pull this together, no matter how chaotic things have been. Start now.

June is one of the most important months of the year in terms of your relationship with a former, current or potential partner. Everything is there to be fixed. Everything is there to be solved. The final seven days will bring you a truly useful  answer.

Your body or your daily workload is an issue near the 2nd June at the Full Moon. Can you wait until the last three days of June to sort things out? If not, at least proceed knowing that some of May’s plans or discussions will be changed/held up.

Pour time and energy into your finances, property, business, company, lifestyle or possessions near the 9th, 20th, 22nd and 29th when you have the most incredible opportunity or solution. A person or company which thinks big will be involved.

When you compare your property, house, family, apartment or household situation now to the way things were three or four years ago, you realise there is no comparison. Take another big leap forward in the final fortnight. It’s very exciting.


You have enjoyed an alternative to the real world with your money, shopping, tax, business, house, flat, credit card or company for months. Now you need new rules. Put them in before the 12th if you can. Sticking to the rules prevents future muddles.

Your body (and how it does, or does not serve you) cannot be separated from your daily workload, routine, lifestyle and housework. A woman who is hugely experienced will help you with a solid answer and a useful strategy in late June.

Babies, children or teenagers? A youth project? A lover who could make you a mother or aunt one day? The Full Moon near the 2nd lays things on the line. Can you wait until the 27th to decide? If not, allow for a zig-zag pathway for 3-4 weeks.

If you are single then do not look your gift horse in the mouth near the 9th, 20th, 22nd, 29th. This person is educated or well-travelled. If you don’t have a relationship by August, yet want one, be honest - are you getting in your own way, at all?

Happy couples will expand, thanks to the world of children, home improvements, business or travel. A lovely fork in the road is coming. Unhappy couples will be delighted to find counselling, legal advice or an amicable split fixes the issues.


This is the right moment to sort out your reputation, photograph, video, profile, name or brand. It may be on the internet, in the media or in the real world but try to streamline and simplify everything. May showed you the muddles. Now fix it.

The voice of female wisdom and experience will help you enormously with babies, children or teenagers now. This also applies to lovers who could make you a parent or aunt one day, and any youth projects. A strategy near the 25th is absolutely right.

Try to wait until 27th June to sort out your close relative, house, apartment, flatmate, town and/or country. If you must plunge into solutions near the 2nd, 14th or 16th allow for delays or changes - some of which will date from discussions back in May.

Do all you can to shore up your lifestyle, and lock in useful arrangements, projects and plans which help improve your working day. From the 15th, a rather heavy situation will be off your back. Near the 22nd, a big answer or opportunity waits

If you are dependent on your partner’s money, financing from relatives, the family home, a government allowance or similar, independence is on offer in the final two weeks. In other cases, a radical new approach to cash - a revolution - liberates you.