Your March horoscope courtesy of expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Mercury’s move into Pisces near Friday 13th March gives you missing information about your secret, or your role behind the scenes, which will allow you to reframe the situation entirely.

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday 18th March and Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday 24th March result in extraordinary dreams that week, packed with messages.

Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries Wednesday 4th March and Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries Wednesday 11th March makes necessity the mother of invention, regarding your image.

Juno and Jupiter in Leo tell you that children or lovers are a commitment all over again, no matter how many times you have wedded yourself to promises and pledges. It will reward you hugely.

February’s dramas at work or university were not here to thwart you - they were here to inspire you to finally harness your huge willpower to overturn what (or who) needs to be dropped from your life.


Diana in Taurus, your own sign, allows you to draw on female expertise and feminine wisdom to approach your name, face, shape or style far more independently, giving you more freedom.

Recent activity in the practical sign of Capricorn urges you to be no-nonsense about fixing glaring issues affecting the way you use the internet, travel, publish, teach, study or deal with foreigners.

You are your own best judge and jury when it comes to your house, flat, family, flatmates or home town. A huge missed opportunity in February needs to be acted on. The potential is still so rich.

Muddle or mess with friends or groups is a sure sign that you left a situation run on too long in late 2014 or early 2015 and must come up with a system, even if it’s a system that requires work.

Going back to something you left behind in terms of your body, or your work, makes perfect sense in March. You will do it because you have to, not because you planned it, yet it will work for you.


Your career, university life or unpaid job tempts you to cross a big line when the Sun conjuncts Chiron in Pisces near Sunday 8th March - if you do this, it will be a dramatic game-changer.

Your ruler Mercury enters your success, achievement and ambition zone on Friday 13th March and the rest of the month finds you picking up everything you need to know - at last, some hard facts.

What happens near Wednesday 4th March and Wednesday 11th March with your friend (or the group) will be exciting and liberating. Perhaps you had no idea just how restricted you were before.

Your ruler Mercury enters Aries on Tuesday 31st March setting the agenda for April, which will revolutionise the way you run your social media and social life - particularly on the internet.

Pluto in Capricorn reminds you that what happened in late February could result in amazing new control with money, business, charity or property by late May, but you must use your willpower.


How is your deal-making going with a former, current or potential partner? Or your enemy? Ceres and Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn encourage you to think long-term about this deal too.

Close to Friday 13th March a new cycle begins when at last you can fill in the blanks about a forthcoming trip, website change, course or foreign connection. By April you’ll have the facts.

Your challenge as a teacher, student, writer, internet user, publisher or world citizen now is to reshape everything without losing the plot - skip important discussions near 18th March.

From March 4th until just past Easter you need to pace your career, university or voluntary work changes to accommodate the sudden need for speed, while realising people can’t be rushed.

Your finances are all potential and no delivery - yet - but if you harness your willpower to bring about long overdue changes with, or for, your opposite number or opponent, April will reward you.


The necessary financial, business or property paperwork and discussions will roll after Friday 13th March but take your time when deciding how far to go, around one and two weeks later.

Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn are in charge of your life, work, body balance and what became so dramatically lopsided in late 2014 is now being corrected, with you firmly in charge of the process.

A new era with another part of your country, or the world, is ready to unfold and the connections you make near the 4th, 11th, 20th and particularly after the 31st will make you more independent.

Jupiter in Leo has given you the tools and resources you need, at your fingertips, to improve your appearance dramatically, and if you use them now, April through August will deliver results.

Your zone of publishing, travel, education, academia and internet life looks intriguing as early as Thursday 5th March and by April you will be free to call your own shots in a brand new way.


Key dates for information gathering with your partner (or about them) include the periods near March 13th, 18th and 24th as your ruler Mercury is on the move. Just keep it all crystal-clear.

If someone is against you, or you are definitely against them, you may prefer to avoid the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in the middle of the month as the situation may be far too confusing.

Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries Wednesday 4th March begins a new cycle for your money, property, charity or business when you have to adopt a revolutionary new approach - or else.

Juno in Leo tells you to make a serious commitment to your secret, or to your role behind the scenes. What happened in February disappointed you but it will spur you onto great things.

Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn encourage you to stick rigidly to your new self-control when it comes to the world of children, or your lover. These two planetary players are relentless - stick to a plan.


Juno in Leo and Jupiter in Leo remind you to ‘marry’ a plan involving a friend or group as seriously as you wed anything else in your life. Unless you do that you won’t get the rewards you deserve.

Mercury in Pisces brings in a torrent of information, discussion and useful new knowledge which will permanently affect how you deal with your body, health, doctor, diet, exercise or healer.

Psyche joins a slew of planets in Aries, your opposite sign, to help you take dramatic steps to change the way you operate with your opposite number - partner, ex or potential lover.

Last month you saw just how things could slide if you did not pay attention to your people or your place, with the level of energy and focus required. It won’t happen again. And this could be great.

Whatever has been nagging at you in terms of your enemy, opponent or rival is the useful thorn in your side you require. What you change will inspire others to change too. But do it for you, first.


Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday 18th March and Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday 24th March make the world of children (or a lover) a prime topic of discussion.

No effort is wasted with your reshaping of plans to work, serve and do your duty very differently. Even though the planets are not yet aligned, from April to August everything will reward you.

Your body and the way it does (or does not) serve your mind and spirit, becomes a prime concern after Venus in Aries is conjunct Uranus in Aries  on Wednesday 4th March; this is just the start.

You have to marry your career all over again (or perhaps another one) if you are serious about reaching your full potential. The flaws in February should be a spur to action. Time to change.

Jupiter cannot deliver the goods for you professionally or academically, or in terms of your social status, until some problems have been flushed out. Don’t dislike the process, use it as a motivator.


You do have to give up some freedom and space in order to get what you want from travel, publishing, the internet or education - but Juno in Leo tells you that commitment is worth it.

You will now return to a long-lost way of socialising, running a friendship or being part of a group. It was never lost though - just resting - ready for you to use an old pattern in a brand new way.

Pluto and Ceres in your zone of finance, business, charity and property will not let you go until you dramatically alter the way you earn, own or owe money. It’s down to willpower, nothing else.

At last Mercury is moving forward in your internet, multimedia, publishing and communication zone, so if January or February were indecisive, unclear or blocked for you - expect a smoother run.

The confusion, or perhaps borderline chaos, surrounding your relative, house, flatmate, home town or flat is there because a new system is required. Even if it doesn’t feel like a system, it’s needed.


You are being forced to reshape and rethink so many aspects of your house, home town, flat, family or household - yet with Psyche in Aries it’s time to write a new forever statement.

Missed potential with money, business, charity, possessions or property from February should just make you try harder - something truly special is tantalisingly close if you start trying now.

Everything old is new again in your career, field, industry or business as the Node reminds you that sometimes it works well to revisit something (or someone) in a more interesting way.

Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn, your own sign, simply will not let up until you bow to their power and admit that your appearance, image or brand is an ongoing task, not an occasional job.

Your communication - voice, speech, internet skills, social media savvy, telephone, written powers - remains the focus for the rest of March with major decisions pending near the 18th and 24th.


Venus in Aries conjuncts your ruler Uranus in Aries near Wednesday 4th March. Overhaul every aspect of communication from that point - you may have no choice anyway - but it will serve you.

Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy or rival? Jupiter and his mythological wife Juno emphasise the need to make yourself a vast promise. But it will be so ultimately rewarding.

Muddle, mix-ups or mayhem with your finances, business, charity or property in recent weeks was just the precursor to a much-needed, far more realistic look at where you could be better off.

Mercury to Pisces from Friday 13th March means a microscope is necessary with money-related matters, especially when Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday 18th March.

The secrets you keep, or the role you play behind the scenes, offers you a stark choice since the events of February. Unless you control this consciously, something or someone else controls you.


Jupiter in Leo is here to fix your body, mind and spirit relationship but it cannot get to work until some core issues have been rooted out and addressed - and now you know what they are.

Your money, property, charity or business situation is the number one concern in March and April and you will invent a brand new approach because you have to - just invest in independence too.

February really put you through the mill with your friend, or perhaps one or more groups. You have seen what can happen if you let yourself be ‘run’ so now make sure you run your world instead.

New is not necessarily always better, but in the case of your values (what you will and will not sell out for) it’s definitely time to step back from old patterns and see where you can call a revolution.

Treat yourself as a brand or product, like a celebrity chef and see what happens. With Mercury in Pisces you can at last have some objectivity about how you are seen and how you appear. Handy.