Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals the five things you need to know about your star sign in November

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Be sharply aware of your secrets

At long last, a solution to the financial, business, charity or property question? It looks like it, Aries, but you will have to plough through a rather intense eight week period, right up until Christmas, to wash your hands of particular learning experiences and welcome a very different year ahead.

Very close to the 6th, 10th, 13th, 18th and 26th of November you will be looking at deeper questions about what you value. This goes beyond a particular company, sum of money, house, flat, precious possession or donation. It’s about what you won’t sell out for. And what is priceless.

It is extremely important that you are fully aware of all the possible outcomes with your proposed relocation, trip, course, book, website and/or foreign involvement in the final ten days of November. This is all so easy to commit to in 2014, but you must be a realist about the 2015/16 implications.

Your ruler Mars meets Pluto, the powerful transformation planet, towards the middle of November. You were forced to realise just how important it was to climb patiently to the top and hang onto the ladder, rung by precious rung, in October. Now you must make this part of your life. Keep climbing.

Be sharply aware of the secrets you keep, the things you hide from other people, the invisible roles you play, and your inner life. It can be hard to get that detachment, but try your best to see your submerged world, and buried self, from the outside looking in. Where might you control things?


This November you need to stick to the rules

You now have a completely different assessment of your former, current or potential partner, thanks to just over two years of tests and trials. Alternatively, this long and winding road has been about your enemy, rival or opponent. Do all you can to sign off on this, over the next eight weeks.

There will be a replay, change, delay or correction affecting the story about this man or woman mentioned above, from November 8th through 10th as Mercury completes his retrograde cycle. From that point forward you are ready for a heavy decision, probably near the 18th or 26th.

You were put through particular experiences as a traveller, writer, teacher, student, internet user or publisher in October, to teach you the true value of things you take for granted. Now you know, you are more than ready to pursue an epic transformation. It is years overdue. Don’t waste more time.

It is not too late to extract yourself from a particular financial, business, property or charity scenario which has implications for 2015 and possibly even 2016. Seek expert advice and compare notes with others who are in your position. You are at a fork in the road. Be careful about your choices.

There is nothing remotely real, normal or everyday about a particular friend or group in your life. What is unfolding, towards the end of November, as Chiron joins Neptune in direct motion, is very easy to drift into. Do be aware of the potential for muddle and confusion, though. You need rules.


Your relationship with a current or former partner will slow down

Other people take their bodies for granted, yet for two or three different reasons over the last two years, you have been unable to simply let your body be. Now things are coming to a head and it looks as though November will accelerate a decision which lets you sign off from 2013 and 2014.

The daily pattern of your working life, from your sleep, to your sense of service and duty to others, to time at home, has tested you all year. Nothing has been quick or easy, yet after an odd replay, alteration or pause from the 8th-10th, you will know where you stand and how to fix things.

A number of people born under the sign of the twins in May or June will become aware of a potential dispute, battle or conflict building as the month goes on. You must seek advice and second opinions on the wisdom of starting this, or contributing to it. There will be no easy exit.

Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner in 2015 will slow you down, challenge you and trigger a deep need for answers. Be mindful of who and what you are taking on in this regard, as it is in your interests to keep the stakes low so the journey ahead is easier.

In October you realised how imperative it was to understand the power-based relationships which surround money, business, property, charity or the purchase and sale of possessions. You learned a very big lesson about control. Now you can put it into practise, through sheer force of will.


November is an obstacle course

You were forced to take your blinkers off about a trip, relocation, foreign connection, book, website or educational commitment last month. Now you actually have something real to work with, you can find a smarter way to set some parameters. Hang onto the escapism without losing the plot.

Has your obstacle course been about sex? Specifically, a relationship where pregnancy, adoption or the sharing of godchildren and young relatives is part of the territory? Or has the marathon been about parenthood or youth-targetted projects? The finishing line is in sight. Apply a final burst.

You really have no excuses left with former, current or potential partners. Or, perhaps, great rivals, enemies and opponents. There is now an excellent reason why you should change. That change amounts to nothing more or less than sheer willpower and determination to ditch old patterns.

Saturn, the planet of life lessons and waiting games, will enter the body zone of your horoscope just before Christmas Day. The situation you set up now is extremely important in terms of your food, drink, exercise, doctors, drugs or alternative health as you will live with the outcome in 2015.

Allow for a state of flux with (or for) the next generation and its role in your life, when Mercury backtracks from the 8th-10th and a matter you thought was settled, will be resurrected or reshaped. This also applies to any relationship which ushers the next generation into your life.


Take your time when making decisions

Your house, homeland, family, flat, household or home town has been very hard work, for a very long time. The Full Moon on Thursday 6th November reveals what you must now deal with, to look forward to an easier time next year. You may also need to sign off on a difficult 2013 episode, Leo.

When it comes to property, relatives, domestic life or your sense of belonging to a town or country allow for a replay, alteration or delay from Saturday 8th through Monday 10th. Near the 13th, 18th and 26th you will face facts and then on December 23rd farewell this relentless cycle at last.

Take your time when making decisions about children near the 22nd. This also applies to pregnancies, godchildren, young relatives and next-generation commitments. Any relationship which may usher in pregnancy or step-parenthood also requires deep thought and total realism.

What happens near the 10th sets the workload or body agenda for next year. When you finally harness your self-control in relation to your working life and your lifestyle, you will become as powerful as you deserve to be. You cannot separate the mind, body and spirit at this time.

After the 23rd, your money, house, business interests, flat, possessions and/or charity becomes ripe for experimentation and exploration. The only trouble is, it’s so easy to end up floundering unless you put strong boundaries in from the start. Try to capture and contain what is going on.


Wait until after the 10th to make any important decisions this month

Superficial answers just won’t suffice where the internet, media, publishing, multimedia or languages are concerned. This also applies to your telephone, computer and way with words, images and ideas. You now need to dig deeper for the meaning of 24 months’ worth of lessons.

Your ruling planet Mercury is still completing his wonky cycle through Scorpio, the sign which rules every aspect of what you say to the world, no matter if you use digital or traditional methods. This means you must wait until after the 10th to make some of the year’s most momentous decisions.

Those who live a considerable distance away from the real world are now populating your love life, no matter if you have a partner or not. Instead of guesswork and conjecture, it may be time to find out who you are dealing with and what he/she is all about. This applies to former partners too.

The direct motion of Chiron in your Seventh House, which rules great rivals, enemies and opponents suggests you can play a completely different game with this person, from the second half of November. You invent the new parameters and realities. So be careful what you invent.

Every time you try to take control of parenthood, or youth-related projects, or plans involving a younger generation, you are blocked. This also applies to relationships which might bring in his/her godchildren or young relatives. Why the blocks? They make you want a result more. So pursue it.


November is crunch time with a financial, business, charity or property situation

The evidence is right in front of you, as you begin November. Despite your assumption that you have begun to turn things around with your family, house, home town, flat, household or homeland, not enough has changed. You can fix this with sheer bloody-minded effort, within eight weeks.

Hazy, fuzzy arrangements and poorly understood agreements continue to affect your daily working life, or the relationship you have with your body. This Neptune and Chiron cycle is surprisingly easy to fix, though. It just takes a properly articulated question and answer session. Then written rules.

The reality of your financial, business, charity or property situation in the last two years is that you have been working extremely hard, and waiting an exceptionally long time, for anything you need. This may be hard to believe, but November is crunch time and by January this is over, for good.

Tune into all possible future outcomes where the internet, publishing, media, computers, telephones, languages, public speaking, signing or multimedia is concerned. Be a realist about what you are setting up in November as you must not take on anything or anybody burdensome.

You were quite right to be overjoyed by the direction particular friends or acquaintances within the group were taking you, in September and October. The truth is, though, all they did was open doors. It is up to you to go through them and make things happen. You need to be proactive.


Do not leap into decisions this month

It would be a mistake to think that the person, group or organisation which applied so much pressure regarding your communication with the world over the last eight weeks was power-tripping you. Control was never the motive. You’re just being pushed to transform. So do it.

You must feel as if your way with words, ideas and images (online and in the real world) is never something you can just sit with, comfortably. It is always high-maintenance and yet the irony is, if you push really hard for results by January, you will change your life. So why not commit?

In the most subtle way, you have been gently seduced into a situation involving babies, children or youth projects which is wide open for mistakes, confusion and false impressions. This also applies to any sexual relationship where his/her young relatives may become yours. Time for some clarity.

You have become so accustomed to enduring and waiting, where your image is concerned, that you have forgotten what it feels like to relax about the way you look and appear. That time is coming. First, though, you must work your way through the most intense, crucial questions.

Before you leap into decisions that could weigh you down in 2015 and perhaps 2016 as well, compare notes with people who have been down the same financial, business, property or charity road. The danger zone is late November when you could walk blindly into very hard (future) work.


Make sure you have an honest conversation with yourself this month

Drop assumptions and guesswork about your name, label, personal appearance and reputation. You are wandering into very new territory at the end of November and unless you exhaustively research likely outcomes, you could be taking on something or someone unnecessarily tough.

What happened in October encouraged you; now November makes it clear. Before too long, you will be at the end of a long, tough road and can begin to feel far more relaxed and at ease about the secret you cover up, or the unacknowledged role you play in the wings. Expect a crossroads.

An honest conversation with yourself about the way you dropped common-sense regarding your house, home town, homeland, flat, household or family is useful. That way you won’t repeat the error. There is nothing seriously wrong here; you just need to accept who/what is actually there.

Your luck has been in with your foreign, internet, publishing, academic or travel agenda since July. In order to follow through on what/who is so richly rewarding, though, you must make the most tremendous change to the way you handle money, property, business or charity. Use willpower.

The chance of a completely different, thrilling and yet-to-be-confirmed adventure is very real. It will involve pregnancy, babies, children or a younger generation (or the relationship which might bring this into your world). The price of admission, though, is to accept what must be utterly overturned


Follow up business, financial, charity and property opportunities this month

What happened to you last month made your reputation, brand, personal appearance and profile a number one priority, for the most challenging reasons. Now you must pick up where you left off. If you want to be a more effective human being then use the first fortnight for a personal relaunch.

You want, need and deserve a far more relaxed and comfortable life with friends, acquaintances, social media - and specifically one particular group - next year. How do you get there from here? Much depends on hardline decisions you take this month, but allow for flux from the 8th-10th.

Follow up business, financial, charity and property opportunities presented to you in September and October. You only have one Jupiter in Leo cycle every 12 years and you need to show good faith, and understand that this is not just one open door: it leads into a corridor of open doors.

Be extremely cautious if you intend to cover something up from other people this month as you will pay a heavy price if others find out. In other cases, what happens in the final week brings a secret, or an invisible role behind the scenes, into your life. Be utterly aware of what you’re getting into.

If you have not already made some fairly stern rules about the internet - no matter if it is Skype, e-mail, social media or YouTube - you may want to impose them on yourself and others as November draws to a close. Unless you rein things in, life will be confused and confusing.


This is the month to move forward

Enduring a particular career, university or non-profit sector situation was a way of life in 2013 and for some of 2014, but little by little, you have come to see that this test of your stoicism is coming to an end. There will be a cluster of intense decisions in November that rings the changes for 2015.

Uncomfortable reminders of inescapable realities about your chosen field, profession, industry or business (or the people involved) have made you evasive. As Saturn slowly moves through the final stages of Scorpio, though, you will be able to face, accept and strategise for the future.

You were thoroughly taken in by someone (or something) in the previous eight weeks, in terms of your money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment. To be fair, you entered willingly into this parallel universe. Now you must ditch that and create another one - a more practical one.

Through no fault of your own, you have been shown what happens when you keep secrets, or operate behind the scenes, and get it wrong. In October you were forced to suddenly try and get it right, no matter what you were covering up, or what you were doing without any credit. Keep going.

You had a dream run with your former, current or potential partner in July-September or even with an enemy, rival or opponent. What came out of that period should serve to encourage you even further, yet the truth is, you have to work the situation. Use what you discovered and move forward.


Remember the importance of harnessing your willpower

The stakes have now become so high with your friend, or the group, that you cannot slide back into old patterns and attitudes. If you do, you may lose something (or someone) absolutely crucial to so many other areas of your life. Enough false starts. As they say in New York, s**t just got real.

There is still so much work to do on your foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda. Yet despite the rather intense time ahead, at least you know you are building a far better future. You have been put through some very tough times indeed but you are absolutely right to hope.

Over the last few weeks, something/someone new slid onto your agenda. It’s important to your status, position, role, ambition or mission. If you took it further or became more heavily involved, it would be on your 2015 and 2016 agenda too. Screech to a halt. Apply brakes. Do your homework.

The reality of internet profiles, photographs, video, media character assessments and all the rest is that there is no reality at all. It’s all a version of what and who is actually there! In this case, you can apply this to yourself. Don’t lead yourself up the garden path again. Work with what is there.

The last thing you expected has happened since September, and a wildly experimental and different financial, property, business or charity future awaits - if you want it. Of course you do, as this is all irresistible. Yet, you must harness your willpower to control social media, groups, friends.