World-renowned astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars for November

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It will take a while to adjust to the new state of play with your former, current or potential partner. Don’t be fooled. The most important issue is actually you, and your image and persona.

You are mixing an extremely demanding but dazzling cocktail at the moment and it will alter the way you work, live and look after yourself. It’s worth all the effort to get it right now.

Seek expert advice and the voice of experience when dealing with unavoidable new publishing, internet, foreign, academic or religious challenges. This is not going to be fixed overnight.

You will be stunned at how much can change with your feelings about money, business or property in just a few weeks. The Sun in Scorpio guarantees a complete mood change.

The less you escape into your inner world, your secrets or an invisible role, the better. Just doing this adds to the confusion and you may need to minimise the time you spend submerged.


Even if you have to untangle a lot of knots to create your dream tapestry, it is worth it this month, as the children, young adults or parenthood-potential relationship is so worth it.

Treading water, feeling all at sea, drifting, floating and occasionally submerging are all typical feelings with one friend. Ask yourself if you can drop anchor or swim away.

You will be surprised at just how much has changed, and how differently you feel, where your partner is concerned. Or is this about your former or potential partner? Perspective at last.

The time has come to accept a new order with your business interests, money, possessions, charity, house or apartment. Avoid what you can and accept what you cannot change.

What does not sit comfortably with you about your lifestyle, working day or body now will help you make a stunning change in the second half of 2016. You’ll be happy by 2017.


Even if the garden path leading to your ideal home, family situation, household, home town or country is hard to navigate, maintain your vision. A great deal is possible now.

If you simply leave things to drift with your colleague, employer, staff, client, lecturer or classmate then nothing will solidify. This is liquid until you give it form. It’s your choice.

Your former, current or potential partner is at the core of tough new decisions by Christmas and you need to take your time and take extremely good advice. This applies to foes too.

A completely different atmosphere, set of expectations and environment surrounds you from this point forward and your lifestyle can be redrawn. That was then, this is now - and 2016.

The departure of the North Node from Libra has helped you sign off from an inescapable situation involving children, young adults or pregnancy-potential partners. Move on.


You are finding your own way through the internet, multimedia, publishing or smart phone maze. It will reward you in the most wonderful way so your efforts are worth it.

With so much distortion and fuzzy thinking surrounding foreign places and people, academia and personal beliefs of all kinds (from Humanism to astrology) it’s time for clarification.

The new world you must deal with from this point forward may be rather unforgiving, in terms of work, lifestyle and your body - unless you take expert advice and seek street wisdom.

The Aries-Libra axis of your horoscope rules both work and home and it is now presenting you with a different way to balance both. You can innovate and invent - to a degree.

Children, young adults and pregnancy-potential partnerships have been such a heavy issue, for so long, that you will be stunned at how different life looks and feels in November.


You need to do a great deal with your money, business interests, house, apartment or possessions in a practical and hands-on way, banishing escapism for a lazier, easier time.

Take your time when allowing yourself to head in a certain direction with children, young adults or parenthood-potential relationships. This is very new territory. You need guidance.

There is something to be said for timing it right with group projects or important plans involving friends, now. You may prefer to pursue this energetically quite another time.

Your feelings about your country, home town, family, house, apartment and/or household will alter dramatically now, leaving you energised, motivated and ready to right wrongs.

Now that the internet, publishing, travel and education zone of your horoscope is a clear space, there is much you can do to break new ground. Just don’t frighten the horses.


The feeling that you and a crucial person are swimming across lanes, unable to see the shallow or deep end, is very real now. To extend this watery metaphor, you need to surface.

You are definitely boxing your way out of a sack when it comes to your reputation, persona or appearance. Even the smallest effort will help you achieve something amazing.

Do your research across internet forums, professional experts and good books, when deciding how you will deal with your family, house, home town, country, apartment or household.

The Aries-Libra axis of your chart rules your money, property and business. You are now entirely free to invent something new in your life, but try to meet conservative types halfway.

The intensely dreary situation you were forced into with the internet, multimedia, publishing or other communication issues is ancient history - yet it’s only now you’ll accept it.


Keep an eye on the clock and the calendar as your daily routine and lifestyle are very much affected by people, situations or even technology which blurs time and space.

At the heart of you, or your life, there is an enigma. Even those who are close to you cannot really plumb your depths at the moment, but it works beautifully for you - no matter what.

Make your commitments to publishing, multimedia, languages and particularly the internet very slowly and carefully as you at the risk of being lumbered in 2016.

You are moving towards a decidedly odd set-up with (or without) your partner. This applies to former or potential partners too. If it makes you feel alive, then it’s not odd at all.

Having spent much of 2013, 2014 and 2015 feeling utterly weighed down by heavy financial, property or business facts of life, you should be overjoyed to see you can be proactive.


Your way of dealing with unavoidable obstacles and issues affecting the way you work, has been ingenious to say the least. Now you realise how utterly new it all is, it’s time to ground it.

The time has come to read what your body is telling you and to see through the red herring that is a physical issue, to the deeper soul message underneath. What does your spirit say?

You were unfairly saddled with situations affecting your reputation, personal appearance or profile which seemed inescapable. Now you can beat them. Into a cocked hat.

Your greatest challenge between now and 2017 will be creating a financial strategy that sees you through. The meeting or paperwork will be here soon; seek expertise.

If you felt you were spinning your wheels with your secret projects or uncredited efforts this year, you were right. This planetary pattern has now broken. The wheels are turning.


There are easier times to tackle your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your opponents or enemies. If you can postpone a discussion then try it.

The atmosphere surrounding your career, unpaid work or university life is loaded, as you can see the potential and promise, but first you must work around the obstacles.

Get things in writing and make them perfectly clear to all parties concerned with your family life, house, home town, apartment, country or household. This needs crystallising.

Before you dive into decisions which would affect the way you are seen in 2016 (and the way you appear) find out how Scorpio people coped with image issues in 2012-2015.

You will be relieved to find out that what (or whom) you regarded as the bogeyman is just a pawn on the chessboard to be moved around. Your hand is steering the game at last.


It takes great effort and faith to believe in a tremendous future in another region or country, or with its locals. Work your way through the maze this month - the reward is huge.

You must take the time to look at what is actually happening to the usual social boundaries online and to your security. This applies to YouTube, Twitter and something beginning with F.

You can now finish what you started with your house, home town, country, family, household or apartment. What was so experimental and exciting in October must be grounded.

You deserve a medal for endurance where particular friends or groups are concerned, yet your usual low expectations will be knocked sideways by a whole new ballgame. A better one.

The departure of the Node from Libra, ruling your career, unpaid work and university life is welcome. What you tussle with now, rewards you in the second half of 2016 and 2017.


If you want to be rich then you have to get things in writing with people or organisations which are fuzzy, vague or forgetful. You also need to make up rules for yourself.

Do not join any new group, team, club, social network or society without first being completely aware of the realities and secondly, by doing some practical fine-print homework.

You were really put through your paces with your career, university course or unpaid work over the last two years or more and to find you can be effective - at last - will be joyous.

Everything about your horoscope in late 2016 suggests the holiday of a lifetime or even a wholesale uprooting. The clues are here in November. What you struggle with now, works later.

There are easier times in the year to go in boots and all with children, young adults or parenthood-potential lovers. Life will be like an obstacle course, in a strictly temporary way, now.


Even if you have to wriggle and release a few choice expletives, get on with the business of creating the sort of chemistry you want, need and deserve with that key person.

If a separation is the only thing that would help you pursue a proper partnership then it may well be that the clashes between Pisces and Virgo now usher in a useful parting.

You must now ditch old expectations of the way you assume travel, publishing, the internet or education will be. This owes far too much to the bad old days. The atmosphere is lifting.

You will make or save money in a remarkable way in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017 partly as a result of the issues you tangle with now - well worth all the sweat.

Be gently aware of the distorted vision that accompanies your name, face, image or persona at the moment. Is this a welcome diversion from the dull old version of  ‘Me’ or is it confusing?