Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals the five things you need to know about your star sign in October

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Nothing is fixed, final or finished with partners.

Assume nothing is fixed, final or finished with (or for) your partner. This also applies to former and potential partners, and even your enemies. Avoid the second week of October for big decisions.

The total lunar eclipse in your sign near October 8th is unlikely to give you the full story about your image, appearance, brand, title or reputation so steer clear of that period for major choices.

The story will change more than once in terms of money, property, business, possessions or charity so make allowances for that in your planning and treat October as a work in progress.

Once Mars changes signs in the final week (he is your ruling planet) it’s game on, with your career, life at university or voluntary role. By January there will be a reshuffle, or reshaping of roles.

Congratulations on dealing with unspeakable challenges involving your money, business, house, flat, security or lifestyle since late 2012. Pick your way through one last test before Christmas.


Don’t pick your battles in October.

If you have an enemy, rival or opponent of any kind, don’t pick your battles in October unless you actually like to live in a state of flux. The second week of the month is particularly flakey.

Your former, current or potential partner is unlikely to give you the full and final story now. Alternatively, the news or facts surrounding this person will change, perhaps more than once.

The eclipse near the 8th is not the time to pursue anything secret, confidential or sneaky. Nor is it the time to chase choices about an invisible role you play without any credit or recognition, Taurus.

Your internet, publishing, travel, foreign or educational agenda is long overdue for deep change and what happens from the final week of the month will accelerate necessary decisions at last.

Christmas brings relief and release from a very demanding period with (or for) your former, current or potential partner. Enemies too. Until then, hang in there as life swings backwards and forwards.


Choices about children require strategies.

Choices about children (from babies through to young adults, depending on your age) requires strategies. So does any relationship bringing these issues into your world. Allow for delays, u-turns.

Your ruling planet Mercury is moving backwards and forwards in an area of your horoscope associated with medicine, food, drink, alternative health and fitness. Keep your diary flexible.

Your daily working life has seldom required as much stoicism yet even though October is full of stop-start situations or reversals, you will get there in the end and Christmas brings total release.

The eclipse near the 8th will not reveal what you need to see or hear, about your friend - or the group. Big choices about friendships, social media or networks in general should be avoided.

December and January decisions about your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment will be set up swiftly from the final week, but try to keep it civilised, at all costs.


Factor in delays or changes with your home.

Factor in delays or changes with your home. This includes your house or flat, home town or homeland, and the people who spell home to you - the family or household. Keep life flexible.

You are ruled by the Moon so the total lunar eclipse near the 8th needs special handling. That is not the time to make sweeping decisions about your mission, position or ambition, Cancer.

The next generation inherits the legacy of your personality, no matter if you are parent, godmother, aunt or grandmother. This also applies to youth related projects. Allow for reversals or delays.

A decisive period with, or for, your partner will start in the closing days of the month, with major results by January. This also applies to former or potential partners. Slow down and cool down.

If you have had major concerns about your children, godchildren, fertility, stepchildren or adoption the light is at the end of the tunnel, yet you must allow for waiting games or alterations first.


Have Plan B with internet, travel and home related plans.

The internet, media, computers and all forms of communication in your world, from public speaking to podcasting, requires careful handling on the week of October 6th. Have Plan B. Cover yourself.

Short haul flights, train journeys, your car, bus trips and even short boat trips may be affected by the total lunar eclipse in Aries and Libra near October 8th so don’t leave anything to chance.

Your house, flat, family, home town, homeland or household will be subject to delays and changes so factor that in when dealing with paperwork. Avoid the eclipse on the 23rd for major decisions.

A change in the balance of power in your chosen field, industry or business is on the way by January and what happens after Mars changes signs on the 26th will speed things up.

The toughest cycle in 29 years is over at Christmas and you will be able to think about your home, family, household or home turf in a relaxed way, yet do prepare for a zig-zag pathway before then.


Read the fine print on all financial documents.

Read the fine print on all financial documents and pay attention to the terms and conditions with property, precious possessions, business interests or charity as the first ten days are flakey.

An eclipse conceals, rather than reveals, so be sharply aware of what you are not being shown about the money, house, apartment, possessions or company near October 8th.

The media, internet, publishing, your phone, computer, multimedia interests or public speaking is all affected by a second eclipse near the 23rd when again, you are unlikely to have the full story.

You are well overdue for a decision that would change everything for, or about, the children, babies or teenagers in your world - or the chance of pregnancy or step-parenthood. It rolls from the 26th.

Your patience has been stretched beyond all limits in terms of the web, the media and other channels for your voice across all mediums - yet despite a flakey month, the cycle ends in weeks.


Allow your finances to straighten themselves out.

Allow your finances to straighten themselves out this month and factor in a waiting game, alteration or even a total u-turn with the money, house, business, flat, charity or possessions. Read fine print.

Life with (or for) your partner will not be straightforward. This also applies to former or potential partners - and to any feud or dispute. Steer well clear of the eclipse near the 8th for big choices.

Your brand, name, shape, face, style, image and/or reputation is also subject to a state of flux, so check the details and make allowances for an ever-changing plan, with x factors affecting you.

You will see dramatic changes with your family, house, flat, household, home town or homeland in December-January which are set up by the sudden new lack of time or tolerance, from week four.

You will breathe a deep sigh of relief near Christmas as the endless tests involving your money, lifestyle or security are over, yet until then, do understand that life is a constant dress rehearsal.


Image, appearance and reputation issues are fading.

Image, appearance and reputation issues are fading, with no more challenges by Christmas. Nevertheless, there is one final discussion or piece of paperwork ahead and it will take time.

There will be a to-and-fro process where your secrets, cover-up jobs and classified information is concerned. Make allowances for that when you plan. This also applies to any uncredited role.

The period around the 23rd is best avoided for your Me agenda, as you are unlikely to see what is really there, and you may prefer to choose another time for cosmetic surgery, P.R. launches etc.

From the final four days of the month, there is no more room for delay with necessary changes to the way you are heard or read; by January it’s a new ball game online, with media or publishing.

The period around October 6th is chaotic for so many people that you may wish to steer clear of really big decisions or meetings then. Nothing will be straightforward or simple so bear it in mind.


Friends and groups require forethought.

Friends and groups require forethought in October as you are very unlikely to have all the details you need to make smart choices and you will also find there is a waiting game, or even a u-turn.

The first ten days of October is not the time to join a new group, team, society, club or association - nor to schedule in meetings which could decide the future of such a tribe. Steer clear of that period.

Around the 23rd we have an eclipse which will do you no favours in terms of the secrets you cover up, the sneakier parts of your life, or any role where you are Miss Invisible. Skip choices then.

Despite the rather frustrating waiting games, reversals or changes which affect your most confidential concerns, or your least understood and visible role, life is simple after Christmas.

The closing days of October will raise the emotional temperature and turn up the speed where your  business interests, charity, money, house, flat or possessions are concerned; change is ahead.


October requires special handling.

October requires special handling, Capricorn, and there are easier times to make massive decisions about your career, house, university life, apartment, home town or homeland.

The eclipse on 8th October dominates that week and your ambition, mission and position is best judged and reshaped another time, as you are not being shown the full story; suspend choices.

The second eclipse on the 23rd and the peculiar behaviour of Mercury, the planet of communication and information, suggests a flakey time for groups and friends. Plan around it.

Despite the changes, delays or reversals affecting a group (anything from Twitter to a members’ club) and a friend (old or new) you can look forward to relief and release by Christmas Day.

Mars in Capricorn, your own sign, after the 26th will make your title, name, reputation, packaging, profile and personal appearance a white-hot issue with a tremendous change by January.


Travel and transportation may not be straightforward.

Is it the weather, the state of particular cars, trains, planes or bikes? Or is it just the craziest horoscope trends in months? In any case, have Plan B or insurance for commuting or travel.

Mercury, the planet of negotiation, information and communication is now swinging backwards and forwards in your horoscope and anything from strike action to flooding could affect your world.

You will be thrilled at the end of constant burdens surrounding your workplace, field, industry, business or course at Christmas but October is full of waiting games or delays so be aware.

Two eclipses will cover up what you (and everyone else) needs to know about their lives so this is a month when we all be flying blind. Bear that in mind when navigating your career or course.

Mars will change signs as October ends, setting up massive changes in December and January, when the secrets you keep, the sneaky schemes you pursue, or an invisible role - truly transforms.


Avoid October for sweeping financial decisions.

Avoid October for sweeping financial decisions. The sky will not fall on your head, but you are choosing a month full of flakey human behaviour, complications and blind spots to make choices.

Apart from purely monetary choices, you should also read the fine print and have alternatives waiting if you are pursuing house, flat, business, company or purchase/sale decisions. Can it wait?

Christmas brings the new era of relaxed travel, publishing, writing, teaching or study you deserve. Until then you must factor in a u-turn, waiting game or the chance of errors, affecting your life.

Be extremely cautious with foreign and regional UK people and places which are utterly unfamiliar to you, culturally or even in terms of dialect and language. You’re not being given the full story.

A dramatic change in the balance of power inside your group, society, team or Twitter tribe (for example) will alter your life by January and the situation will be set up at the end of October.