What do the stars have in store for you this October? Astrologer Jessica Adams has the answers to get you through Mercury Retrograde

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*Wait until after 24th October to draw conclusions (or swing into action) where your partner is concerned. This also applies to your former or potential partner. Changes, delays, reversals occur until then.

*If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then box clever and play for time until the final week of October as you will be on top of a changing game. Don’t necessarily trust what you hear (or read) from this person.

*It’s all about work in October. Success is a different matter and that will be more obvious to you near Christmas and New Year. In the meantime, if you make yourself indispensable, life will reward you.

*Your body is also a major green-light area in October. The right people are there to help you near the 17th, 21st, 25th. The maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’ strongly applies to you this month.

*After a moment of truth with your money, business, house, charity, possessions and/or apartment at the Full Moon near the 27th, you can move on. The bad old days are far behind you. Start thinking bigger.


*Save your sanity by allowing for delays, reversals and changes affecting work, or university, until 24th October. You will be pleased you had Plan B or were secretly allowing for this, by the final week.

*There will be demotions, sideways moves, promotions and other less official changes in the balance of power, after 27th October. A new arrangement in your workplace or university arrives by January 2016.

*Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner is entering a new stage which is lighter, brighter and easier. You have one more decision to make which will arrive near the 27th October.

*If you have an enemy, opponent or rival who has consumed you for the last year or two, the time has come to wave goodbye to this person (by the final week) or farewell an attitude which only depressed you.

*The next (younger) generation holds the magic key to growth, expansion, wholeness and fulfilment in your life. Babies, children or younger adults (or the plans surrounding them) work so well for you.


*You will now change your working life, or university commitment, or enjoy changes being foisted upon you. Avoid the 26th-28th for big decisions but enjoy the return of a person, organisation or project.

*To get the full benefit of a new atmosphere in your chosen field, business or profession you need rules. You are operating with personalities, projects or organisations which lack them. Find some!

*Take your time with life-changing decisions about your former, current or potential partner. You are going to have to pay for every choice you make, so weigh up the emotional cost realistically.

*Changeable, delayed or reversed situations involving children will sort themselves out from the 24th. This also applies to pregnancy, adoption, stepchildren and lovers who could make you an aunt if you married.

*Put your body first. The mind, body and spirit connection over the last two years was extremely hard work, but times are changing, solutions are appearing, answers are available - and the last week shows you why.


*Work, university life or unpaid work is tougher now, because you are being forced to deal with the realities of the field, profession or business you chose. Use the dates in the next section to help yourself.

*Bank on computers, the internet, multimedia, smart phones and/or publishing near the 17th, 21st, 25th which will help you so much. The technology, the people involved or the plans offer solutions; big pluses.

*The toughest cycle in three decades, affecting your love life and/or children is now over, and one final choice is required after a moment of truth near the 27th. November is a revelation. The past is now history.

*Please allow for changes, delays or even u-turns affecting your house, family, flat, home town, homeland and/or household in October. After the 24th you will know exactly where you stand in precise detail.

*The global financial crisis is now over and you will be affected through six degrees of separation. From the 27th a new financial, property or business arrangement must be built - finished by 2016.


*Contain and control things with your money, business, house, charity, possessions and/or flat all month. Put boundaries back in with people or organisations, if you lost them. Don’t have them? Do install them.

*Take full advantage of opportunities and solutions with your finances, company, property near the 17th, 21st and 25th. You will make or save a fortune by September 2016 if you start now. Find your way through.

*Have Plan B for your internet, commuting, travel and general communication and transport agenda until the 24th of October. This strongly applies to publishing, multimedia, trains, planes and buses.

*You will need to share the controls very differently with your former, current or potential partner from the 27th of October. Give yourself until the end of January 2016 to compromise over territory or time.

*New realities involving children, stepchildren, pregnancy, adoption and the loaded question of planned parenthood (yes or no?) will take time to accept. Take your time and weigh up all the factors carefully.


*Unless you ground your relationship with your former, current or potential partner in reality, you may find yourself all at sea during October. Boundaries will help. Put them in, or even - restore them.

*The world is coming out of the toughest economic cycle in 29 years and it will take time to adjust. Allow until 24th October as there will be delays, changes or reversals affecting your money, property, business.

*After the 27th of October you will hear about (or read about) massive changes to come, between now and January, affecting your chosen field, course, business or industry. Expect reshuffles. And get in there.

*The Full Moon on the 27th (allow a day either side) directly impacts your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or education agenda. Skip that period for major decisions but do take on board what you’re shown.

*With five horoscope factors in Virgo, your own sign, you are slowly getting used to the idea that your brand, personal appearance, internet profile and reputation does the work for you. Keep researching this.


*Sidestep harem scenarios with your former, current or potential partner this month. From little girls to older women - from love rivals to your mother-in-law - strive for sisterhood and solidarity all round.

*A totally new arrangement involving questions about children, pregnancy, fertility, contraception, future aunt/uncle status or adoption will begin from 27th October and be in place by January 2016.

*Your secrets are the key to everything in October. You are either operating behind the scenes, hibernating - or covering something up. It’s an alternative world, all of your own, and it works well for you.

*Do get real about your working life and remember that boundaries have vanished in recent months. A normal sense of time and space and some real-world relationships with sensible barriers will truly help.

*If your body has you all confused, or if your approach to your body is confusing your doctor, nutritionist, trainer or healer - you know it’s time to sort things out. Challenges taken on board now help later.


*With Vesta and Vulcano in your work zone, October is not the month to mix feelings and projects, or sex and schedules. It’s easy to sidestep sexist scenarios at work or university. Bond with the sisterhood instead.

*For your own peace of mind, depend on the fact that your secret life (or role behind the scenes) will not be firmly sorted out until the 24th. Until then, your invisible efforts or confidential concerns will zig-zag.

*Avoid the Full Moon period around the 26th, 27th, 28th October for major decisions about your former, current or potential partner. There is inner conflict (inside you or someone else) which is not helpful.

*There is one answer to your question about children, pregnancy, stepchildren, godchildren, young relatives or the question of planned (or unplanned) parenthood. The answer is Boundaries with a capital B.

*Do you have an enemy, rival or opponent on your mind? Things will come to a head in the final week of October then quickly vanish from your agenda. Do not add to the situation then. Try to keep it simple.


*The world of babies, children, teenagers or serious relationships (which could make you an aunt or parent one day) needs firm  handling. Avoid sexist scenarios or love triangles like the plague.

*The Full Moon on the 27th will show you what does not add up about your working life, work ethic, daily routine and lifestyle. This is incredibly useful and will only help your success by 2016.

*You would be mad not to use the people or situation near the 17th, 21st and 25th to help you achieve your ambitions. You may want more status, a better job, a more prestigious result  - but do reach out for it.

*The secret side of yourself and your life? Your uncredited, invisible role? You will operate below the radar in a totally different way this month, with one sign-off decision in the final week.

*Your group will be vulnerable to rescheduling, reversals, delays, computer errors, flakey phone malfunction, missed transport connections and the rest until the 24th. Bear that fully in mind.


*The Full Moon on 27th October (allow a day either side) will show you an incomplete jigsaw where babies or children are concerned. Take your time. This also applies to serious lovers. Save big choices for later.

*Be extremely cautious with new arrangements which focus you on secrets, classified information or confidential matters. Find out more. Be a realist. This also applies to any part you play behind the scenes.

*The whole world is coming out of the heaviest economic cycle in 29 years and the wheels are turning with your cashflow, house, business, possessions or apartment. A new deal must be struck from the 27th.

*Allow one situation affecting your career, university life or other role to play itself out with all the usual delays, reversals or changes of Mercury Retrograde. By October 24th you know exactly what’s what.

*The world is taking a serious, heavy new reality check about airlines, foreign ties, publishing, the internet and education. You stand to gain. Seize your moment near the 17th, 21st, 25th Capricorn and use it.


*The Full Moon near 27th October is the last hurdle you jump with your job, unpaid work or university life before you can trust in a new future. Gone are the stuck, slow or stagnant situations since 2013.

*Allow for reversals, delays or changes affecting your travel, foreign, internet, publishing and/or education agenda until 24th October. Have insurance and double check. Have Plan B. We’re in a whole new world.

*So many groups, bands, teams, political parties, societies, unions and associations will go through massive changes at the top between now and January 2016, you will be affected. Be a realist about your plans.

*You must use the periods around the 17th, 21st and 25th to make or save money, or cash in kind, as you will be in a fantastic position to fix an issue or run with a big opportunity. For some, a property is the key.

*As the global financial crisis slowly disappears from view, there will be initial confusion which also affects you. One cash, house, business, charity or apartment situation is already fuzzy enough. Set boundaries.


*Move forward with your former, current or potential partner as you are in the right time, and the right place, with the right person. You two can achieve stunning symmetry near the 17th, 21st and 25th.

*If your merger, marriage, divorce, separation or new de facto relationship revolves around money talk, or possessions, property or a business - allow until after October 24th for the last detail to be final.

*The world is coming out of an economic hangover which will take until the end of October to complete. You’ll have a far better idea of where you stand after the Full Moon in Taurus on the 27th of October.

*Take your time and do your research before you get any further into a career or university commitment which first appeared in December 2014 or September 2015. New option? Again, do serious research first.

*A stellium in Pisces, your own sign, reminds you to always look at matters of publicity, internet profile, name, reputation and personal appearance first when you have questions. The answer is hidden there.