From your love life to your living situation, find out what Jessica Adams predicts for your star sign as we head into September

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Your happiness in love in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2016 depends on micro-decisions made now. Key discussions and decisions will unfold with, or for, your partner in September. In other cases your former partner or a potential soulmate will be involved. Please make allowances for the discussion to be uncertain and unfinished. The plans to waver or change. The paperwork to be adjusted later, or even scrapped. It’s Mercury!

Aries, if you have an enemy, opponent or rival then I hope you have been aware of the Mercury Retrograde cycle dates on my website since the start of this year, so you have deliberately chosen to avoid September and October for peace settlements, lawsuits, court cases or battles royal. If you must go ahead this month, try to play this like protracted ping-pong. Stretch it out until 24th October and allow for reversals or waiting games along the way.

The release and relief of no longer having to concern yourself (constantly) with the realities of your financial position, property situation, business interests, debts, cash-flow and so on will be immense now. From the final fortnight of September the heaviest and most relentless cycle in three decades is over. As the month draws to a close, you have decisions to make about your career, ambitions, position, employers, staff, clients, colleagues.

It is extremely important that you do not just stumble into choices about your university degree, website, book, teaching role, travel plans, export ideas or foreign involvements now. You will not be able to avoid some heavy, binding decision about the same, but you can choose the right journey within the criss-cross of possible pathways on the map. Find out what others now know, or are hired to advise upon. Be uber-cautious about commiting.

With Vesta and Vulcano in Aries, and also an eclipse in your sign, your reputation, profile, image and personal appearance is unusually significant now. In fact, it does the work for you (or could undo the good work you have done). You know that none of this stuff is real, yet do be mindful of your publicity, online personality, photographs, film or television footage at the eclipse near the 27th, 28th, 29th which is not a good time for big choices.


Just how quickly can your life change? Astrology will show you in September, as you will no longer have to wince, adjust, compromise and take it, where your love life is concerned. This also applies to former or potential partners. You are in the clear from 18th September, Taurus.  More importantly, big wheels are turning with children, stepchildren, fertility, adoption or your future status as an aunt by marriage. Pursue answers.

If ever there was a reminder to put in firm boundaries with your friends, or other people in the group, September is it! You have been through so much muddle since February 2012 but now is the time to separate yourself from people or situations which leave you feeling all at sea. If you can’t move away entirely (because your team or committee involves contracts) then at least insist on clear road rules and road signs, not least for yourself.

Mercury is Retrograde and you must have alternatives ready and a sensible anticipation of delays, u-turns, waiting games or rescheduling with work. This also applies to unpaid work, housework and university life. You may be affected by everything from strike action to uncooperative computers by 24th October so be prepared. If you need firm outcomes and answers where your body is concerned, commit to several informed opinions, not just one.

You are well-known for your approach towards money, business, charity, property and (the bottom line) your personal value system. For this reason, the choices you must make about your finances in the final fortnight of September will run deep. You need to seek expertise at this time, as once you are on a particular pathway with your debts, salary, investments, company or taxation by October you are committed. What is involved?

Others around you have been quite confronted by your sneaky or secret plots and plans since 2011 when Uranus moved into the area of your horoscope associated with clandestine activity. Now you know what to do, as well as not what to do. This is important, as the 27th, 28th, 29th of September coincide with an eclipse. Try to avoid sweeping decisions or life-changing choices about what you cover up, or do illicitly, near that time.


There is so much movement now with your flatmate, close relative, tenant, landlord or builder - wheels are turning and improvement is on the way. If you are more concerned with the actual house, apartment, local council or even national issue - the appropriate authority will be open to you. Just avoid the eclipse period on the 12th, 13th, 14th September as you will find the full picture is obscured. Overall, though, a happier home life is coming.

You are now moving out of a most unusual, downright peculiar phase in your career or other role. A situation which could only have occurred every 29 years is over on 18th September.  Your immediate task must be to clarify, contain and control what has been going on professionally - or perhaps to head for clearer waters. The sense of relief and release, given what you have put up with over the last two years, should be extraordinary by October.

Please allow plenty of time and space for ‘rewrites’ of your experiences with your son, daughter, godchildren or young relatives. You may also want to clear a wide berth for first and second attempts at final outcomes with youth markets, junior demographics or the concerns of a younger generation. Naturally, a lover who could make you pregnant, a stepmother or even an aunt one day may be part of the story. Not until 24th October is this final.

Machinations with your friends, and with a club, team, society, association or other formal group (like a political party) are easily avoided once the women choose solidarity over competition for His Approval. Social media in particular could be a seething minefield in September. Play it lightly and cleverly and avoid the eclipse near September 27th, 28th, 29th for sweeping choices about friendship or the network as very little is clear to you then.

I have left the most important message until last. You must avoid a difficult and binding situation with your former, current or potential partner (or for them) in the final fortnight of September. This also applies to enemies, opponents or rivals. On no account just stumble into a situation unprepared as you must do your homework, ask questions and be a total realist about your decision. Of all the hard-work options, please choose the proven one.


You are ruled by the Moon and are more affected by eclipses than the other signs of the zodiac. Avoid September 27th, 28th, 29th for significant choices about your career, university life or unpaid work. You may feel you should choose a fork in the road then, but you will not be shown all the facts you need to see. Long-term, your success will be defined by freedom and independence, Cancer, and you will have a lot of that to enjoy into 2016.

This is a milestone period for your way with words, ideas and images. What you learn - the skills you develop - and the concepts you showcase, will move everything in your life forward for years. Of course, you have to take every opportunity and pursue every solution. Avoid the eclipse near September 12th, 13th, 14th as nothing is clear, yet be ready for useful changes at both ends of the month - the very start, and the very end.

A completely new phase in your relationship with a former, current or potential partner is coming, as Saturn leaves the emotional sign of Scorpio and powerful Pluto and Ceres change direction in your opposite sign of Capricorn. Children, step-children, fertility or adoption will no longer be such a hard-work area for you. What must now happen is a remix of the soundtrack you two have been playing so far. Or even a brand new song.

I am hoping you know all about the Mercury Retrograde cycle from Get The Gloss live lunches and my own website. Naturally you have known about the house, apartment, flatmate, family, local council or national issues to come for months, so you have made a point of avoiding September and October for major changes. The sky will not fall, Cancer, but you will hit delays and reversals, and human and technical error. Read the fine print so carefully.

Please make your choices about food, drink, lifestyle, daily routine, doctors, healers and your body in general with great caution. The road you put yourself on, in the final fortnight of September, will be hard to get off. Of course you will need to accept some unavoidable realities then. There is a great deal to be said for casual internet forums, first-hand experience from those you trust and folks wisdom - along with expert and proven opinion.


Your money, business, property, charity and/or possessions is up for inspection. You gain from a solution or opportunity near the 2nd then see a way to be free near the 9th. Avoid the eclipse on the 12th-14th for big decisions as you won’t see the whole story. After the 19th there is a way to protect the future. After the 25th you need a long-term strategy. Near the 28th a huge open door or major answer for any issues presents itself.

Ever since February 2012 when Neptune changed signs, your taxation, mortgage, credit card, company, shares, business, rent, will or loan has been a source of confusion as the usual rules, limits or boundaries have been non-existent. This is your best chance in 12 years to benefit from a brand new cycle designed to show you that you can inhabit a different reality to other people or organisations, yet also gain. You’ll save or make a fortune.

Your internet, multimedia, publishing or other words/ideas priorities will go through one dress rehearsal after another now. Use your horoscope to make a series of attempts or drafts of your concept, no matter which medium you use for your ‘voice’. This also applies to songwriting, public speaking (like teaching) or writing. If you must plunge into so-called final attempts before October 24th make allowances for delays or changes within eight weeks.

Avoid September 27th, 28th, 29th for major choices about your foreign, travel, internet, publishing or educational agenda as the total lunar eclipse will conceal more than it reveals. This area of your life is a source of deep emotion and possible complication in September, thanks to Vesta and Vulcano. The trick is to avoid harem situations where one male manipulates yourself and one or more women. If you can’t avoid them, manage them.

After Friday 18th September you have choices to make about your children, godchildren or young relatives. About youth markets, junior demographics or a much younger generation. About lovers who could make you an aunt, stepmother or mum one day. The champagne atmosphere this month will lose its fizz just like Bollinger and soon you will be left with hard realities to deal with. Make these life-altering micro-choices extremely carefully, Leo.


The situation which stalled or reversed with your children will finally move forward as September closes. This also applies to babies, pregnancy, teenagers, youth demographics and young audiences. Lovers who could make you a mother or aunt one day are an obvious pointer to this cycle too. What failed to develop or resolve itself in recent weeks will intensify as October draws closer and within months a new set-up will be in place.

After Friday 18th September, the decisions you make about your house, relative, flatmate, landlord, apartment, local area and/or country will be with you for months. Do not go into any situation without remembering old wives’ tales (which can sometimes give you the truth) or checking the folk wisdom of the internet, against professional advice - and vice versa. Do not rent out your property to strangers without consulting landlord websites.

The most staggering relaunch in years is now firmly underway, and every detail you put together about your name, face, body, persona, profile or reputation will work in a wonderful tapestry, complete next year. Start stitching this image of the new you, near these useful dates - September 2nd, 9th, 19th, 25th, 28th.  Avoid the eclipse on the 12th-14th for big decisions as it will conceal more than it shows you. Otherwise, game on!

I hope you have your Mercury Retrograde dates tucked away in your diary as I published these some months ago on my website. Your financial, business, charity, retail, shopping and/or taxation situation will go backwards and forwards until October 24th. Of course some people do very nicely out of share market flux or ever-changing prices on eBay! If you are unsure, though, please read the fine print. If property is involved get pro opinions.

Vesta and Vulcano in Aries suggest your life is about more than just the pounds, dollars, house, apartment, company, salary, possessions or business in question. It is about the price you put on peace of mind and emotional equilibrium. What would you pay, not to have to compete with other girls or women, for male acceptance, approval or favouritism? I’m sure you would pay a lot. So don’t go there in the first place. If it wears a tie, work around it.


To avoid wasting your time and precious energy on avoidable issues with (or for) your partner, read on. This also applies to your former partner or a potential lover. On no account play the Princess Diana/Camilla Parker-Bowles game this month. If the issue is his daughters, mother or other female family members, stick to Feminism 101 and side with them, rather than compete with them. A sense of humour will work wonders as well.

Mercury is retrograde in Libra, your own sign, until he finally leaves the shadow on October 24th. Your own personal appearance, name, profile, publicity, online reputation or advertising will be subject to flux.  To avoid flux-up situations make allowances for anything from printing errors to poor communication. A common-sense approach is to have alternatives available and read the ‘Me’  fine print. Back up words and images, be prepared.

You will soon discover that every single person or set-up sent to you in the last few months, is destined to improve your psyche, spirit and inner world. If yoga, meditation, dream work, therapy or counselling has called you, answer the call. In other cases, you may be in an elite group of Libra women who are tempted to pour energy into uncredited, invisible, unacknowledged plans - or to consciously cover up a tremendous secret. It all works very well.

After Friday 18th September promise yourself that when it comes to communication, the internet, the telephone, hearing/listening, speech, language, teaching/learning, writing, multimedia and publishing - you will be your own best advisor. A rather new situation will be evident as October draws closer and you must do your homework. You will need a strategy. Denial is not a river in Egypt, as the poet said. What works for others?

The situation with your family, house, flat, local council, nationality/nation or household will deepen and intensity towards the end of the month. This is useful as you need to know where you stand and what to do. A tremendous compromise will be reached within months. You are so famous for your sense of fair play. If it comes down to time-sharing, or a new way to allocate the controls, so be it. The main thing is to move on new momentum.


2015 has been an intriguing year for you professionally, or at university - or with unpaid work. A brilliant woman or female-dominated organisation will show you the way forward in September. Try to pursue that, rather than the gender politics which surrounds one project, task or role. This is not the Playboy Mansion and the male in question is not Mr. Hefner. Even if it’s not a sexually charged situation, you should still seek female solidarity.

The simple answer to every new friend, old friend and group since June has been ‘Yes’ as your instincts told you that these people - or this network - was the right thing for you. Now you will see how destiny works, as you are swept up in the most enjoyable decisions. Don’t just use this for Twitter popularity or kudos in the social pages. There is real people power to be tapped in this circle. It’s like Henry V into the breach, or maybe Elastica.

Your ruling planet Pluto changes direction now, in your zone of media, internet, writing, publishing, and spoken-word projects. This same horoscope zone also rules multimedia and even songwriting. All change! Nothing has progressed as it should for months, but as October comes into view, you need to set aside classic Scorpio questions about control and instead accept a whole new situation where you give and take. A lot.

Dealing with all the ‘Me’ issues about your photographs, in-the-flesh impact, reputation, name, age, weight/height and the rest has been ridiculously tough. Who knew that the exterior would influence the interior so much? Well, now you can relax. Saturn is out of Scorpio for 29 years, in the final fortnight of September. And you’ll have your karmic rewards in 2017-2018 when you’ve never looked better or been so popular and esteemed.

The art of managing your money, rent, mortgage, debts, cash-flow, shares or company now comes down to a  mixture of streetwise discoveries made by other people in your situation - and the wisdom of the financial professionals. There is no way you can avoid basic realities, so evident in the final two weeks of September. However you can make your situation so much better by promising yourself you will do some practical research.


Your money, house, apartment, business, tax, company and/or possessions has been in a holding pattern with no real breakthroughs or progress. This changes dramatically as October comes into view and you’ll see why a compromise is the only answer, by the end of the year. There will be a division of time, energy, cash or terms, but most importantly, a far more productive way for all concerned to share the controls.

Make decisions which will affect your image, profile, personal appearance, publicity, name or title extremely cautiously as Saturn prepares to move into Sagittarius until 2017. Decisions made too quickly or without full thought could come to weigh heavily later, so use the final fortnight of September to explore the options. What have others discovered before you? What obvious pitfalls can you think of? Do your homework on cosmetic surgery in depth.

You are now well on your way to the greatest achievements and accomplishments in years, thanks to your instinctive decision to pursue particular people or organisations which turned up for the first time this year. Do not think small.  Skip the eclipse period on the 12th, 13th, 14th but do look at that inspiring person or organisation which shows you how easy it is to be genuinely independent, within her/their chosen field.

September is a very good month to look at the rather muddled situation which has surrounded your house, family, apartment, home town, household and/or country for months. Two events in particular will draw your attention to the total lack of boundaries with a close relative, or his/her confused and confusing approach. This may also apply to a person or organisation affecting your property, home or neighbourhood. Put some walls in.

Vesta, Vulcano and an eclipse all reach your life as a parent, step-parent or future mum or aunt, this month. If your major concern is with young adults as a whole, or children, then it’s a big-picture story. Skip the eclipse period on the 27th, 28th, 29th for major choices as nothing is clear or complete. On no account let a man (or even a little boy, or male teenager) manipulate a situation which involves you and one or more other females. Try feminism.


The situation affecting your career, university life or unpaid work so much, is rather like wheels turning backwards and forwards. You have to accommodate a situation which occasionally gets stuck, and sometimes jerks sideways or backwards. This will be the case until 24th October so read contractual obligations very carefully for the ramifications of delays, cancellations or changes. In all negotiations allow for a lot of ping-pong.

If you are sincere about wanting so much more from distant regions of Britain, Europe, America, Australasia - or even more exotic places - you will continue to snap up solutions and opportunities as they appear. You may want the holiday of a lifetime, an emerging market overseas, work-related trips or just the chance to work in another town or city. If you are really ambitious then you will have your eyes on outer space. And it will deliver.

Avoid the 27th, 28th, 29th for judgement calls about your family, house, property investment, local area, country, apartment and/or household. You will see why your ancestors at Stonehenge took eclipses seriously then, as these are ancient warnings of obscured truths and hidden facts! For the rest of the month, your priority should be to figure out male-female politics and make it work. A healthy sense of humour will help you navigate it all.

Nothing has really progressed as it should with your publicity, brand, name, image, advertising, personal appearance, style, shape and so on. The reason for this is a rather stuck Pluto cycle, yet as October draws closer, wheels will finally turn. You do have some big decisions to make about who or what controls the way you are seen - and the way you appear. Who or what do you believe is in control of ‘Me’ these days? How are you going to make it work?

Please be extremely careful with secretive plans, cover-up jobs, sneaky moves and clandestine activities. You will pay a very heavy price if you deliberately conceal something you are not supposed to be doing. You will become sharply aware of this in the final fortnight of September, when you can easily sidestep the situation. Astrology is about taking the right journey, with a clear map. If you don’t want to end up in Private Eye, don't do it


The Venus-Mars conjunction in your opposite sign of Leo tells you to allow more time to decide, where your opposite number is concerned. This may be your opponent, but it is more likely to be your former, current or potential partner. Fortunately there will be very clever advice on hand, from a person or organisation which others respect and trust. Ask yourself if you really want your relationships to run like 1950’s Hollywood. Answers wait.

Take a deep breath before you commit to your friends, or a group project, in the closing days of September. You do have time to wriggle out of this, or perhaps reshape the involvement. Even if the atmosphere is Bacchanalian to begin with, reality will soon set in. You do not want to be lumbered with the realities of being part of this friendship, political party, band, committee, trade union or similar in 2016. Be tactical and do your homework carefully.

The heaviest cycle in 29 years affecting your ambitions, status and success in life is history in the final fortnight of September. It will never be this onerous again, Aquarius. You made milestone decisions, to manage and cope, and the delightful thing about this cycle is that by this time next year, you will see how they actually added to your long-term accomplishments. In fact, the promotion, award or great new role in 2017-2018 owes much to this.

Make a conscious decision to set aside part of your income, spending, property, taxation, business interests or investment as a very special area, ring-fenced with sensible measures - yet one in which there are no rules, no realities and no regulations. This will give you the escape you need. Avoid the eclipse periods for major decisions as the numbers or facts will be blotted out from view. This occurs around September 12th, 13th, 14th.

Mercury, the planet of travel, the internet, multimedia, negotiation, the post, information and communication appears to be moving backwards and forwards, and even freezing, until 24th October. Plan accordingly. I am hoping you read the warning dates several months ago on my website. If you must go full-tilt into trips away, foreign language negotiations, export, education, academia or publishing please allow for delays and changes.


You want, need and deserve harmony in your life, either with a person who you feel has treated you so unfairly - or with a person who you trust will complete you. No matter if you are pursuing justice or an exquisite kind of chemistry with a special man (or woman) please follow the stepping stones. Each of them marks out an incredible new pathway full of hope for the future. If you are obstructing your own path, you’ll see it. And fix it, too.

The eclipse is the only part of this new path with the person against you, or the person who should be with you (or so much closer to you). Avoid big judgements on the situation on the 12th, 13th, 14th but consciously use every lesson, opportunity or solution which comes your way. Ask yourself what the two of you want and need from each other, and the world. If the issue is deep unfairness, ask yourself what would restore the balance.

Make choices about your career, unpaid work or university life very cautiously in the final fortnight as Saturn is now moving into Sagittarius, the sign which rules your ambition and place in the world. You will be dealing with the most slow, stuck people or trends for at least 12 months and possibly more. The issue is, what can you take on board (or whom) and what can you not afford to tangle with? Seek professional and street feedback.

You have patiently learned so much the hard way about publishing, the internet, travel, foreign people and places, university life or education in 2013 and 2014. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and spend the final fortnight of September remembering what it was like, to not always anticipate a problem. Nothing is wasted in astrology and you will put your experiences to spectacular use in 2017 and 2018 when you hit the heights.

Your financial, business and property zones are crossed by eclipses and also Mercury Retrograde in September. Do you stay in bed with the covers over your head? Absolutely not, but you do get things in writing, then read the fine print very carefully. You may also want to avoid the eclipse period of September 27th, 28th, 29th when nothing is clear,  fully explained or completely shown. Allow for delays, changes, reversals to October 24th.