From the workout shorts that are so soft you could sleep in them to the leave-in conditioner that gets post-gym hair (and extensions) looking swishy, GTG's fitness writer Kerry reveals the latest fitness and beauty buys she's loving

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Hello, hello! Someone here at Get The Gloss has made the mistake of letting me loose on my very own column, so I’ll be here every few weeks (alternating in the hotseat with my esteemed colleagues, editorial director Victoria Woodhall and beauty director SJ Corfield-Smith) to tell you everything about my favourite new discoveries.

I’ve been writing about health, fitness, wellbeing and beauty for newspapers and glossy magazines for two decades so I’ve developed a sixth sense for what is good… and what is marketing guff. Speaking of which, I’m allergic to all things woo-woo. If Gywneth Paltrow likes it, I probably don’t so please don’t buy me a crystal for Christmas. What I do like, though, is a fitness challenge (GMB TV presenter Susanna Reid got me into one that involved spending 23 minutes outside everyday earlier this year) and targeted solutions for health problems. For example, as a runner cursed with arthritis in my big toes, I spent a couple of years looking into what might help and discovered that turmeric and collagen supplements were game-changers for me.

I’m also hugely optimistic about the power of exercise and sport to improve our lives and our communities – in fact I co-wrote a book on this very subject called All To Play For: How Sport Can Reboot Our Future, with sports industry expert Matt Rogan, which – forgive the trumpet blowing but no one else will do it - was nominated for a Sunday Times Sports Book Award last year.

What else? Alongside the running, I lift weights, play tennis and do yoga to counteract a job spent sitting on my bum, so I’m forever in workout gear. But I’m not exactly the Green Goddess (a reference there for our more mature readers). A reformed ‘90s raver/ club kid and former music journalist, I still have a hedonistic streak, despite now being a sensible (hmmm) mother-of-two. These days I’m all about balance – and I'm always up for trying out a hangover cure.

I’ll be back anon, in the meantime you can find me on Instagram @kerrylouisepotter. Ready? Let’s do this…

New fitness gear? Great idea!

When it comes to workouts, I’m good at pushing myself out of my comfort zone physically – be it attempting a PB deadlift or throwing myself into a new sport (I’m currently learning to play padel). But when it comes to my kit? Not so much. I always reach for the same boring black leggings and vests from the same big brands. Not this week though – here I am in Villa Shorts, £65, and Villa Tank , £70, both in Pistachio by Vuori, a sustainable, indie, LA activewear brand. The recycled polyester fabrics are insanely soft – I would happily wear this set as PJs too. Never underestimate the feelgood factor of new fitness gear.


Recycled trainers that give Nike a (10k) run for their money

In the same vein, I’ve mixed things up when it comes to running trainers too, retiring my battered Nike Vaporflys for something different. I only knew Allbirds as a sustainable fashion trainer brand (glossy mag editors love ’em) but it turns out they now do proper sports shoes too. The newly launched Tree Flyer 2, £150, has all the things I like – a highly cushioned sole, a lug with decent grip and a flexible knitted upper. But it’s also made from eucalyptus tree fibre and recycled plastic bottles - and is a whopping £85 cheaper than my usual Nikes. I threw the Allbirds in at the deep end with a 10k run and they performed impeccably.


A conditioning spray from an upcoming brand with purpose

I recently had hair extensions for volume so have been forced into looking after my hair more carefully, to avoid Wurzel Gummidge vibes. As I can’t use any products containing sulphates, I’ve branched out from my autopilot supermarket buys. Fable & Mane Mahamane Detangling Leave-In Conditioner, £28, containing aloe vera, amla (Indian gooseberry) and red hibiscus, not only softens my hair but is has the dreamiest fragrance of any hair product I’ve ever come across. Brand founders Nikita and Akash Mehta (millennial siblings who are mentored by family friend and veteran wellbeing guru Deepak Chopra) tap into the hair rituals of their Indian heritage with great aplomb. Good eggs, they also raise funds for big cat conservation.


Try a mother/ daughter mani

To the Beauty Club social salon, tucked away behind Oxford Circus, for a mother/daughter London jaunt that doesn’t involve the Natural History Museum (now 14, Molly has been there, done that many times). With its kitsch interiors – all disco balls and neon light art – Beauty Club appeals to TikToking teens, while the flawlessly executed treatments (nails, blow dries, tape hair extensions) and cocktails keep adults happy. We had manicures, £42 for normal polish, £50 for gel, with a cheeky mocktail, £5. It’s also a great shout for hen parties or a spot of pre-night out pampering.


Test your functional fitness

Built To Move, £18.99, by American husband-and-wife fitness experts Kelly and Juliet Starrett focuses on how to keep your body as mobile as possible, to allow you to stay active as you get older. As someone very keen not be the future granny who can’t get out of her armchair, this is right up my street. There’s a series of tests to try – can you, for example, get up off the floor, from sitting, without using your arms? – and loads of practical advice.


Basic but not boring eyeshadow

I have an irrational fear of eye shadow palettes – they look pretty but they’re just so overwhelming. What do you do with all those colours? But I can get on board with Merit’s new Solo Shadow eyeshadow range (£26 each). The cult US brand is catnip for busy women and I can see why. I just swipe a fingertip of one of the cream-to-powder single pots across my lids (I like the matte, neutral beigey-browns Studio and Vachetta) and I’m done. Sometimes simple is best.


A sunshine-bringing spa range

Spare a thought for those of us who aren’t enjoying a holiday in exotic climes this summer, which – but of course - has turned out to be the wettest in years. Between drying out my brolly and hate-scrolling everyone’s Ibiza trips on Insta, I’ve been consoling myself with Bertioli, the beauty range from Cotswolds’ spa Thyme, which is fragranced with the most delicious mint, thyme and apple blossom blend named Water Meadow. It’s essentially summer, bottled. I especially like the Hand & Body Lotion, £35, which sounds expensive but comes in a chic yet hefty 500ml matte glass bottle. Even when it’s a washout outside, in my mind I’m frolicking in a field.


New season, new Chanel nail shades

I don’t yet want to talk about autumn encroaching but will make an exception for Chanel’s new season nail polishes, £29 each, which launch this week, as the brand’s new shades tend to set the fashion tone for the months ahead. Été Indien is an orange, with a slightly muted feel, as fitting a last-gasp Indian summer (let’s hope we get one), while Bois des Îles is essentially an autumn version of Rouge Noir, with richer, browner tones.


The addictive new foot beautifier

OK, it’s time to get sexy. I’d like to introduce you to my new Margaret Dabbs Electronic Callus Remover (£35) Don’t worry, I won’t show you any grim footage of it removing manky skin so you’ll have to trust me that, as you’d expect from London’s top foot guru, it works. My running-induced calluses are dust in seconds. It’s basically a rotating roller file that does all the hard work for you. And it’s weirdly addictive – would you like me to remove yours?