As the new face of IT Cosmetics, author and Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain shares her exact skincare and makeup routine: from the 'magic' plumping serum to her weekly skin buffing rules and the shade behind her signature red lip

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We know and love her for her comforting sweet treats and down-to-earth sense of humour, but did you know that Bake Off Star and author Nadiya Hussain, 37, is also seriously into her makeup and skincare? And she has just been named the new ambassador of IT Cosmetics.

Following the publication of her seventh cookbook, Nadiya’s Everyday Baking, and launch of the new beauty campaign - Nadiya’s first ever - we caught up with the busy mum-of-three to find out which hardworking skincare products are behind her glowing complexion. Spoiler alert: the brand's now-cult CC+ Cream and ultra-hydrating Confidence In a Cream both feature, as does its plumping serum, which she describes as "magic." 

“We all find confidence in different ways, I find my boldness in being different, being unique and knowing that there is only one of me," Nadiya says. "For everyone reading this there is only one of you! It is not always easy to celebrate the thing that makes you different. It has always been my skin. The colour that my body is enveloped in has made me feel excluded and unsure of the thing that I am most proud of today. To find a product that not only allows me to wear my skin with even more confidence but also makes me feel prouder of who I am, is the kind of campaign that I want to put my face to.”

Plus, Nadiya breaks down her weekly exfoliation rules, the exact Mac shade behind her signature red lip (can you guess?) and the £9 secret behind her megawatt smile. She also shares the daily wellness practices that keep her grounded - Nadiya has spoken candidly about her mental health issues in the past, last year starring in a BBC documentary in which she discussed her experiences with anxiety and panic attacks since childhood.

Read on for a sneak peek inside Nadiya Hussain's daily beauty and wellness routine. 

Nadiya Hussain's typical working day

"The first thing I do when I wake up is walk into my office and turn off my alarm, so it doesn’t wake the entire household too early. I charge my phone away from my bed as a rule. I wake up, brush my teeth and perform ablution ready for prayer. I pray as soon as the sun is up and that changes every day by the minute. 

"I'll go down and make a cup of tea - English breakfast with honey and a splash of milk - and drink it before the kids are up. When the kids are off to school, I'll head into my office and do a few hours of work. During my lunch break, I take my lunch with me on a walk around the woods and eat it on a bench halfway near the edge of a lake. It's usually a salad or sandwich. 

"Once I'm home, I'll get dinner sorted, then it's back up to work either in the office or testing recipes. I hard out at 5pm - as a rule I finish all the work I have to do by then."

Nadiya Hussain's weekend

"We make pancakes with all the toppings every Saturday morning, followed by a long walk in the woods. Then we spend a lot of Saturday, either seeing family at our house or theirs. 

"Sundays we clean the house as a family and do the laundry ready for Monday. We do this all to our cleaning playlist on, on Spotify.  We'll usually spend the tail end of Sunday eating a nice curry and finish the weekend off with all the kids in bed and me watching a movie!"

Nadiya Hussain's beauty routine

"I have a strict yet simple skincare routine. I cleanse morning and night and I exfoliate twice a week. I like to moisturise using an oil first then a thicker cream on top. I  also like to moisturise my hands and feet within my skincare routine and I use my kansa copper wand to massage my face every night. I only wear makeup if I’m working, but I always have my brows done and eyelashes curled."

Nadiya Hussain's daily wellness routine

"Good sleep makes for a better day. I always make sure I'm in bed as soon as I've done my last prayer - in the winter that can be as early as 8.30pm. 

"Going for a long walk every day, having two meat-free days a week and drinking two litres of water every day are important to me." 

The best piece of advice I’ve been given...

"Look after yourself from the inside and it will show on the outside."

Nadiya Hussain’s 10 Beauty Essentials

"As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and is constantly on the go, for me the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream is the perfect product. It’s a hybrid mix of makeup and skincare and has SPF 50 so it really does it all! It leaves my skin feeling and looking luminous and fresh and is so quick and easy to apply."

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"The IT Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream is my go-to day moisturiser. It has so many skincare benefits, I'll wear it year-round. I know with this product I’ve got hydration, comfort, anti-ageing ingredients and a great makeup base all in one."

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"The perfect hydration for lips and great to use as a brow gel."

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Serum, was £21 now £16.80

"This serum is magic. I apply it before makeup and it just transforms my skin, nicely plumping out any lines between my brows and around my eyes."

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"My favourite going ‘out out’ red lipstick!"

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"As I mentioned regular exfoliation is an important step in my skincare routine. I use this once, maybe twice a week. It’s a gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and really leaves your skin glowing after just two minutes."

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"This gel has mega hold, as someone with thick brows it works really well to keep them in place."

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"This is my go-to pencil eyeliner that does not budge and stays on all day. I really like that it comes in a variation of great colours."

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"This is really great to use just before I go out, to just give my teeth a once over and remove any surface stains."

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"My favourite perfume and scent of choice. It's subtle and slightly sweet."

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