As the UK's supermarkets have a 'mare after it's revealed they've sold beef burgers containing horsemeat, Kiran Branch finds out how to know what's safe

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As you ponder what to cook for supper this evening, you might want to ask yourself 'Do I want horsemeat in my burgers?' Whether it’s a yay or neigh, spare a thought for the thousands of Tesco customers who have been duped into eating horsemeat when chowing down on what were labelled as beef burgers.

It's come to light that Tesco, Britain's largest supermarket chain, as well as Iceland and Lidl, have been selling beef products with low levels of equine DNA in both the UK and Ireland. Shockingly, it has been found that a staggering 29% of Tesco's popular Everyday Value Beef Burgers is made up of horsemeat.

As Tesco, Iceland and Lidl remove all related produce from their shelves and the UK's Food Standards Agency begins a thorough investigation to decipher hoof to blame (sorry, couldn't help ourselves), we want to know just what's safe to eat. If, like us, you're more into premium quality succulent steak than My Lidl Pony, follow nutritional expert Petronella Ravenshear's advice:

"If you are worried about what's in a pre-packed burger, ask your butcher to mince the meat for you, or choose organic burgers which are bound to be safer. A great source of gluten-free burgers is The Black Farmer ( ) who makes excellent burgers out of beef or pork.”

Petronella also suggests avoiding burgers altogether. “Go for meat that looks like meat: lamb chops, steaks, joints of meat etc - always organic when possible!"

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Kiran Branch