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Breaking nail news: the shattered glass trend we’re loving

October 22nd 2015 / India Block / 1 comment


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Breaking a nail is never cool, but these ‘broken glass’ manicures are

The beauty world can’t get enough of South Korean style, and these hypnotising manicures are no exception. Straight from Seoul, where it’s been pioneered by manicurist Park Eun Kyung, this look has been blowing up on social media where Korean It Girls have been going crazy for the look on Instagram for weeks.

Whilst we like the idea of a manicure doubling as a secret weapon, this look thankfully doesn’t involve sticking actual shards of broken glass to your talons. The opalescent effect is in fact created with delicate layers of cellophane added between the base and top coat. The finished effect is a delicate holographic shimmer that’s more cocktail night than bar fight.

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The look has already proved so popular that Asian beauty giant Amorepacific has produced a range of stickers to help recreate the look in moments, but the look is easy to recreate at home with a bit of nifty nail DIY.

Simply choose your base colour - we love Essie Nail Polish in Sugar Daddy, £7.99 - then carefully place a few slivers of iridescent cellophane on the nail. Seal the look with Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat. The translucent material takes on the colour of the polish beneath, so you can customise your crystal nails to your hearts content.

It’s a subtle nod to sparkle that stays the right side of bling. We predict that this nail look will be the talk of the town this party season.

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