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Charlotte Tilbury has gone and done something groundbreaking (again)

July 25th 2016 / Anna Hunter / 2 comments


Does your scent make others go weak at the knees? Because this new perfume from makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury does…

What would success, sex and sophistication look like if it were to be bottled? How about if we told you that we’ve held it in our hands? Because a few weeks ago, we did, in the form of Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘secret scent’.

We’ve signed forms and snuck around in the shadows of beauty land for a good few weeks now, but can officially reveal that makeup artist to the stars Charlotte has been busy blending, designing and bottling her very own fragrance, Scent of a Dream - and it's finally arrived, with none other than close friend Kate Moss as the leading lady of the ad campaign.

Based on her own unique fragrance ‘trail’ (her loved ones almost instantly know where she is), Charlotte has mixed her own scent for over 30 years, and worked with those in the know including Nobel prize winning neuroscientists and one of the world’s most renowned ‘noses’ to create a fragrance with the same magnetic energy as Charlotte’s personal perfume.

If you’ve been looking for ‘the one’, namely a fragrance that taps into your own sassy frequency and seduces pretty much everyone in the vicinity, Charlotte may well have conjured up your perfect match.


Described as ‘mind altering’, ‘mood-enhancing’ and ‘desire stimulating’, Scent of a Dream is both scientific and highly sensual in its conception and effect. Designed to mimic the workings of human pheromones, Charlotte worked with neuroscientists Dr Richard Axel and Dr Linda Buck to ensure that the fragrance had a heady impact on the limbic system, the part of our brain that responds to emotion and memory.

Given that scent is the only sense to bypass the conscious hypothalamus, according to the on-call science team, our primal reactions to smell are impossible to resist or ignore. The addition of psychoactive notes that mimic the effect of our natural pheromones not only results in the scent developing differently on everyone, but also makes it intensely attractive to those around you, without it being overpowering.

The clever stuff continues with the blend of zingy top notes that unfurls over 15 minutes, creating an instant hint of positivity, married with a floral heart that disappears and pops up again over the course of a day (and night). Devised in collaboration with 4th generation perfumer François Robert, the finely tuned fragrance is one of a kind, as François himself explains:

“Charlotte’s Scent of a Dream has what I call a ground-breaking ‘new balance’ to it, it is an entirely new perfume group of both Floral and Chypre. It has the fresh lightness of a floral, and the alluring depth and seciness of a Chypre, without being heavy or dark. This scent smells amazingly unique and people fall in love with it! In my labs, people exclaim ‘Ahhhh it’s Charlotte...’ whenever I open it.”

Want some of what Charlotte’s got? You’ll have to wait until mid August, but should the advert be released before then, you’ll get a waft of what’s to come. Kate Moss dancing in diamonds to ‘You’ve Got The Love’ will get the perfume party started nicely.

Scent of a Dream, 30 ml- £49, 50 ml- £68, 100 ml- £96

Available exclusively at Charlotte Tilbury Covent Garden, CharlotteTilbury.com and in Selfridges (W1, Birmingham & Manchester Exchange, Trafford and Selfridges.com) and Brown Thomas (Dublin, Dundrum and Brownthomas.com) from the 15th August 2016.

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Hi, I'm just wondering if you do a sample of this please? Unfortunately, I'm unable to visit town so I can't pick up or ask for a sample card. Thanks for reading x

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