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Glossy Picks: The beauty buys (and a book) brightening up our week

May 15th 2020 / 0 comment


You might be about to change your position on face wipes... plus we tried Il Makiage, the latest US brand making waves this side of the pond

If you've been exercising more than ever during lockdown you might have been plagued by an all new and totally unpleasant experience - chafing. Not glam, we know, but very real. Luckily this week we've reviewed a product that means you'll never feel that unpleasant soreness between your thighs again. It's not all practicality this week though; we've also road tested a supremely hydrating face mist that you need on your WFH desk, a beauty roller that more than makes up for the lack of professional facials and some compostable facewipes that have made us think that wipes might not be the devils work after all...

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes, £24


Loved by: Hattie Sloggett, contributing writer

"The powerhouse that is Huda Beauty has just released their first EVER mascara, Legit Lashes, a double-ended affair with a different wand and a formula at either end. On one end is the Volumising wand which has fluffy bristles and an extra black formula that gets right into the roots of the lashes got it, volume. The delightful thing that I noticed when I first applied this is just how light it is. Unlike some other volumising mascaras I have used, this one doesn't feel clumpy or make your lashes feel heavy; noone wants clumpy, chunky, heavy top lashes that make you look like you have painted layers of your mum's old mascara on before going to the school disco.

"Moving on to the flip side, we have the Lengthen and Curl formula, a curved brush with individual bristles and patented 5mm lengthening fibres. This magical wonder creates some of the best natural-looking length I have ever seen. I use the two ends together for extra oomph, but the different formulas lend themselves to separate usage too, which is some major bang for your buck. All in all, this latest creation is a must-have for anyone that uses mascara. Trust me. I'm a makeup artist!"

Launching in all retailers May 20, available on now

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Il Makiage Colour Boss Squad in The Real Deal, £33


Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, editorial director

"If you really want to cheer yourself up today, head over to Il Makiage, the ‘more is more’ US makeup brand that launched in the UK this week. Fans of Tilbury, Urban Decay Naked, Fenty, Huda and Pat McGrath with love the unapologetic pigments and the playfulness, however shade-wise it’s infinitely more wearable. I’m more of a subtle Chantecaille type of person when it comes to eyes, but I found the eye palettes (there are 12 of them) really wearable. This one has more than a vibe of Tilbury’s Pillow Talk palette (£60) about it but the pans are bigger and the metal compact is weighty with a magnetic snap, a decent mirror – and it’s cheaper. The pressed powders are beautifully fine and if you wet your finger and sweep it over the shadow it transforms into the finish of a cream without the creasing. You could easily make it into an eye gloss with a bit of balm. The lipsticks are are great for depth and longevity - check out the Long Wear Matte Lip Creams and High Shine Lip Glazes. I tried the superfine Mineral Baked Blush and the Lift, Curl and Lengthen Mascara too and was impressed by everything."

Buy it now

Fable and Mane HoliRoots Hair Oil, £25


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"Fable and Mane's four product range is inspired by centuries-old beauty rituals and fables from India and aims to bring ayurvedic wisdom to western beauty. I've never had much luck with hair oils. Simply too... oily. But with more time on my hands I doused my scalp in this (which is undoubtedly the best smelling product I have ever put on my hair - lightly floral and very alluring), and left it on overnight to work its magic. They say that strong hair begins with healthy roots and while I can't claim my hair was immediately stronger after one use, my scalp did feel soothed after using the oil (perhaps down to ingredients including calming agent ashwagandha and turmeric, known for anti-inflammatory properties and coconut to provides hydration and moisture). The gorgeous smell lasted long after I washed it out and I'll definitely be dousing my head in this again soon."

Buy it now

Bolt Beauty Vitamin A Game capsules, £50 for 100 capsules


Loved by: Marie-Louise Pumfrey, contributing writer

"I’m a tad late to the retinol party having only just discovered this anti-aging elixir and I've had the perfect introudction with Bolt Beauty's Vitamin A serum capsules; each capsule has 0.15 per cent concentration of pure retinol and I’m told this is a good starter product for vitamin A novices like me. Since I started using these my skin has felt like velvet and my pigmentation seems to be fading. I have sensitive skin and have suffered none of the possible retinol side effects such as redness or dry patches. I love that Bolt is an eco-friendly beauty brand; these nifty, single-dose biodegradable capsules are made from sustainable seaweed and corn starch and dissolve in boiling water after use."

Buy it now

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Ciaté London The Cheat Sheets Nail Stickers, £16


Loved by: Jemma Thompson, digital designer

"I can’t claim I’ve been longing for a nail technician during lockdown, but I have been looking for a change. I’ve simply had enough of looking at my bog-standard nails, scrolling through Instagram saving down DIY nail tutorials knowing I won’t be able to successfully re-create. So when these cheat sheets arrived, I was like a kid in a candy shop! It comes with 425 stickers which amounts to over 40 manicures (depending on how generous you want to be with your creativity!). Usually, when I think of nail stickers my mind reverts to a tacky Christmas stocking filler from my Aunty, but these are *actually* cool. There are four designs in the pack each inspired by trend-driven nail art, my personal favourite is the “Evil Eyes” design that took over Pinterest. All are incredibly simple to do and only takes a matter of seconds and you’d be surprised how long they last, I’m five days in and after scrubbing my hands excessively they’ve still not budged."


Easy DIY nail art tutorial using @ciate ##fyp ##foryourpage ##nailart ##nailtutorial ##diybeauty ##athomebeauty ##nails ##nailtech ##nailsalon ##nailcheck

♬ Sweet and Salty - goalsounds

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Smoovall Anti-Chafing Spray, £14.99


Loved by: Hattie Sloggett, contributing writer

"I want to be clear from the get-go; I can only vouch for this product in regards to its ability to prevent chub rub, because although I hear it is also great for exercise such as running, cycling or rowing - I NEVER do any of those things. The closest thing I get to breaking a sweat exercising is when I vigorously rake my vegetable patch - and even then I need a sit-down with cuppa afterwards. So on that note, we will proceed. I have suffered from chapped thighs for most of my life, so when the opportunity arose to sample a new skin protector, I was all in.

"Smoovall comes in a spray, making it hands-free for perfect top-ups throughout the day. The fine mist forms an invisible and breathable protective layer on your skin to prevent irritation, which is precisely what we are after. Not only does it smell delicious, my inner thighs felt silky smooth after using. I am an official Smoovall convert, I can’t get enough of the stuff."

Buy it now

The Chain by Adrian McKinty, £6.99


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"If I write the term book grief, do you know what I mean? It's that feeling when you finish a book and feel absolutely bereft and can't bear to start another one because you're still hung up on the last one you read. I finised this thriller a week or two ago and still haven't picked up my next novel, because I know it won't compare. The Chain tells the story of Rachel, a mother whose daughter is kidnapped and in order to get her back, she has to kidnap another child, thus keeping "the chain" in tact. There's a twist I certainly didn't see coming and I was gripped the whole time, amazed by how circumstances can make a person behave in a way they never thought possible. I normally avoid books that centre around parents and their children (got none, can't relate) but something about this one drew me in and I absolutly couldn't put it down. I was itching to get back to it as soon as I woke up of a morning, every lunch was spent reading it and I sidestepped online workouts to keep reading. I haven't read an Adrian McKinty book before, but definitely will be doing so again."

Buy it now

Nurse Jamie UpLift Body Massage Beauty Roller, £125


Loved by: Marie-Louise Pumfrey, contributing writer

Home facials are one of the most DIY beauty treatments during lockdown and never have I been more thankful to own The Nurse Jamie Up Lift Body tool. This nifty gadget is the creation of the LA celebrity skin expert Jamie Sherrill (a.k.a Nurse Jamie) and while it was designed for the body, it works great on my face and neck. I use it each night after my skin care routine to massage in my serum. It combines a rolling action with a soothing vibration and the cold metal leaves your skin zinging with energy. The rhythmic and rolling effect de-puffs and makes the skin glow as well as utilising high frequency sonic pulsations to improve saggy, wrinkled skin. After six minutes (I set the timer on my phone), my skin feels incredible and I always feel happier. It’s quite an investment at £125 but that’s what a quality facial would have costed in the pre-lock down days and this little gadget raises the spirits as well as the jaw line.

Buy it now

Yes To Watermelon Facial Wipes, £5


Loved by: Jemma Thompson, digital designer

"I’m not usually a fan of face wipes, mainly because of the amount of damage they cause to the environment but also because they leave my skin feeling so stripped back and dry. However, I do like Yes To, so I thought I’d take a step out of my comfort zone and give these a go. Formulated with 97 per cent natural ingredients and watermelon extract (which smells unreal may I add) this pack of 40 wipes is made of plant-based fibres which are plastic-free, making them completely compostable plus they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Suitable for all skin types these wipes eradicate dirt, makeup, and impurities in one sweep swipe and leave you with brighter and hydrated skin thanks to a dose of soothing aloe vera."

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Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition, £49


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"The mid-afternoon slump is very, very real in lockdown. Back in the days when we used to go into the office (miss you, office) I never got fatigued half way through the day but now I find myself feeling a bit dopey after a morning spent in the confines of my house. When the lethargy strikes, this new jazzed up version of Jurlique's iconic face mist is enough to wake me up out of my stupor. It blends four roses together for a fragrance that brings the outdoors in while the formula hydrates, refreshes and protects the skin with antioxidants, as well as giving a burst of dewy freshness. The limited edition box is beautiful too, hand illustrated by artist Adriana Picker. One word of warning - do hold a bit further away from your face than you think necessary, I got slightly drenched when I sprayed it too close to myself."

Buy it now

Malin and Goetz Resurfacing Face Serum, £58


Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, editorial director

"I’ve really enjoyed testing this gorgeously smooth gel serum knowing that my skin is getting a good dose of glow-getting essentials to help improves skin tone, texture and the appearance of pores. If your face is feeling a bit meh, this one-hit brightener is for you. It combines eight per cent exfoliating acids (lactic and glycolic AHAs) and two per cent vitamin C in acid form (ethyl ascorbic cid form). The current thinking is that lower but daily doses of vitamin C are better tolerated than those mega vitamin Cs of 20 per cent which are usually highly acidic and stingy. You can use it day or night, but in the day wear your SPF (well, anyway) as the acid content can make skin more sensitive to the sun. You only need one or two drops for the whole face so this bottle will last you a good couple of months. It’s good for all skin types, is not at all oily although due to the very mild dose of essential oils of peppermint and orange, if you are especially sensitive, you may want to patch test."

Buy it now

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