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Glossy picks: The beauty newbies keeping us company at home

May 1st 2020 / 0 comment


The new launches just keep on coming!

Aside from home workouts and baking, there's not a lot to keep us occupied at the moment so we're more grateful than ever when a new launch lands on our doorstep - these are the latest arrivals that we've made room in our routines for.

Jane Scrivner Morning Barrier Balm, £49 for 50ml


Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, editorial director

"Is anyone else’s skin really dry and contrary? We’re hearing that lockdown issue a lot at the moment; this Morning Barrier Balm could not have come at a better time. Perfect for no-makeup days (er, every day) it’s packed with nutrients from 16 different oils, butters and essential oils, each with their own superpower – anti-ageing, firming, repairing and so on. If you like smoothies for breakfast then think of this as the skin equivalent. When I warm this between my fingers and apply it over an essence or hyaluronic acid, it keeps the hydration locked in all day as it sets to work infusing my skin with superfoods, keeping it bouncy and fresh.

It’s part of a wave of 'nutritional' skincare made from carefully-sourced and potent natural oils which have skin benefits as part of their makeup - rather than having a base oil with actives added later. It's a bit like the difference between eating organic food and having a ready meal with a multivit on the side.

Good moisturisation is not just about putting the right things into your skin but also about keeping it locked in. This does both. Go crazy and get the new Overnight Recharge Balm too."

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Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum, £52 for 100ml


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"Skincare brand Fresh has been working for over two years on this product and if you ask me, it was time well spent because this formula is heavenly. It contains a precise balance of oil and water that blends easily when you shake it, transforming into a silky serum. I normally find it hard to get excited about serums, but I've been looking forward to applying this every morning since it arrived in the post – and not just because of the delicate rose scent.

It's incredibly lightweight, sinking in mere moments after I pat it into my skin. Rosewater works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and balance the complexion, while oils such as rose flower squalane, rosehip and camelina deliver hydration to replenish the skin's natural barrier. While I'm working from home I'm leaving my face bare (save mascara and eyeliner) and this gives a dewy look that no skin tint has ever managed - I'll definitely be keeping it in my routine long after the end of lockdown. Plus, when you buy it at the moment, Space NK are throwing in a free Fresh Soy Face Cleanser."

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Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF30, £24 for 200ml


Loved by: Hattie Sloggett, GTG contributor

“As a fair-skinned redhead who only needs to glance at the sun before bursting into flames, I am particularly prone to burning and the bane of my life that is prickly heat. This must-have suncream takes care all of my worries. It's scent-free, reef safe, ethically packaged, antioxidant brimming, moisture-retaining, UVA and UVB protecting, SPF30. I am left feeling hydrated and protected. Oh, and the biggest bonus? It doesn’t get all greasy on your face then slip into your eyes, and partially blind you like other sunscreens I’ve tried."

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Moon Oral Care Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen, £20


Loved by: Marie-Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

"Apparently having bright white teeth can take five years off so I was very curious to try out the new Kendal Jenner Moon Teeth Whitening Pen. I’ve got ‘British teeth'; they were badly discoloured as a child by antibiotics and were not quite wonky enough to warrant a brace. For years I’d smile with my mouth closed, feeling self-conscious and ugly. Luckily, I discovered dental veneers when I lived in Australia, which left me beaming for a good few years, and more recently I’ve tried a smorgasbord of whitening gels kits which worked but were agonising, made me retch and were horribly expensive.

"This new tooth whitening gadget has been receiving rave reviews. It comes in the form of a pen; you simply click the top and brush a thin layer onto each tooth. You then wait 30 seconds before closing your mouth and don’t drink or each for at least 30 minutes. I felt no irritation and in two days I can already see a difference. My teeth are starting to glint again and I’m not surprised it’s been a best-seller. The gel is paraben-free, vegan and uses PETA-certified cruelty-free ingredients such as honeysuckle flower extract, strawberry extract, lavender oil and fresh vanilla-mint flavour. It's sold out at the moment in Boots, but keep an eye out for the restock."

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111Skin Y Theroem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask, £20 for one, £85 for five


Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, editorial director

"This was one of the first sheet masks to hit the UK in 2012 thanks to the pioneering approach of Harley St plastic surgeon 111Skin co-founder Dr Yannis Alexandrides, who took what he knew worked wonders for healing post-surgery and applied it to at-home skincare. He’d been using bio-cellulose for wound repair because it acted like a second skin and thanks to the finely woven structure could lock in reparative skincare more effectively, making it perfect sheet mask material (its; also biodegradable).

"This original 111Skin mask has had a facelift and is packed with even more powerful ingredients including something called NAC Y2, which boosts the production of the master antioxidant, glutathione. If your skin is in a sorry state right now, or if you are taking the time to reboot, this is your all-in-one repair kit. If you can stretch to the pack of five, it’s really worth it for cumulative benefits. Once a week has made a real difference to my skin in terms of brightness, bounce, and hydration. It even calms breakouts."

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Priori Active Cleanser Q+SOD fx210, £42 for 180ml


Loved by: Hattie Sloggett, GTG contributor

"I love nothing more than a cleanser that exfoliates too. My skin has a tendency to get blocked, usually from the dirt of the big city but right now the mud, sweat and tears I put into working in my garden. I will almost always opt for a cleanser that ticks as many boxes as possible: Hydration? Check. Exfoliation? Check. Cleansing? Check. Decongesting acids? Check. Antioxidants for rejuvenation? Definitely Check.

"Priori’s active cleanser is light but creamy, full to the brim with exfoliating acids which all calmly but effectively cleanse my skin of dead cells and impurities while being it is remarkably hydrating. Not only does this beauty work perfectly as an everyday cleanser, if you fancy a little intensive exfoliation you can leave it on for a couple of minutes as a mask. Now, that makes it a winner in my book."

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Coco & Eve Bali Buffing Sugar, £34.99, and Body Moisture Whip, £34.99


Loved by: Marie-Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

"As a long-term sufferer of cellulite, I have tried most things. I first spotted the orange peel skin in my 20s and I have been fighting it ever since. Now in my early 50s, I’ve noticed it appearing on my upper arms. So, I was curious to try out the new Coco & Eve natural body products (a first for this hair brand) which claim cellulite busting qualities thanks to the ‘CelluShape’ technology they developed.

I started off with the Bali Buffing Sugar. The heady fragrance of dragon fruit & lychee instantly transported me to sweet shops of days gone by with its Tooty Frootie tropical scent. This big tub of ruby red sugar is sticky and gritty and gave my skin a gentle buff with just the right abrasiveness. I followed it with the Body Moisture Whip which has a buttery texture and was absorbed in an instant. The products are made using raw virgin coconut oil, and a concoction of tropical ingredients from Bali with rich antioxidants and amino acids to battle the cellulite.

It’s a tad early to detect any impact on my cellulite but if you are looking for a vegan, gluten and paraben-free body products which have no nasties in, then Coco & Eve is a discovery. At a time when far away travel is becoming a distant dream, the tropical fragrance will take you on sensory trip to Bali, stopping off at the candy store along the way."

Buy Buffing Sugar and Moisture Whip now

Patchology Moodmask Get Dewy With It Sheet Mask, £5


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"If I'm ever in the mood for a sheet mask Patchology is always my first choice - the same goes for under eye masks and lip masks, if it's Patchology, I'll try it. Before the rain set in this week I'd been spending a lot of time outside (wearing SPF of course) but as well as a great base tan I'd also been left with skin that was looking a little dehydrated. One evening while watching Eastenders I applied this rose-scented mask and by the time I'd caught up on all of Phil Mitchell's goings-on, my skin felt more hydrated than it had in weeks thanks to an unbeatable team of ingredients including hyaluronic acid, rose of Jericho, Hijiki algae, honey and prickly pear.

"The mega moisturising mask left my skin glowy for days afterwards and while I have a stash of other Patchology sheet masks to try, I can't see myself loving any of the others as much as this one."

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Skin Sapiens Lip Balm, £7


Loved by: Hattie Sloggett, GTG contributor

I am obsessed with lip balms; they are in my handbags, in jacket pockets, next to the kitchen sink, sometimes I find them in the washing machine after they have been captured by my jean pockets. When I find a good one it is game on. Skin Sapiens have created one of these ‘hallelujah’ lip balms and it is nothing short of exceptional. This 10ml must-have is packed full of natural ingredients, such as olive and avocado, is 100 percent vegan is scent-free (I cannot bear a lip balm that leaves a bitter or sickly-sweet aftertaste in your mouth). The combination of fruit and seed oils leaves your lips soft, supple, and super hydrated. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is my absolute favourite."

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BeautyPro Foot Mask, £8.95


Loved by: Jemma Thompson, digital designer

"It’s not the sexiest beauty pick, but it’s one that’s been on the top of my list for a while. I’ve never really had time to do it for fear that my shedding feet might be seen by the world, eek. However, the plus side of isolation seems to be a much-needed beauty MOT.

"In my 25 years, I’ve never had a foot peel or even a pedi, but as someone obsessed with blackhead extractions and peel videos – so satisfying! - you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of my feet shedding old skin like a snake.

At first, not much happened, but after three days the flakes started and by day five it was a blizzard thanks to the salicylic and glycolic acid peeling ingredients (luckily I spend all day in fluffy socks, it's not a good idea to go barefoot). On day seven my feet were transformed from dry to soft and supple. The 16 botanical and fruit extracts made my feet felt surprisingly hydrated afterward. Consider this prep for summer, your future self will thank you."

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RMS Beauty body oil, £68 for 100ml


Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, editorial director

"When I sweep this gorgeous amber elixir on my skin, I just want to eat myself. It smells like finals day in the Bake Off tent - with a fruity, floral vanilla aroma that’s much more sophisticated than I can describe. Other people (hopefully one day soon) will ask you what perfume you’re wearing. RMS is known for its organic makeup and facial oils; this is their first body foray and it’s a winner. Not cheap, but a big size and organic. Because the texture is quite rich, I massage in a few drops over damp skin making a little goes a long way. This is summer - lemon trees, tea on the grass, Victoria sponge - bottled."

Buy it now

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