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  • Ally
  • July 9th 2017

Hello. I am a teenage girl who has absolutely no clue what she is doing. Of course, out of curiosity, I had one of my trusted family members dye my hair from dirty blonde to a lighter blonde. Previously I had natural highlights but I didn't like how dark my hair was getting. So I decided to freshen it up a bit, but now that it's 'freshened', I regret it. My roots are extremely light and my eyebrows are more of a neutral brown. I miss my old hair, and I look terrible with my new hair in an updo. Please help, thank you!

  • Katie
  • June 8th 2017

I naturally have medium brown coloured hair and around mid April time I wanted to go darker but now I have decided that I want to go lighter and have my hair balayaged but some of the dye still hasn't washed out. If I get my hair lightened, will the previous colour effect the outcome of dying my hair lighter? What shall I do?

  • Duchess tara
  • June 8th 2017

Hey, Can I relax(perm) my hair every 2 months and once a week I will be doing a deep conditioning and moisturize it with castor oil and Shea Moisture set and take my vitamins everyday would my 4c hair grow faster or slower?

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  • Rhea
  • May 27th 2017

I tinted my mother's hair to a 6N+6.1, then I gave her cap streaks 8N. Everything turned out beautiful but now she wants to go back to a 6.8 mocha. My question is can I mix a 7N with a 6.8?
Thank you for your time.

  • Elle
  • May 21st 2017

Hi. I have a hair loss and my hair is very thin on both sides of my head and im planning to go on a rebond but im scared that i might damage my hair more. What should i do? Thank you.

  • pam
  • May 1st 2017

i need a little help with my prom hair style. my dress is a very big neckline with all sequence. the bottom half is black with a slit. and i got red shoes. i don't want to do an updo but i want it curled in some way. but not all down. please help

  • Anupama
  • April 22nd 2017

Hi. I'm a 20 year old girl and my hair is super thin. Can you please tell me how to get it thicker. I can't even do a normal braid up. Thank you

  • Ciara
  • February 16th 2017

Hello I am wondering what colour I could go which would be a nice change at the moment I have red hair and swap from red to brown! However, I am becoming bored of this and wondering what would be more interesting I'm not sure if my hair will accept bleach as it isn't in the best condition? Maybe highlights any suggestions?

  • Paris
  • February 11th 2017

Hi there

I need some help, I'm 22 and my hair is getting very thin and I've tried to help myself and it's not really working. Is there a treatment that I can have to help thicken my hair

  • Ashley
  • December 26th 2016

Hi.. can someone recommend me on how to remove a green tone please.. my client still wants to stay blonde but doesnt mind going a couple of shades darker

  • sean
  • November 7th 2016

I have decided it time to embrace my thinning hair and look for a new style which is quite modern
Can anyone please help with advice
Male 52

  • jennifer
  • May 9th 2016

Hi, we use TIGI colour an oir salon. I was wondering, can you put toner in a soapcap?

  • Cassie
  • May 7th 2016


  • Gillian
  • March 12th 2016

Hi I have blonde chin length hair which doesn't have bleach in it but it won't grow. I have hair approx 1" long round my entire hairline. I don't use straighteners in it and ft it with a low heat on hairdryer. Please help

  • brenda
  • January 9th 2016

hey if i put a level 5 on and was wanting blonde highlights,what developer and color do i get,and what toner.

  • tori
  • November 19th 2015

hey .. I used to have black hair and so I got tired of it and bleached it and now it's a yellowish red .. I want to go to a white/grey hair with a purple tone .. how could I do that ? please help

  • tori
  • November 19th 2015

hey .. I used to have black hair and so I got tired of it and bleached it and now it's a yellowish red .. I want to go to a white/grey hair with a purple tone .. how could I do that ? please help

  • resh
  • October 11th 2015

Hi,I would like you to prefer a burgandy hair color for black hair.

  • Susannah
  • August 30th 2013

Hi Caterina

We now have a new functionality where if you are logged in you can post a question to an expert....if you log in and then go to their page in the Little Book of experts. Go to a nutritionist and ask a question where it says 'Start a conversation' on the top right of that person's profile page. The diary is not live yet unfortunately. Thanks Susannah

  • August 15th 2013

hi - I am desperately looking for a double ended blusher brush to travel with, preferably with its own slide up/down casing. I want it for applying powder one end, applying blusher the other.

  • Judy
  • April 23rd 2013

Hi Caterina

Apologies, it is possible to chat live with an expert but only when they are scheduled to be online - you may not have been logged on when one is set to available as in these early stages we are hosting organised live chats. Do sign up to our newsletter and we'll let all our readers know through there when the next live chat will be!

GTG xx

  • Caterina
  • March 12th 2013

Hello, no matter how I try, I cannot find my way to your diary to find out how to chat live with one of your therapists. Can you help please. I have a question about nutritional supplements. Thank you.

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