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If you take just one supplement, make it this one

September 25th 2015 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


Health and nutrition experts worldwide agree that the majority of us could benefit from a daily dose of these three dietary additions…

The lack of sunshine in the UK is not only a fun sponge; it can also mean that a large majority of us are deficient in vitamin D, no matter how healthy our lifestyles. Our levels are thought to be so low, that government experts are debating and this month deciding on whether to advise everyone to supplement their diets with vitamin D, not only ‘at risk’ groups such as pregnant women, unders 5s and over 65s. It’s estimated that one in five of us are lacking in the key vitamin, and as a result conditions such as brittle bones and rickets are on the rise. Get in there quick and hit three birds with one stone by ensuring that you’re covered for the other most common areas of deficiency as well, namely essential fatty acids and healthy gut bacteria, in the form of Inner Me Essential Three.

Whatever your age, sex or daily habits, chances are you’re not getting quite enough heart healthy omega-3 or beneficial live cultures in your diet, let alone enough vitamin D, for reasons ranging from climate to pollution to modern food processing. Boosting your uptake of all three with a single supplement strip is not only efficient, but it means you’re unlikely to forget to take one. Take them first thing to help yourself to feel sprightly all day (positive gut bacteria can help to improve everything from daily digestion to immune strength). It’s as easy as ABC, get the picture.

To spur yourself on to be a picture of health, treat yourself to our Recharge and Reset Box.

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