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If you were thinking of putting a mandarin in someone’s stocking this year, stop right there…

December 14th 2015 / Anna Hunter


We think we’ve found a heavenly hybrid of Christmas citrus and chocolate coins…

Putting fruit in a stocking somehow seems a teeny bit stingy. Chocolate on the other hand is very welcome, although if you’re catering for the health and eco conscious, or simply someone who’s sick of the sight of the bog standard sugary stuff, chocolate coins and foil wrapped reindeers might end up festering in the santa sock rather than being gobbled up.

We’ve got a sweet solution to guarantee good will all round, in the form of raw, refined sugar free, organic and ethical Ombar Cranberry & Mandarin. The tart and tangy flavour is a brilliant big up to the fruits of Christmas, and the addition of gut balancing probiotics will get Christmas day digestion off to a good start (we’re basically prescribing chocolate for breakfast here). Made with coconut sugar, and uncooked to preserve the Ecuadorian cacao's natural antioxidants and flavanols, it will delight nutrition nuts and chocoholics alike, and happily it’s a sure bet for vegans too as it’s dairy free. The flavourings are all natural and zesty and rich, rather than bitter like some raw bars. But enough from us; have sneaky nibble before giving it away, although perhaps buy your own bar if that’s the plan. Although Rudolph’s pretty shameless these days so we’ve heard…

Ombar Cranberry & Mandarin, £1.99, buy online

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