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Goodbye Jergens, we'll miss you

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Another one bites the dust as our favourite moisturiser joins the list of discontinued products we dearly miss

We thought it was a premature (very unfunny) April Fool until we found out that Boots were no longer stocking it and there was a flash sale in Superdrug; Jergens body moisturisers are being removed from the UK market.

In a statement released on the brand’s UK website, the truth was laid down bare:

“We can confirm that the decision has been made to withdraw Jergens from the UK market and we offer our apologies for taking away your favourite product. We regret to inform you that we have no remaining stock within the UK.”

If you’ve come to rely on the brand’s ultra-economical and mightily effective body lotions, get thee to Superdrug sharpish or forevermore haggle on Ebay. As a team we’re already mutually mourning the loss of the range; even Sense & Sensitivity columnist Judy loved the nourishing, no-nonsense body creams. It’s a sad day for scaly skin and parched limbs.

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It’s not the first time that an entire range has disappeared from our shores and it won’t be the last (Helena Rubinstein we miss you), but many brands have wised up to customers’ frustration when their favourite products vanish.

Estée Lauder’s ‘Gone but Not Forgotten’ programme employs representatives to search out long lost beauty staples, allowing you to purchase up to six units if your cherished item is located. The same service is available should your Bobbi Brown must-have go walkies, while MAC’s ‘By Request’ range revives lipsticks, lipgloss and eyeshadow from the 90s as voted for by the brand’s Facebook fans. That’s power to the people - and proof that your lunchtime social media sprees reap rewards.

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