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Would you take a Body Coach supplement?

November 19th 2018 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


Joe Wicks is set to launch supplements in January and here’s the (protein) scoop so far…

Protein powder is a key ingredient in Joe Wicks’ ever popular Lean in 15 Protein Pancakes, but other than the odd scoop of vanilla protein powder in his comforting post-workout breakfasts (his banana and chocolate overnight oats are particularly fortifying on a frosty morning), in general, The Body Coach subscribes to a “real food burns fat not dust” mantra.

That said, when he does bump up protein uptake by way of powder to enhance performance and recovery around training, whey is his shake of choice as he states that “it’s one of the fastes digesting types of protein there is and reaches your muscles super quickly.” Given the myriad of different protein powders on the market, it’s no surprise that which one to choose is one of the most common topics of conversation that comes up among Body Coach followers.

Until now he’s recommended powder blends from the likes of Myprotein but a teaser on his Instagram Stories yesterday revealed that he has a supplement range of his own dropping in January 2019, and the fact that he’s holding a shaker filled with what looks to be a chocolatey dust gives the game away that protein powder is at least part of the offering. Chocolate brownie whey is mentioned and the aforementioned protein pancakes are present and correct on the supplements’ photoshoot, so presumably Wicks never need have to answer the protein powder social media query again.

Given Joe’s love of food, tupperware-centric meal prep and the fact that he also has a cookware range on the go, we can’t see him advocating supplements and powders over real meals anytime soon, but if you’re lifting, lunging and pounding cold pavements in early Jan, he clearly intends to give you an extra brownie flavoured lift straight afterwards. Seeing as he’s partial to a Hob Nob and Dairy Milk, we’re not wholly surprised that his supplement debut isn’t kale flavoured either.

While you’re waiting for a Body Coach blend, if you’re wondering how whey protein works, what to look for in a supplement and when to take it (also, when not to), check out our guide to protein powders and why they’re not just for pro weightlifters…

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