Lady Gaga brings back the skinny brow

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Photo by @LadyGaga

Lady Gaga has parted ways with her bushy brows and reduced them down to skinny, overdone lines - it's one trend we won't be trying writes Judy Johnson

We love Lady Gaga as much as the next pop tart; she's this generation's Madonna in terms of her chameleon-like sense of style and fiercely trendy tracks, but her latest beauty look can only be described as a blunder. Gaga, what were you thinking? You were definitely not Born This Way...

The singer has stripped back those previously chunky brows to reveal two super skinny, almost graphic-looking brows which wouldn't look out of place on a Disney character. The result? The young singer looks even younger, but only in the sense that it's usually a typical teenager's over-zealous plucking that causes this look. We should know; we owned the barely-there brow back in the '90s where this trend belongs.

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The harsh lines draw her face upwards in a way that almost gives the impression of surgery; an overdone look that the Bad Romance singer really didn't need and that leaves her looking as if in a constant state of surprise.

The brows on the catwalks for AW13 thankfully looked far more natural than Gaga's and if anything were erring on the bushier, Cara Delevingne-style side; no doubt that was all the ammunition needed for the controversial songstress to rebel and go her own way. Fashion or not, we'll still be going easy on the tweezers - we learned our lesson the first time round…

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