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Bobble hats on, this wonderland workout will make you feel truly festive

December 3rd 2021 / Melanie Macleod / 0 comment


It's the 'John Lewis Christmas ad' of online fitness and trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read wants everyone to join in: 11 moves in 11 minutes with sleigh bells thrown in

Nothing signals the start of the festive season quite like the moment when the John Lewis Christmas advert drops. The heart-warming feeling and unabashed winter wonderland spirit is exactly what personal trainer and YouTube fitness expert Lucy Wyndham-Read wanted to capture when she dreamed up the idea for her winter wonderland festive workout video. You're invited to get your bobble hats and sleigh bells on and join in.

“With my Christmas video I want to sprinkle magic to everyone. I hope this video will bring magic, escapism and make people feel special, healthy and fit and realise that exercise can be fun, " she says.


Lucy, who is best known for her seven-minute YouTube workout (it’s been viewed 114 million times) created the winter exercise video as an upbeat and magical end to a challenging year.


The calorie-burning, full-body, low impact toning workout is set to a backdrop of enchanting snowy woodland scenes, complete with appearances from a majestic stag and a cute Bambi deer. There are 11 different exercises, all at 60 seconds each. They include moves that Lucy’s dedicated followers will already be familiar with such as curtsey lunges and leg raises.


Watch Lucy's winter wonderland workout on YouTube now

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