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Meet your match: the foundation with 72,000 shade options

July 6th 2017 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


Lancôme Le Teint Particulier Custom Made foundation has dropped, and it’s the most personalised makeup yet. Here’s how to get your hands on it

Let’s be honest, the various shades of beige, capuccino and biscuit on the foundation market don’t always/ ever cut it when it comes to mimicking our actual skin tone, and while things are getting better, many of us just go with the closest approximation of our skin colour and hope for forgiving lighting. No longer, because the geniuses (genii?) at Lancôme have just cracked the foundation code, bringing forth a base that truly qualifies as bespoke, with a mind-boggling 72,000 possible shade options.

Fear not, you won’t have to select yours alone in a needle in a haystack style foundation situation- the happy people at Harrods will do the detective work for you by way of a consultation with a Lancôme Beauty Advisor. Said makeup matchmaker will perform a facial scan to determine your exact skin tone, then an algorithm conjures up not just the closest colour, but the perfect colour, which is blended into a foundation formula before your very eyes before being bottled with a unique reference number so that your shade is recorded on file for future refills. In essence, it’s the Willy Wonka experience of the beauty world, without the ‘falling in a chocolate river’ or ‘turning into blueberry’ risk factor.

It’s not just the colour technology that’s forward-thinking either- everything from the airtight pump to the moisturiser infused formulation has been carefully crafted, and thinners allow you to tailor the coverage to your needs, be it sheer, full or somewhere in between. With 24-hour longevity yet a lightweight feel, plus an oil-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic formula, on paper it’s the closest the world’s come to foundation nirvana. To get your golden ticket, you’ll need to be able to get to the Lancôme counter at Harrods, but we’re hoping for an imminent country-wide rollout to save the nation from dodgy foundation. You’ll shell our £90 for 30ml of your custom-made cover-up, so the experience and facial elixir of life don’t come cheap, but given that foundation is the, er, foundation of most beauty looks, you could judge this a price worth paying. We haven’t road-tested it as yet, but we’ll keep you posted…

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