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Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Evening Mist is your new pre-pillow skincare step for dreamy, balanced skin

May 24th 2021 / 0 comment


With magnesium, lavender and CBD, bedtime just got a lot more blissful

Written in partnership with Omorovicza

Any facial mist fans are sure to have tried Omorovicza’s crème de la crème of facial spritzes, Queen of Hungary face mist. Made from Hungarian thermal waters, it feels like a cold, refreshing drink of water for your face. Lovers of the luxe spray will be pleased to know Omorovicza is launching a nighttime edition of the spritz, named Queen of Hungary Evening Mist, £55.

In a brushed pink glass bottle, the new family member not only quenches thirsty skin and looks opulent on your bedside table, it also promises to deliver a restful night of slumber thanks to a cocktail of sleep-promoting ingredients, creating a luxurious pre-pillow spray to ease you into your beauty sleep.

The mist is designed to restore balance to the skin’s circadian rhythm and soothe it too, with ingredients including lavender oil to relax, anti-oxidant melatonin to promote the skin's nightly repair cycle, cannabidiol (CBD) to calm inflammation and magnesium, known to promote restful sleep and reduce signs of stress.

We're known to reach for the original Queen of Hungary mist several times throughout the day for a burst of hydration, but the new Queen of Hungary Evening Mist is designed to be the full stop in your evening skincare routine. After cleansing, using your serum, applying moisturiser and eye cream, it's time to spray the mist all over your face for an indulgent veil ahead of slumber just before climbing into bed. Sleep never felt so luxe!

You might wonder why a mist is needed at the end of the day – normally they're used to pep up the skin, while at bedtime you're winding down. Let us explain. At night, cortisol is not only lowered, but the skin’s barrier is more permeable, due to a reduction in sebum production, meaning that active ingredients are able to penetrate more easily. By incorporating Queen of Hungary Evening Mist into your bedtime regime, you help to create healthier-looking skin in one simple spritz.

Buy the new Queen of Hungary Evening Mist, £55.

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