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Our newfound love for Rosie Huntington-Hotley

July 15th 2013 / Anna Hunter / 1 comment


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Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is super in every way. Anna Hunter explains why we love her so

In our eyes, RHW is less supermodel, more POWERmodel. From designers to beauty houses, from teenage boys to heavyweight high-street brands, she commands respect, awe and adulation from the great and the good in all corners of the globe. Her action-hero boyfriend and Spiderman style yoga skills also hint at her powerhouse credentials, as does her command at the cutting table as co-designer of her Rosie for Autograph lingerie range for Marks & Spencer.

Follow her on Twitter or Instagram and you’ll be well aware of this go-getter’s gruelling schedule and penchant for sausage dogs, and you’ll also be privy to the recent shots from her first campaign as face and brand ambassador of Australian cosmetics brand ModelCo.

Given that ModelCo selected ‘The Body’ Elle MacPherson as their first celebrity ambassador in 2006, it’s safe to assume that they know how to pick ‘em. Rosie is the first non-Australian ‘face’ of the 11-year-old brand, but with a body that would put most Bondi bikini babes in the shade and a face carved by the gods you can see why CEO, founder and former model Shelley Barrett made an exception. In fact, it’s a perfect match considering how much Rosie loves ModelCo’s range, as she revealed to Harper’s Bazaar Australia in May:

“I love beauty products that not only deliver what they promise but make my life easier too. As I am constantly travelling or working, ModelCo’s innovative, dual purpose, glamour-on-the-go products really resonate with my lifestyle.”

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ModelCo’s cult products (they were the first to launch an aerosol tan) are all about good old Aussie practicality and laid back, beachy beauty, and if the snapshots of the latest campaign are anything to go by Rosie takes to this aesthetic like a particularly divine looking duck to water.

The September collection shoot took place on Hayman Island in the Barrier Reef, and Rosie showcases ModelCo’s innovative products, as only she knows how. Graceful, balletic and beautifully bronzed, RHW frolics on the beach in itsy bitsy bikinis remaining bright and bushy tailed throughout, as her Twitter account will testify. Not hard when on set in a sun-drenched Down Under location some may say, but much of the time it was nippy, overcast and blowing a gale. That’s our girl from Devon right there.

Rosie wraps up the advertising shoot in a hot pink swimsuit, and if her pink pout at the ModelCo Black Tie Dinner is anything to go by, pink will be the pick of the lippie line-up come September. If it makes us look ANYTHING like the ravishing RHW, we’ll be ordering Party Proof Lipstick in Parisian Pink poste-haste. And don’t even get us started on her evening look in cut-out Calvin Klein…abs ahoy.

Like we said, Rosie packs a punch, and it seems that her pretty yet powerful charm has us all hooked. If we had to pick a model for company, we’d pick her.

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