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I tried using a brush to apply my moisturiser and this is what happened

July 20th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


If Real Techniques says it’s worth doing, there must be something to it. I put the brand’s Prep + Prime set of skincare brushes to the test to see if it’s worth adding to your toolbox

If you were to raid my makeup brush pot, you’d see one brand pop up time and time again. Real Techniques.

From their super soft PowderBleu brushes to their Filtered Face Set, they’re hard to beat when it comes to variety and value for money. However, I recently found out that there was one hidden gem in their portfolio which seemed to have escaped my notice, one that offered a distinct point of difference to the rest of their products - the brand’s Prep + Prime Set, £19.99, a four-piece kit that’s designed to be used to apply your skincare, not your makeup.


Ask any makeup artist and they’ll say how pivotal skincare is in the makeup process. However, do you really need a brush to create the perfect canvas? Kylie Jenner would say yes. A few years ago, she shared a makeup tutorial on her website where she used a £78 Artis Oval Brush to apply her moisturiser. Quite the investment. However, at £19.99, Real Techniques provides a more affordable alternative.

What you’re getting

Created to cover a range of skincare bases including de-puffing and exfoliation, the kit claims that its collection of brushes helps create a smoother surface for better makeup application. Inside you’ll find a Prep Brush for mess-free application of moisturisers, serums, primers and masks; a Dry Facial Brush with a bumpy bristle head to gently exfoliate; a cooling Under Eye Reviver and a Lip Exfoliating Brush.

The verdict

The Prep Brush was the one that I was most intrigued by and was particularly looking forward to testing. While it was good at evenly distributing my moisturiser, it took much longer for it to sink in compared to when I use my fingers (which I eventually used anyway to hurry it along a little). So from a practical perspective, I wasn’t convinced. I’d be more inclined to use it to apply a face mask, where the need for speedy absorption is less pressing. It also works great with a primer too.


Next up, the Dry Facial Brush. This is the first time dry face brushing has made its way into my exfoliation routine. A weekly AHA chemical exfoliant is usually my product of choice in this regard. I was pleasantly surprised by the results though. Using long upwards strokes, it certainly got the circulation going and created a healthy-looking glow. However, I wouldn’t use it every time I apply my makeup as it was a little abrasive on my skin, but it was interesting nonetheless.

My favourite tools in the kit though were the Under Eye Reviver and Lip Exfoliating Brush. Designed to be used with your eye cream, the dome-shaped cooling Reviver was the perfect wake-up-call for my puffy eyes first thing in the morning. The massage was blissful. And using the Lip Exfoliating Brush with my lip balm was a great way to buff and smooth my flake-prone lips and create the perfect base for my lipstick. I would happily add these to the list of tools I use and wash on the reg.

While my daily face moisturiser routine may not have hugely benefited from the new additions, I can certainly say that my eye and lip care ones have.

Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set, £19.99. Buy online here.

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