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Take Essie up on a once in a lifetime VIP opportunity…

April 12th 2016 / Anna Hunter / 1 comment


Fancy being a star for a day and sitting for a personal portrait with legendary photographer Rankin? Right this way…

We’ve always had a soft spot for essie. Polish of choice for the Queen herself, essie lacquer has been adorning our fingertips since the brand launched in New York in 1981. Witty names, chic colours (over 900 shades on their roster to date) and exceptionally glossy durability have made founder Essie Weingarten’s brand a global phenomenon, and essie bottles are spied behind the scenes at almost every fashion show, awards ceremony and magazine shoot we’ve been privy to. Now essie are giving you the chance to not only experience the kind of luxe, professional prep that an actress, singer or supermodel would have for a stellar shoot, but you’ll also be the subject of a one-to-one portraiture photo shoot with world renowned photographer Rankin.

For one day only (Tuesday 17th May to be exact), you will be polished to perfection by an essie manicurist, followed by an expert session in hair and makeup before posing for Rankin and receiving your colour portrait. Mani wise, you’ll be able to choose from a rainbow of essie colours, including the zesty new Spring 2016 collection. As for colour itself, the shade you choose could well inspire Rankin’s work:

“Colour plays an important role in my photography, as does making the subject feel confident in front of the camera. The Colour Portrait Studio with essie is the ultimate expression of both of these. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on the day; we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

For a chance to get in on the fun, follow essie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and upload your best nail selfie using #essierankin and @essieuk. Here are some pointers from lead manicurist Rita Remark to bear in mind before you post your nail masterpiece:

“Before painting your nails, clean thoroughly with soap and water to remove all dirt and residue from your nails…it also doesn’t hurt to use a bit of hand sanitizer.”

“Always use a base coat – not only does it anchor your polish, but it also protects your nails like a shield. This is an essential step for the perfect mani!”

“Remember, nobody’s perfect! If you colour outside of the lines, just take a makeup brush dipped in a little bit of nail polish remover. It’ll wipe it away like it never happened. Just make sure you remember to wash it thoroughly before using it with makeup again!”

Entry to the Colour Portrait Studio closes on the 28th April, for full terms and conditions visit essie.co.uk

The essie Spring 2016 collection starts at £7.99 and is available from 13th April until 30th May 2016

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