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The anti-ageing clay mask that rivals a visit to a clinic

August 30th 2014 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


Remember the clay masks of old that cracked and left skin dry as the desert? This new mask by bliss is light years ahead of those guys…

When was the last time you did a face mask? Properly put your feet up, lay back with some sliced cucumber and let a spa-at-home treat work it’s magic? The fact that many of us are short on time or perhaps don’t get tangible, visible results from a ten minute skincare steeping session means that the humble face mask often gets cast aside in favour of a quick wipe and dab of moisturiser. This gamechanging mask, however, will make you clean up your act. You’ll actually relish spending a night in with this one, although you needn’t actually do so, as just five minutes is enough time on the clock for bliss multi-’face’-eted all-in-one anti-ageing clay mask to spring into action.

When bliss say multi-’face’-eted, they really do mean it. I love a pun, but when a pun lives up to it’s promise in the beauty world, that’s pretty much perfection. The mask proports to shrink pores, smooth lines, reduce oil, even out skin tone and texture, soften and brighten- as masks go, it’s more ambitious than most. Bliss’ blue sky thinking produces serious results, however, as after barely enough time to boil the kettle, my pores had indeed seemingly disappeared before my eyes, my skin felt and looked much smoother and more even and my t-zone was mopped of grease to leave a matte finish. For these instantly perfecting properties alone, this would be a great addition to a pre-party routine; the fact that application and rinsing off takes no time at all is a major plus. You will look like a chimney sweep while you wear it, but the benefits make temporary scare-the-children face worth it. In fact, that could be fun, or take on the #blissmaskchallenge on Twitter (@BlissSpaUK) to make it even more entertaining…

bliss multi-’face’-eted all-in-one anti-ageing clay mask, £35, buy online

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