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The delicious paleo snack that both taste buds and cravings will love

October 6th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


For a gluten-free and refined sugar-free snack that’s super tasty too, make sure to always have a caveman diet-friendly Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan Raw Paleo Bar to hand

When that 11 ‘o’ clock craving strikes, it can be pretty hard to resist the call of the cookie jar. Likewise, after a sweat-drenched exercise class, the temptation to reward oneself with a celebratory deep-fried something can seem justified - surely, it’s been sufficiently balanced out to equate to a much more appeasing (albeit mathematically erroneous...) zero calories? You might as well be eating air. If only this were true. Unfortunately, being a slave to our sweet or savoury teeth can more often than not become our healthy eating undoings - and that’s where Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan Raw Paleo Bars come in.

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Created to satisfy both taste buds and cravings, they act as the quick and easy way to re-fuel after a workout and bolster self-control defences when temptation comes a-knockin’. Their main point of difference to other healthy snack bars is that they don’t contain dried fruit and so therefore avoid the need to include unnecessary sugar, vegetable oils or sulphites. Furthermore, they are gluten, grain, refined sugar, soya, dairy and GMO free, while also being incredibly tasty as well! Plus, they’re also vegan and vegetarian to appeal to those with more restrictive dietary needs, including giving Caveman diet fans a reason to celebrate too. That really is no mean feat if you ask us...

Become a master of your cravings and boost all-round wellness by clicking here to buy our Recharge and Reset box containing 8 health heroes worth £65 for just £24.95 (including a Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan Raw Paleo Bar), inc. post and packaging. Delivery to mainland UK only.

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