Why we love Urban Decay's new mascara

August 15th 2014 / Anna Hunter


Crave dramatic lashes without the dreaded spidery finish? Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara is both baddass and beneficial

When it comes to eyelashes, light and fluffy rarely fits the bill. Rich, glossy, thick lashes are on every woman’s wishlist, but we’ll pass on the oft associated clumping, flaking and brittleness, thank you very much. Enter Urban Decay Perversion mascara - it’s dark and handsome yet also gentle and caring. To put it mildly, it’s more than a makeup crush, it’s a bona fide beauty infatuation.

Apply a few coats of the creamy, sooty formula first thing, then feel free to build depending on the day’s (or night’s) activities. It’s a doe-eyed dream for mascara lovers - no matter how many coats you apply it doesn’t crumble or go claggy. Not only does it look polished and screen siren perfect, it also nourishes lashes thanks to marine collagen extracts and conditioning honey. Think of it as a face mask for your eyelashes - the added proteins and amino acids keep lashes strong and supple while you wear it. In my eyes this magic wand is far from perverted, it’s a paragon of what all good mascaras should be.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, £17, buy online

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