The video that will shock you into wearing SPF every day

July 3rd 2015 / Emma Jones


If you've been thinking about skipping the suncream to bolster your tan this week - this video will persuade you otherwise...

A video entitled ‘How the sun sees you’ shot by writer and portrait artist Thomas Leveritt has taught us, once and for all, the fundamental importance of wearing suncream.

Taking to the streets armed with an ultraviolet camera and a bottle of suncream, Tom reveals to shocked strangers the lasting mark left by sunlight on their skin. The video then follows up with a stark demonstration of how sun cream appears under ultraviolet light.

Shocking, sweet and surprisingly touching, this is one video that’s done more for the cause of never skimping on sunscreen than any government warning ever could. The lesson? Well and truly learnt.

Check out the video below…

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