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December 20th 2015 / Judy Johnson Google+ Judy Johnson / 0 comment


Personalised presents are the way to go, but what about a gift that the recipient can continue to change and update? Meet Apatchy...

‘Bespoke’ is big in beauty right now; in fact, everywhere you look, if it’s not personalised, it’s not worthy. From astrology-based jewellery to photography gifts, custom beauty boxes to engraved notebooks, gifts are now expected to have the personal touch - so what to buy the beauty lover in your life without falling into the one-size-fits-all days of yore?

Enter, Apatchy; a stylish, quirky British brand who create high quality bags with personalised ‘patches’ that stick on very securely with their special velcro-like material. From wash bags to makeup bags, pencil cases to weekend holdalls, there is something for everyone - and who doesn’t love something with their name on?

The patches vary from your country’s flag to sequin initials and shapes (I wholeheartedly recommend the sequin options - so wonderfully sparkly), as well as sporty designs and symbols so you can tailor your gift to your loved one’s personality. Best of all, though, is the product itself; the cosmetic pouches, for example, are available in a rich, sturdy velvet, with a hassle zip fastening and of course the brand’s signature label to the side. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, it would cheer anyone’s day come Christmas and beyond - and it’s the gift that keeps on giving as with patches from just £3, they can update it as and when they fancy. It doesn’t get much more bespoke than that…

Apatchy Personalised Velvet Cosmetic Pouch (pictured), £15 is available here

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