Cher Lloyd must be kicking herself for that undercut hairstyle, as Miley Cyrus and Rachel Bilson get the look without the razor

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It seems as though our reluctance to sport the trend du jour, formally known as the undercut  (ie. shearing the underside of your hair), is shared by Miley Cyrus and Rachel Bilson.

However, never ones to ignore a trend, both celebs have managed to imitate the undercut style whilst keeping all razors (and ridicule) safely at bay. Miley Cyrus tweeted this pic of herself on Monday looking for all the world as if she'd encountered the business end of a Phillips cordless. But the next day, her hair was worn down, revealing that her edgy undercut look had been thanks to a few pins.

Rachel Bilson , meanwhile, turned up to the Television Critics Association Summer Party with an updo that - at first glance - looked like an undercut bob. In fact, not one inch has been snipped or shaved from the OC star's locks, and it was all an illusion.

Turns out a severe side parting and copious amounts of of non-stick gel are all you really need to simultaneously nod to the undercut trend, signal that you have your finger on the pulse of what's en vogue and avoid the looks of disdain that ensue when you shave your head and push the pretence that you're all about the grunge (who are we trying to kid, hey?) when, in all honesty, you're more Alice band than Alice Dellal.

Finally, an undercut for the faint of heart is born. Phew!

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