The singer has slated Miley's overly sexual performances - and we can't help but agree

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Every day as we scour the internet for our fix of entertainment news and gossip, we find ourselves searching with squinted eyes as we await the inevitable new images of some inexplicably intimate part of Miley Cyrus’s body. That level of nudity just ain’t right first thing on a Monday morning.

Since her Bangeerz tour kicked off in February, it seems we’re not the only ones who have been suffering a serious case of sore eyes at the hands of Miley’s ever-increasing sexual exploits on and off stage. Paloma Faith has been the most recent celebrity to join those such as Elton John, Cher and Pink to publicly disapprove of the twerking teen.

Speaking recently, Faith described Miley’s behaviour as “feminism gone wrong” and degrading to women and the younger generation. When specifically asked what she felt of her barely-there dress sense and raunchy performances, Faith went on to add "I don't have a problem with nudity but there's a fine line. I think there's something wonderful about female sensuality and female strength, but I don't think that behaviour is putting that across. It's completely geared towards the male gaze. It's like our power is our sex, but we've got a lot more going for us than that.”

Hear, hear - we’re with you Paloma and we’re pretty sure most of the global population is too. Take the hint Miley, and please put it away before we suffer eye strain.