We'll usually try anything once, writes Anna Hunter, but furry nails might just be the exception

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We’re pretty open-minded here at Get The Gloss. Up for anything some might say. Peels, colonics  and placenta facials don’t faze us one bit. We’ve been dyed, dipped, dip-dyed and derma-penned all in the name of cutting-edge industry research. We laugh in the face of don’t-try-this-at-home beauty danger missions. And we are laughing in the face of today’s Going Down. PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, or anywhere, ever.

High street beauty brand MUA Makeup Academy has fur-gone all class and glossiness by introducing a DIY fuzzy manicure kit, so that bright, hairy nails can be yours in a flash.

Almost as distasteful as Kelly Osbourne's $250,000 diamond-dusted manicure at the Emmy's, said fur-effect nail sets offer a 'luxury look' and 'fun feel' and are available in a host of shades including 'Fluffy Puff', 'Boo Boo Fluff' and 'Fluff and Cuddles'. Or pink, purple and blue to you and I.

Baby speak aside, we doubt that this is a trend that will catch on with us real women. Blake Lively may have already rocked the crushed velvet manicure, a similarly woolly concept, but we struggle to see how the furry manicure could be conducive to washing, cooking or, most importantly, eating.

We refuse to hold back on the seasonal finger food for fear of smelly, mayonnaise mitts. The party season is demanding enough already without having to worry about gravy in our manicure or wet-dog scented nails.

Ladies, please: go hard, or go home. Our nails were never meant to be furry. Paws are best left to the cats.

Anna Hunter

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