For years the regenerating power of this Arctic fruit was a well-kept secret. But now it’s been captured in a new clean beauty range to brighten and protect stressed urban skins. Here’s what you need to know about this new natural glow-getter

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Olives are not something you’d instantly link with the chilly Arctic wastes, but the Siberian olive is a little different. It's a fruit with superpowers that could rival Bear Grylls for survival skills in hostile environments. Also known as Sea Buckthorn, this small but mighty orange berry flourishes in the Arctic tundra and contains 30 times more vitamin C than an orange.

It's the hero ingredient of Northern Light, the newest skincare collection from Polaar . The French natural skincare brand was founded by Daniel Kubriel, whose parents were Arctic explorers, and harnesses the extraordinary regenerating powers of Arctic plants.

The story goes that Russian scientists discovered the mighty shrub in the heart of the tundra while looking for ingredients to protect the skin of cosmonauts. The exceptional properties of its fruit were long classified as top secret.

Fortunately for us, the secret is out and has been bottled for us urban warriors in the form of a Micro-Peeling Fluid, a Smoothing Fluid and a Smoothing Cream, which brighten, regenerate and protect against pollution as well as being 93 to 95 per cent natural.

Siberian Olive Extract – what are the benefits?

Polaar don’t grow their Siberian olives in a polytunnel; these hardy souls are harvested in the wild and a powerful extract is created directly from the macerated fruit.

As you’d expect from an organism that survives and thrives in adverse conditions, one of its primary powers is protection. Siberian olive extract builds and protects the skin barrier thanks to its high concentration of all three essential fatty acids: omegas 3, 6 and 9. With our skin as much under attack in polluted urban Blighty as in the frozen north, this is something we can all benefit from.

All three products contain a pollution shield, an invisible film which prevents environmental particles - which can cause inflammation, dullness and breakouts - from penetrating the skin.

In addition, a powerful anti-free-radical complex of vitamins A, C, and E helps protect the skin from internal and external stress. And its moisture-retaining properties help boost skin hydration.

If it’s a natural skin glow you’re after, then set your compass for these Nordic warriors...

Northern Light Micro-Peeling Foam 100ml, £27

This non-aerosol foaming cleanser reveals brighter skin, thanks to the anti-pigmentation powers of vitamin C as well as natural salicylic acid derived from Arctic berries, which sloughs off dead skin cells. With 95 per cent natural ingredients, this foam is gentle enough to be used morning and evening. Massage in to dry skin for a few seconds and rinse off to reveal a smoother, more refined complexion.

Northern Light Smoothing Cream 50ml, £35

This subtly scented cream for normal to dry skin sinks in without a trace, delivering a sustained dose of hydration both day and night. All three Northern Lights products have a ‘keratolytic’ action, which gently loosens dead skin cells to brighten as it nourishes and protects, helping to smooth wrinkles and tighten pores.

Northern Light Smoothing Fluid 50ml, £35

A little lighter in texture than the Smoothing Cream, the Smoothing Fluid is for normal to combination skins. It melts into the skin creating a beautifully smooth base for makeup, all the while working to boost radiance and soften wrinkles. It can be used morning and night.

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