According to a recent study, pomegranates could help to fast-track your weight loss. But is there any truth to the claims? Ayesha Muttucumaru finds out…

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Pomegranates have long been regarded as a superfood, with studies yielding results showing the wealth of health benefits that they have to offer including improved cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. Shabir Daya, in-house pharmacist and wellbeing expert at Victoria Health ( ) tells us why they’ve earned such a great reputation.

“The fruit and seeds of pomegranates are rich in antioxidant compounds, specifically ellagic acid, which is being studied for its cell protecting benefits,” he explains. However, if a report in the Metro is also to be believed, the wonder-fruit could act as our diet salvation too.

A group of testers who took an extract called PurePlus containing the skin, pith and seeds of the fruit for three weeks, were found to eat 22 per cent less of a pasta meal that was subsequently presented before them than others who had not taken the supplement at all. It has been suggested that this is due to the presence of polyphenols in the capsules which are believed to act as an appetite suppressant.

But does this mean that we should brace ourselves for all-out pomegranate pandemonium in fruit aisles across the country? According to Shabir, not just yet. “Antioxidants have a role to play in dieting because they help neutralise the by-products of fat metabolism which can be detrimental to the body. However, they themselves do not help to increase calorie burning. Most people would not consume the inedible husk or rind of the fruit so eating pomegranate fruit would not aid in losing weight. There is no harm in the use of pomegranate supplements for their multiple benefits, however until further studies are carried out, I would not rely on pomegranate supplements for weight loss.”

So the bad news for now is unfortunately, no fruit has it all. However, if you still want to reap the rewards of the other health-boosting benefits that this fab fruit has to offer, Shabir recommends taking Pomegranate by Neocell , £21.50, to get your daily pom-fix.

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